If you are a startup business or blog or something else who is trying make a mark on internet besides having good website, contents, products you also need good social presence. Whether it is twitter or facebook or YouTube or Google+, what matters is how many people are actually interested on what you are saying within the social arena.

As social media now covers almost three quarter of population who have internet access, it is really important that you reach to them. But the road is not that smooth, you must have to be patient and keep producing great contents in order to grab those interested social readers. But we human are lazy and impatient in nature and it is really hard to just wait and see as our frontal lobe is just going to poke us with various questions like, “What if no one like our page?”, What if people think we are no-one?”, “What if …… “.

So after all this hesitation people either end up with some “Black Hat” SEO companies located in most third world countries or get some cheap SEO or Social Media service from cheap sites like fiverr. Now, the problem is as most of these companies focus on various SEO tricks (mostly black hat) to give your site some temporary ranking boost on the other hand for social media boost these companies’ uses click-bots or fake accounts which is no use to you. If you don’t get what I’m saying don’t worry will discuss it in depth below, so just keep reading.

So what’s black hat?

Well though it is mostly a SEO term but it also applies to the tricks most company uses now-a-days for providing you more social media followers. Black Hat is mostly a philosophy of working. Let’s think it this way – let’s say you are visiting your friend’s house, so the proper way is to press the door bell and wait for your friend to come and greet you. But what if you don’t press the bell and instead entered into his house by breaking the back door. You are still going to meet your friend, aren’t you?

Black Hat is also similar, in the web as everything runs on programming and algorithm, there is a normal way how sites are ranked depending upon its quality of content, loading time, user activeness and 197 more variables and these small scale SEO/Social Media boost giving companies uses some sniffy methods to increase your social media likes or followers.

How these sniffy social media boost has been done?

Mostly by using bots (automated programs to do a specific task) to visit your social media page and either click like or follow. But the process is not so easy as it sounds because most popular social media websites follows a ton of security algorithm to block these bots activity. Also to actually like or follow anything on social media those bots must needs a lot of active social media account.

Generally these company spends a lot of time and resource creating these fake account just to like any facebook page or follow you on twitter and then put these account information within the bot to like pages automatically or manually do it by humans.

In twitter you will even find some retweet accounts where if you retweet their post people will follow you and you have to follow them back too. There are ton of free websites like these where if you like 5 other people page showing on their website 5 people will follow your page too.

So, why is this waste of money and time?

Because even if you get 1000 likes this sniffy way, just ask yourself does those like really matters? Those 1000 profile which liked or followed your page has no interest on what you do or post. So, it will just increase your inactive user counts. Also during my research about this article I’ve seen that over time those number of likes gets decreased because either facebook or twitter removing these kind of fake accounts every day or if the account is some real person’s then he just unfollowed you after few months if hope that you would not notice who unfollowed you and you still keep following his profile. This mostly happens when you get likes/followers via website runs on “Like my page and I will like yours” philosophy.

Also if you use your personal profile to like garbage page in hope your will get some likes then you will end up with a news feed full of junk which you don’t wanna see. Either way the process doesn’t really help much in long term. When some interested person will land on your page to like it he/she will see that the page gets followed by some junk people and most of the time will not like your page as it doesn’t have that trust element anymore.

What if I use the ad system of facebook to get more likes?

Trust me or not, facebook itself uses these kind of black hat approach within their own office. Though they promise you to deliver your page to the right audience but it actually doesn’t. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. I know you might be curious, if you ware, watch this video as it will help you to clear things up for you.

So, even if you are thinking about paying facebook for promoting your page, it is not going to be much of help in terms of user engagement, that’s for sure.

So, what’s the best legitimate way then?

Getting more engaged social followers legitimately is not so hard actually, in fact it is completely free. The only thing you need to do is keeping making awesome stuffs for your business or website. If it’s a blog then keep producing amazing contents which users will love to read and even share too. If you are business and build products then build a great product at a great price point which will force users to share their thoughts about it via social media and end up liking your social pages. Beside never ever forget to put social media like buttons for your page/profile in your website, as it help users easily identify your social pages.

I know this doesn’t sounds so exiting, but trust me this is the best way to get the most engaged followers for your social media pages. As these followers will be truly interested in what you do and always stay engaged with your social media page. It is always better to have 60 engaged followers that 1000 non engaged one. With this process you might not get thousands likes per day, but certainly the like you will get will be very much focused and engaged to what you do and will not unlike your page over time. Social media pages are for interact with your users, readers not to show up a huge count of followers.

So all these social media marketing companies uses illegitimate ways of promoting?

Absolutely not. You see there are many social media promoting companies who uses the proper advertisement channels to advertise your product and services and letting people know that your business also has facebook page which users might like if they want. But they certainly not give you a number like you will get 5,000 likes in a week or so, as the job of that company is to advertise your product along with your social media links in television, print media and also over internet using trusted ad mediums like AdWords.

As these companies are highly experience in advertising and marketing you will certainly get more engaged users than you can think of. But the problem is that hiring these big marketing companies are extremely costly and most startups can’t even think of using them.


So, if you are also a startup and may be thinking of purchasing some likes for your new facebook page which will give you a boost on your social media presence. Just think again, does that really make sense to you. Do you really want to purchase non-engaged user likes just to increase your like number or it makes more sense to spend that money either building your website or business or product or article in a much more fined tuned way which users will love to read or use and like your social page our of interest and be a loyal engaged follower.

The choice is yours. Also in this post though I’ve given most of my analogies and example based on facebook but the same rule applies to all popular social media account, be it facebook or twitter or something else entirely. So, don’t just think that as I mostly talked about facebook in this post that means these scenarios doesn’t apply to other social media accounts.


So, what is your thought about these illegitimate fake likes/followers? Will you pay money to someone or some organization to get more non-engaged social followers or you will send that money to improve yourself or your business? Which one makes more sense to you? Have you ever uses these kind of social media marketing companies who might have gave you a lot of social followers but as they are non-engaged they are not much use to you? Have you ever purchased social likes/followers from sites like fiverr and other similar websites? Let me know all of your thoughts in the comment section below. This article is not over here, if you want we can still continue this discussion below.

You can also connect with me via twitter @iSaumya. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share it with others who might enjoy reading it. Also if you have any other ideas or request about future posts, you can let me know in the comment section below or via twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the story, Saumya, I aspecially liked the YouTube include in it, because I hadn’t considered how like-farms would affect Facebook promotion. It gives me something to watch out for, but since I only write in the Dutch language, it might not yet affect me that much. I’ve never considered using black hat seo or buying links or likes, so for me that was no problem. I like the longer road of just writing interesting stories on interesting subjects, like you. 🙂 Thanks for the articles.

    If you are open for requests, I would be eager to read some practical stories about managing a wordpress website’s resource usage, on small of no budgets, since on shared hosting I find one easily reaches and exceeds server limits. Can that even been done, with use of common functionalities by populair plugins? Are there ways to prevent that, next to caching of using more expensive specialized hosting? And if the server comes with code 500-errors, how can one solve it at best without having to be an expert techy? Questions like that. It amazes me that this equivalent of the windows blue screen is so common and easy to reach using WordPress and a number of populair plugins (forms, seo, cache, backup, lazy load, retina2x, etc.). Is that something that can be structural solved on cheap shared hosting, and if yes: how and if no: why not? I imagine you probably have some experience and thoughts on that.

    Thanks, Hans

    • Hey Hans,
      Good to see you back buddy 🙂 The thing is that it doesn’t matter what is your primary language if you are going to use facebook ads you will face these issues that I described above. This is eminent. That’s why I suggest putting a like box in your site and lets the interested users like your page by themselves.
      Now back to the server thing. Actually a WordPress optimization article to load sites under 3 seconds is under process and will be published soon. So stay tuned for that, on the other hand the server problems you have described sounds like a typical Godaddy hosting or any hosting company that falls under Endurance International Group. Actually Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost these are just various brands to make people fool and let them thing they all are separate company whereas they actually all are a same company (i.e. Endurance International Group) in various names.
      Interestingly enough I’ve just migrate two Godaddy users to my server this month. All having the same issue that you have described and now they are flying rockets 😛 You can check one of my users review here in this post and if you are interested enough, you can check my managed SSD hosting plans too for more about pricing.
      Again coming back to your point, if your server is not powerful enough for if your host oversell your server (like most companies do) there is nothing much you can do about it. Even if you optimize your site it is still gonna take considerable amount of time to load and if you try to over optimize, your host may shut you down too. Now if you do not trust my service, here are a few hosting companies that I personally trust due to their quality of service and they are WPHostingSpot, Pagely & WP Engine. But if you are interested about my managed hosting service and wanna talk more about it, I’ll suggest you to visit my contact page and select the “Pre-Sales Questions” option.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I’m long time Veritasium fan on YouTube, and as I spotted the embedded video, I remembered this channel’s video. To my surprise when I played it, it was the same! Bingo… Good article by the way…

  3. Hey Saumya,

    thanks for your swift answer, and yes, me again. 🙂

    I understand your point about language, and thought the same, as I understand it’s mostly about like-farms and how they influence the outcome even when using fb-promotion. Still I see very successfull internet marketers in Holland using it, companies that always work the numbers so they don’t seem to have great problems with it.

    I’ve also looked at your hosting-offer, and it’s quite affordable even for small budgets. Nice! I might contact you with some pre-sales questions at a later point. I the 500-error is something the provider has to solve. At the moment my website is hosted at the company of my nephew so I don’t know which network he uses only that it’s not a Dutch server.

    As far as I know they reserve one kernel per domain and I think 1GB per domein so your offer would double the capacity what perhaps makes the difference. I will first run it by my nephew, off course, as he helped me get started, but it seems very promising.

    Can you tell me what’s the difference between what you offer and for instance a specialized provider like websynthesis.com (from Copyblogger/Studiopress) since I use the Genesis framework? Synthesis is in a totally different price range, so I imagine they may offer more speed or something, but I don’t know. If you choose to, you may also wait to answer that until I contact your pre-sales, but I wondered.

    Although my current pagespeed doesn’t seem too bad (mostly under 3-4 seconds now using w3 total cache) it worries me a bit that even with basic functionality and small amounts of visitors, WordPress seems to need almost the max memory and cpu and at times is restricted even after switching to a lighter event manager plugin in another website I host at the same provider. I will read your article about pagespeed off course too.

    To be continued…

    Thanks, Hans

    • Big companies uses facebook ads as they have big budget so they feels ok with the fake likes, but for startups and individuals who doesn’t have that kind of budget it’s a big problem.
      By the way WP Systhesis is hosting plus many other things and thats why they charge for all those things together. I have a super beast server running on full SSD infrastructure and perfectly optimized for WordPress websites. WordPress doesn’t take much cpu/ram it’s the bad programming of the plugin/themes and bad hardware of your server that makes the issue. Besides I never trust any hosting company with my SEO as I prefer to do it separately. The link I’ve provided for my managed hosting page you will get most of your answer under the FAQ section of that page, if you still have any query feel free to drop me a mail via my contact page. As this is a off topic discussion I guess we should stop it here.

  4. Thanks for the information. But one thing still remained unanswered- IF one is new in this field, whom to trust to advertise or get more liking and more users? Name the reliable sites or social media that we can trust to grow our business.

    • As I said above in the post, not’s not the number of like that matters, what matters is your likes are organic and people whole really like what you do will like your page anyways. Whether it is search or social campaign, you should always consider having organic people. If you write great content or sell great product people will like your page by their own. One of the biggest example of this is the OnePlus company as it was a startup before releasing OnePlus One, no one really likes their stuffs and moreover didn’t know who OnePlus is but after releasing awesome OnePlus One, people automatically started liking their page and stay engaged over there. This is what everyone should consider doing.
      But if you still wanna do advertisement, you can simply advertise your product or service or website and mention there that “We are also on facebook, so like our page and stay connected.” In this way you will get interested people in your page instead of fake likes and you will also have great engagement on your fb page.

  5. Perfect advise .. I felt same too .. Self blogging with great content and concept is the real winner .. Hard work pays . There is no shortcut for sucess well written appreciate .

    One thing i see in ur comments are add disqus or give option of login via social … So it will be easy to reply u rather than comment form to fill everytime

    • Thanks for those good words Jeez. And thanks for mentioning about the disqus this. I’m never going to add disqus on my site and it is a disgusting system and slows down the whole website. As as you mentioned, I will write an in-depth article about it soon. I know many people use it without even understanding the extreme downsides of that system, but it’s worth writing an article about it.
      I might look for some way so that the data you provide in the comments stays there in some cookies and you don’t have to reenter it every time. Thanks for the idea.


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