Hello my fellow readers hope you have noticed the complete redesign of my site and enjoying it too. I’ve spend my last 6 days developing this brand new design for iSaumya.com. I’ve spend more than 70 hours on coding this v5 which is even more than the time I’ve contributed to design v4.  This is also the best version of this website (according to me) but I’m looking forward to hear what you guys feel about these new design language and changes. Last time when I developed v4 I used genesis framework, but this time I’ve used the core WordPress architectural instead of relying on any third party framework. Also this time I got a lot of feedback and suggestion from my readers and visitors which helped me to fine tune the design and functionality of this website even more. I’m truly grateful to each and every one of you for participating in v5 release.

You might think that why did I make v5 in the first place? What was wrong with v4? Well, there was a few major flaws with v4 which might me insignificant to my blog readers but if very much important to who use my store products. Also I felt there are few new features needs to be added so instead of upgrading the code of v4 theme, I redid the website with an existing brand new design with the v5 release.

Why skipping Genesis?

Genesis is a great framework but as my site has a ton of custom features implementing them with genesis is not always easy. That doesn’t mean that genesis is a bad framework, it is an extraordinary framework but I preferred using core WordPress as it is easier to code and maintain in long run.

What are the new features?

Along with the brand new minimal design, there are also a lot of new features has been added. I spend most of my development time behind these new features. But I do not want to reveal the new feature list here as it will kill the excitement. So, you will find the new features overtime by yourself when visiting my website and that moment will be the WOW moment as I haven’t revealed the features and you find it yourself.


One of the major thing that has been implemented in v5 is “Services” section which you will find in the trop navigation bar. If you want you can order my specialized services directly from here so that I can do awesome stuffs for you too. Currently there is only 3 services has been listed i.e. Website Development, WordPress Optimization & Managed SSD Hosting but in near future more listing will be added.

Any custom plugin has been used?

Yes, this site runs many custom plugin written by me developed specifically for this website. I like using custom plugins as they are handcrafted for your exact need. No extra fuss.

Who is your design inspiration?

My design inspiration has always been and will be Apple, irrespective of whether or not I like their products (a new post about this coming soon) that is because Apple is the only company I’ve seen so far in my life who knows how to tell a lot of things just by saying a few words (in terms of design). I’ve always been fascinated by Apple’s simplistic and minimalistic design language and if you are an old reader of this site then you probably would have noticed that no matter what version this site was, the design language always been the same. Minimal, simple yet extraordinary design. This is my design signature, this is the way I work 🙂

What technologies have you used on this website?

Well, along with all WordPress core functionality which are written in advanced PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, iSaumya.com v5 is the first version where I’ve implemented SASS within the website. If you are not familiar with what SAAS is, you can Google about it, in short it is the future of CSS.

Also beside SASS, now the v5 takes the full advantage of Schema.org Microdata (the future of SEO – a new article about this coming soon) where ever they needed to have better SEO strength.

Special Thanks

I want to thank all of my readers for inspiring me to keep going by visiting my site, by sharing it on social networks, by sharing your thoughts in the comment section. Every single one of those thing inspired me to keep going, spending 70+ hrs. on developing the new version of the website so that users can have more good experience while visiting it. Without you guys this would not have happened ever. So, thank you very much and keep supporting, keeping sharing my articles. Because every share matters.

Now, I specially want to thank you to Mr. Imran from AllGeekNews for spending enormous amount of time providing feedback and suggestion of v5. Without his kind participation, a lot of features might not be here today in this v5.0.

At last, I’m truly grateful to Heather Wood for sponsoring the iSaumya.com v5.0 project. She has sponsored many premium plugin that has been used in this project. Without them, this v5.0 project might not be at the place where it is now. So thank you Heather.

I also wanna thank to the following people for developing their awesome scripts and publish it for free:


So, what do you guys think about this v5.0 launch? Do you like the new design? Does it appeal to you too? Let me know your opinion and feedbacks in the comment section below. I’m truly excited to hear all of your feedbacks. Don’t be shy, just feel free to let me know your thoughts, it might help me to add new features in future too.

You can also connect with me via twitter @iSaumya. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share it with others who might enjoy reading it. Also if you have any other ideas or request about future posts, you can let me know in the comment section below or via twitter.

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Passionate, Hard Worker. Love to develop new things, Singing Songs, playing computer Action Games, tweaking with computer languages, Riding Bikes, Love long driving, love books, web & Photography. You can follow me on twitter @iSaumya

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