Windows, the most used operating system in the desktop and laptop world. In the year of 2010, Microsoft again started their journey into the smartphone world with their revolutionary Windows Phone 7 OS. Over the years Windows Phone OS has walked a long way till Windows Phone 8.1 (Released in June 12 2014). Initially Windows Phone OS received a tremendous craze about the metro design of the OS and also for Nokia Lumia’s high megapixel cameras and screen. I purchased my Lumia in the middle of  2013 and I’m using my Windows Phone 8 device as my daily driver for last 7-8 months. After using this phone for almost 8 months I’m really annoyed with this device OS and today in this post I will share my experience with all the people around the world who is thinking about purchasing a Windows Phone either for their own usage or for giving it to someone else.

As I said earlier Windows Phone started to gain success specially for their Metro UI and their great marketing strategies, specially in Asian countries. Also Nokia, one of the most trusted brand in the 90’s started manufacturing their phone. Metro UI is really a minimalistic UI and looked awesome when someone hold a Windows Phone for the first time, but after you purchase one and keep using it for daily basis you will be as amused as you are when you purchased the phone and within no time you will started feeling why did you wasted your money on this device. Anyways who have already purchased a Windows Phone and currently thinking the same that why did they purchase that device, I’m really sorry I really can’t help you much but in below I will share top 5 reasons to avoid purchasing Windows Phone for anyone.

1. Metro UI

I know that you might be thinking, am I nuts that I’m saying Metro UI is bad. Actually I’m not. Even I’m not saying that Metro UI is bad. The problem with Windows Phone and it’s Metro UI is that if you are going to use a Windows Phone for the first time in your life, you are gonna love it, but after using it for few months the interface will started to get boring and a little over complected. There is almost no ways to customize your Windows Phone like you can in any Android device present in the market. Metro UI is very clean, minimalistic UI, but it does not have the x-factor of being amazing and keep being interesting after using the device for many months. On the other hand in your android device you can change the complete look and feel of your device, just by installing few themes, and after that you will start feeling that you have a complete new UI in front of you.

2. Disgusting App Support

If you are thinking to switch to Windows Phone from your existing iPhone or Android device, don’t even think about that. Windows App store is a complete dessert of apps. Most of the apps present in Windows Store doesn’t properly maintained by the developers like it used to be in Android or iPhone. Most of the apps you see in you are accustomed with in Android or iPhone, is not available in Windows Phone. After searching your favorite apps in Windows Store will become so frustrated that you will stop downloading apps on your phone. Not only that, but also every major company who develops apps fr anything, their main target is Android or iOS. Windows Phone is in the least priority to every app company and to every developer. Even if you get your app available in Windows Phone, still the kind of interface you will get in Android or iOS version of that app, you will never ever get in Windows Phone. As an example in the Windows Phone version of  Whatsapp, you can’t sent any audio or video which is present in your phone to anyone else. The only option you have is either sing the song by yourself or capture a video and then send.

3. Complex Interface

The complexity of Windows OS is really very higher than Android or iOS. Generally in android and iOS people are accustomed with drop-down notification for most of the daily settings changes like turning on bluetooth, WiFi etc. But in Windows Phone there is no way to do that instead of digging deep into the settings and then turning the required things on. Tough there is app available in Windows Store like Connectivity Shortcuts, but this is nothing but a metro tile shortcut to sent you deep into the required setting page. Really frustrating and time-wasting. Not only that if you check the settings page of any Windows Phone, you will get so confused that it will take at least 10-15mins to find out a small thing in your settings page.

4. Unstable Operating System

Yes, this is true. If you’ve purchased a Windows Phone recently then you will never ever feel this kind of problem in your phone. But after using it for months and if you generally don’t turn off your device often, you will start finding out the real image of Windows Phone OS. You might face problems like – phone hang, unable to receive incoming calls, screen auto brightness issue, touch smoothness issue and many more. The only way out you will have if any of this occur is to turn off your device, detach the battery from your phone, keep your phone like this for at least 15mins then again turn on. Trust me, it will make you to kiil your phone. IF you visit the service center (which I’ve done many times), they will reformat your OS and again your phone will work fine for few weeks before it’s start showing the same problems again.

5. Even more

There are many more minor things which you will never wanted to try out with your daily driver smart phone. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Can't change DNS & proxy of your WiFi connection
  • Can't charge your phone in Switch off state.
  • Bluetooth receiving doesn't work smoothly with not Windows Phones.
  • No good and quality web browser available to handle rich HTML5/CSS3 websites.
  • If you try to open large website your browser get auto closed.
  • Windows App store doesn't have any Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, analytics etc.


Instead having so many negative things on Windows Phone OS, one thing that I like in my Windows Phone is battery life. Windows Phone does give a really good battery backup than any other general smartphones. Also at the initial moment the touch is so sensitive that you can even use a knife to perform the touch. But no matter what it have as “pros” division, the “cons” are really huge and very frustrating. I will not suggest anyone to purchase a Windows Phone ever. I will suggest you to go with Android so that you can actually enjoy the smartness on your phone. What do you think about Windows Phone. Do you agree with me or do you have even bitter experience with Windows Phone. Please share your experience with me in the comment section below.

Published by Saumya Majumder

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  1. Why posting bad on lumia phones. The company already struggling for profits for past 5 yrs. Give space to improve not cursing them on media.

    • I’m not cursing Lumia. what I’m doing is warning people not to waist their money. I do know how hard it is to earn a little penny this days so why wasting them on a product which is lagging behind in the smartphone game. Beside this post is not just about Lumia it’s about all windows phones. Beside if you wanna use a windows phone beside knowing this all then you can do that like me. Also I never stopped them to improve their products. It’s just about facts my friend.

  2. He he he this what I had been telling to my friend. But without knowing the fact they support Windows phone. Some have common myth that it has windows-computer like or nearly equivalent ability. Lumia just survive due to its name connection with ‘Nokia’ and ‘windows’, if not they would have been far kicked off. Their goal was to create an unique Os which would differentiate android and iOs but poor windows they ended up brick like tile interface which is really anti smartphone but for dummy

    • You are damn true Sandeep. But windows is still the beast OS for PC and it will be, just not in the phone. Windows Phone, just not worth paying so much. I don’t know may be they will in the near future but by that time Android and iOS will be far more advanced than Windows Phone OS.

  3. I hate windows they are greedy unlike Google which is free and has quality.
    Even in desktop they charge for os.
    They don’t even think about every day common man usage but coming to mobile since they need to get popular in that area they are giving it cheaply yet not cheap

    • Rajesh windows phone are not cheap at all. They are very costly phone except you opt for their ground level phone like Lumia 520, 525 etc. Beside all this the most interesting fact is most of the problem comes in this ground level phones. I really find no reason to purchase most windows phones with such a high cost.

  4. He’s not wrong at all. I’m using the ATIV-SE and I’ve never had more problems with a SmartPhone. For one, this phone was so badly designed that it CANNOT support 8.1, even though it’s one of the newest models of WP. For Christ’s sake, it came out 2 months before 8.1 and the ATIV-S already has 8.1 even though it came out years ago. Other issues I’ve encountered are the lack of the ability to share any pictures, videos or music that you, yourself, didn’t take on your phone, minus the music part, which you cannot share, no matter what you do. The Bluetooth doesn’t sync to anything.. I couldn’t transfer any of my contacts from my LG Revolution, assumingly because M-Soft doesn’t like it when you own other operating systems. The amount of restrictions on this device is uncanny, and also has me believing that you just acquired your WP slightly before posting on here.. I’ve heard nothing good, except from WP-Newbies who think it “looks cool”. I would say that I might lean a little more your way, were my device WP 8.1 compatible, but the fact that it’s not, and probably never will be, makes me lean even further towards the opposition. Also, the lack of support from Microsoft is through the roof. They just generally don’t give a rats’ ass about whether you’re satisfied.. But lets face it.. Microsoft is dying.. This is probably some little venture into making cheap products with a high profit margin, to keep them afloat just a little bit longer, so they can make more money. Why do you think Bill Gates got out of there? He was going to stay, until he heard about what Google was doing with all the old Fiber Optic lines.. There’s a great article on it somewhere.. It escapes me at the moment. But if you look up “what freaked bill gates out” you should find it.

    • You are right mate. But let me tell you even if you get the 8.1 update, it just bring some basic changes to your phone along with cortana, but it is still rusty if you compare the user experience with any current mobile os like Android Lollipop or iOS. I truly hope that windows 10 will bring some major changes to the phone industry.

  5. I couldn’t be happier with my Lumia 735 (upgraded from a previous gen of Lumia)

    Metro UI = Awesome. Extremely productive and aesthetically pleasant.

    Any app worth having, is available.

    Third point didn’t make sense. There’s a drop down option available with all my connectivity options there + rotation lock.

    Fouth point. Didn’t have those issues. Perhaps you’re using a lower-end/slow processor Lumia.

    Most of your remarks on the 5th point are either wrong / or don’t share the full picture. i.e. native gmail support.

    Though the not switching off when charging is true (don’t get that either). Though you can just switch on quiet hours.

    • Hi Dennis, Windows 8.1 does comes with the drop down notification bar having only a few settings. Also they are not actually what means quick settings. If you click on WiFi it will take you to the respective settings, instead enabling it right from there like Android, iOS. Beside man, if you dig into Android or iOS, their quick settings and Windows Phone quick settings has hell and heaven difference. Also yes windows phone does comes with native Gmail support but not the others, as I mentioned YouTube, Analytics and even more. I’m really glad that you haven’t faced any problems yet and I’m really happy for it. There are many problems of Metro UI I have found during my research about this article. Let me tell you some of them. Try to unpin your Phone tile from home screen and check if you can bring it back. 🙂 Also enter an number in the dialer pad and try to edit and middle number without erasing the whole. You cant do it. Beside if you feel Metro UI is awesome then enjoy it man 🙂

      • You really let your obvious hatred of Windows get in the way to fact and truth.

        ” If you click on WiFi it will take you to the respective settings, instead enabling it right from there like Android, iOS”. WRONG. it will connect without having to go into settings. Plus, unlike others, you have the ability to customise what the settings on the bar are.

        Somehow you also, bizarrely, you criticise Windows because it’s competitor, Google, hasn’t made their own apps for it (though there are 3rd party apps that do the job just as well if not better). Place the blame squarely where it is deserved – on Google.

        And, really, if you’re criticising stability then you’ve never tried Android on a similarly-specced phone – the performance of Android is nothing short of dire. Same goes for ‘complexity’, both iOS and Android are far less user friendly when you’re diving into specific phone settings.

      • Sir but I think low level or cheap android smart phones hang a lot but .now the released new Microsoft smart phones like 435 .,530,532 are cheaper and I think better

        • You are right Amrit. Low budget android smart phones are even worse than windows phone. But I personally don’t put those phone in the smartphones category. They are more likely a prototype of smartphone. In this post I’ve addresses to the upped-mid range to the high end smartphones.

  6. Hello ,
    I found this blog very interesting as i am planning to buy the new Lumia 640 XL phone next month.
    However, I am a researcher kind of a guy and only buys a product after nearly a month of research; during my R & D i got to know Asus Zenfone 2 with its 12,999 variant and Some good specs phones in HTC as well are available with the same price range. I just wanted to know; is that the switch off charging mode problem yet solved and what exactly here is mentioned by windows phone cant be customizable. Also if one has to use gmail on their Lumia phone , what has to be done. I have been using android from past 2 Years and have got bored so switching to Windows.

    Kindly Help out as the Phone is around 15,000 and would like to spend Wisely…

    Thank You

    • The switch off charge thing – that is not a bug, thats how windows os work and till windows 8.1 its still there.I cannot recommend you a device, but I think under that price many decent android phones will come. 🙂

  7. You are wrong saumya. I have used android mobile for last five months. I don’t like its interface. Because everyone can access easily with my android phone. I am going to buy windows phone because it has a professional look. I won’t change the appearance because it is simply amazing and won’t make us to feel bored.

  8. Hi, has your opinion changed after the ‘convergence’ idea brought about by Nadella? Similar OS (W10) over all devices, introduction of Spartan+better integration with Windows Laptops/desktops? Is it possible that apps would be better maintained?


    • No, my opinion hasn’t been changed. Also Windows 10 has not been released yet so I cannot confirm anything about it.
      Personally I think the 2 main downside of Windows OS is Metro UI (which I personally don’t like much after using for a year or so) and less amount of good apps in the store.

  9. You are no different blogger from a vast majority unwilling to cut a slack for the company that is trying hard to make itself relevant in a new era of computing, despite of missteps by previous idiotic CEO, bad marketing, reluctance of developers, monopolies played by Google against Microsoft and loads of bad luck. Still I credit them for trying harder than Blackberry and Amazon. The lack of apps is a chicken and egg situation. And by the way Android is full of bugs and unproctered apps unlike Windows.

    If we are supporting its existence, we aren’t a bunch of fools. We know what we are looking for. Check out Windows 8.1. and and the forthcoming 10 (One codebase for all formats to win more developers).

    • I guess you are a Microsoft fan and I’m really happy to know that you like Windows OS. Also as Windows 10 is not out publicly, its better not to pass comment about it. Also, Android or iOS itself doesn’t have any security vulnerability, some 3rd party apps have due their bad coding. Also one of the major drawback of Windows OS is that its app store is nothing it front of what you can have in android or iOS. No smartphone os is gonna survive is developers don’t build cool apps for them. If someday developers stop developing apps for android, that day android will die also.

  10. hi shoumya,i am windows fan and i never used windows phone..i was going to buy lumia 532.now should i change my mind as i say it is a waist of money to buy a windows phone..i m a student and cant buy phones every years 🙂 🙂 i used androed and found every androeds are same and i m also game lover …in androed play store have not to much varity games………lumia can give me a better gaming exprience.???pls kindly answer me bro……

    • If you are looking for a phone so that you can play good games. Go with android. You see, windows phone os is specially for a little aged people and who uses the phone mostly for productive use. The app store of Windows is really pathetic only a handful apps which are available in android/ios is available here. Even no Snapchat too. I suggest those people to windows phone who are only purchasing phone for calling, SMS, internet surfing and editing office document on microsoft office. Rest of the entertainment stuffs are pretty basic.
      P.S: No android phone looks similar, you always have the choice of choosing the theme and customizing the phone UI just they way you want. But with windows phone you are stuck with Metro UI for freever. Which looks good at the beginning then after a year or so, it’s damn boring. This is my personal opinion on this topic, others might have different opinion.

  11. pls…..recommend me a good androed phone below rs.7000

  12. I dont think so, Windows 10 for phones is coming and I think it will change every thing bad about it.

    • I’m not 100% agree with you. Though I do agree that Windows 10 has bring quite a lot massive improvements in their OS, but trust me it is just never going to keep up with Android and iOS, not just because of it’s looks and Metro UI. Though I personally feel that metro UI is kinda boring after using it for 1 year or more, but the main reason behind it’s fall is the App Store. See now a days smartphone never gets distinguished by its specs as all new smartphone comes with beast specs and mature OS, be it android or iOS or Windows, but the only thing which makes and mobile os successful is not the OS itself, but the 3rd party developers who develops awesome apps for that os and keep updating it.
      The problem with windows metro UI, as a developer you do not have much ease of coding to give a dope user interface, you are bounded by the tiles metro UI, beside devs don’t feel home to develop apps for Windows Phone OS unlike iOS or Android. In Fact not only windows phone os has pretty bad apps and game collection, but also most of the apps never gets proper and frequent update (besides the one developed by big companies), unlike in android or iOS this is rarely the case. So, no matter what Microsoft does in Windows 10 or 11 or 12 or whatever unless they change their metro UI to something more creative, dope and amazing and until they can create excitement in the dev community to write and maintains apps for Windows Phone, it’s never gonna be even closer to android or iOS. That is why I alway say that corporate and business people should always go with Windows Phone OS as it comes with office and those guys don’t even need anything more beside those few apps. There is nothing like I hate Microsoft or something, but in this competitive marketing I really don’t see much future for Windows OS in general people’s pocket.

  13. Hi saumya, Microsoft has improved many options and features in their Windows phone. In my view, Lumia 430 phone is the best phone in budget and well competitive with android.

    • I’m glad that you like it, but I don’t feel that way. It can never compete with android without a quality marketplace like Play store. Windows Phone store is a complete junk.

      • Yes, here I’m fully agree with you. Cause without a quality marketplace Microsoft can’t outstrip the Android.

        • Well, that never gonna happen mainly because of 2 reasons. Google has no intention to build apps for windows phone and Google apps are the apps which are mostly used by users. Also windows phone os doesn’t have much craze in our developer community as mostly because it looks boring compared to the material design of android and iOS’s own sleek UI. So, again it’s something which completely upto the developer community and microsoft cant do anything about it.
          P.S: Even Snapchat not available for windows phone yet. lol!

  14. Im agreeing with you there. I bought a Lumia 735 last month and had problem since day one. It randomly reboots everyday. Can be from 1 to 5 times a day. Ive had it in for repair but they didnt find any hardware issue so they only reinstalled the software. I got it back yesterday after 3 weeks in service. The problem still exists..

  15. Can anyone let me know how to share audios (Songs) on Whats App in Lumia 430 as i fail to find and i want to share some audios (Songs) with my friends.

    • The only way to share songs in WhatsApp with windows phone is press the record button inside your WhatsApp and sing the song by yourself or record it from some speaker which is playing the song. 🙂 😛

  16. I really wish i read this before i bought my Lumia 635. I mainly got it so i could quit using my ipod and could just have a phone and something to hold my music but the drivers won’t install and i can’t even get the music on it and that’s after spending another $20 for a 64 gig SD card

    • I really feel sorry for you man 🙁

      • First they do have a drop down menu where you can select wifi bluetooth on/off ect
        Second you have a good point about the app store it is a bit lacking
        Third the UI is very customization you can change tile size as well as location and choose which tiles you want on your home screen plus they dynamically update
        Fourth I have been using my Nokia Lumia 735 for a year now and have had 0 issues
        Fifth I have nether had an issue with large webpages on internet explorer, also I have blue-toothed with many different devices and it went smoothly and without issue

        • It’s great to know that you find metro ui interesting, but I personally feel the uia bit dull respective of other os. also please note that all my tests had been performed on lumia 525 an entry level windows phone. I’m glad to know that you like your Lumia. 🙂

        • I cannot speak for other models however from the article it sounded like you where judging all windows phones, if you where using an entry level phone that may not be fair comparison

          • Yes, this review is for Windows Phone in general from the kind of experience I had with it over time relative with iOS and Android devices, but as I said I’m glad to know you liked it.
            In short any person loves his phone if it does every job he wish for properly and there and many thing Windows Phone cant do even if I wish for it. So in comparison with others I find it a bad device but much better than blackberry os.

  17. I am surprised at your view of wp. I used many android phones and was happy with them but now after seeing Lumia 730 I am actually happy and realised that this is a true smartphone. Its display, camera, build quality battery backup everything is great I have been using it for more than 6 montha and still it is working the same as a new one. My friends are also interested in it and find it more useful than their samsung asus LG xperia etc. Some of my friends regret buying moto G after using my Lumia. It always works fine with no lag. The touch is superb. The only thing I missed is the Chrome browser because IE of windows is not at all good. I instead use UC browser and Opera mini. But this problem is also going to end because WP 10 is making a new browser called Edge. I can agree that apps are very less compared to android but all necessary apps and games are present and I didn’t face any whatsapp problem like you said of audio and video files. I think you you use wp very long ago when wp was very plain. Also I suspect that you alter the comments of others because everyone who opposes you becomes agree in the next comment.

    • I use Windows 8.1 and also tested Windows 10 as I’m an insider, but as I said earlier, its al depends upon your need. Windows Phone OS is much better than blackberry bust lacks far behind that android and ios. But I’m really happy that you are happy with it. As you said mostly the apps you need is there in windows store, but most of the apps I need is not there in windows store and there is a slight chance that they will be there. I’m also aware that whatsapp has recently released an update to fixed the issues on windows phone. But the things is that the features android and ios users had from a long windows users just got now. For business users (who preferably use blackberry) windows phone is a good update but not for most people. But again I’m glad that you like it 😉

  18. I can say that the people who are happy with more n more and colorful apps enjoy them will be more happy with Android phones. But this is not standard scale to decide android is better always. I think the reason behind the purchasing android phones now is not the quality or ease etc. but its popularity giving a feel that good phone means android phone. Remember the time (nearly 2008 -09) when everyone used to buy Nokias even when Samsungs were giving much better specs, display and price.Why ? Because that time good phone and even just a phone meant Nokia even when it gave plain specs and average camera. I too enjoyed Androids very much but the reason behind choosing Lumia 730 is great camera in this price range and the highly useful tiles. When I get any likes or friend request I don’t need to touch and open the facebook sign. I just need to look at it and everything is shown on it. The same is with other social apps. The widgets on android are just the logos. They cannot do this. Also in Android screen we can put only few apps in front. And if we add more it doesn’t look good because it distorts the look of wallpaper picture benind. But in Windows we can add hundreds of apps and even the numbers, whatsapp contacts of our favourite people and many smaller but much useful things and it does not distort the screen because the screen is made by these things. Yes we cannot do everything in Windows but the same is true for Androids too.

  19. Hey sir
    I am little disappoint seeing your description about windows phone.
    What ever you mentioned above is past. Now windows phone are rolling in market like the beast and it is most personal phone ever. And talking about restriction in store is for our help,android play store consist lot of fake app but have you ever heard that windows store have a fake app.
    Second thing is virus ,android platform have lots of virus and pirated files but windows phone don’t have such thing. Even windows platform don’t have a antivirus.

    And talking about build and quality
    When a android phone get dropped from hand most of the time we see a broken display or sometimes probably a shut down.
    But trust me if a throw a windows phone out of my window
    Still my was working.
    Coming next to ram……
    I am using nokia lumia 730 which only have 1 gb ram but i have almost 121 apps including asphalt 8,temple run1,2 and oz,dead trigger 2,fifa 2014,subway surfers,tomb ridder,angry bird and etc
    But i have never seen a lag or hang
    But if you put only 20 apps in android *1gb
    It will hang for sure,their fore it is commonly called as hangdroid.
    Aaahhhh???????? I almost forget camera
    Have you ever tried to click something at night under low light what do you see unless darkness
    But with a windows phone you can see Almost every thing.
    My windows have a 6.7 MP camera
    But i never fear to take it out against my friends highend phone.
    I have compete with samsung 13 mp and xiaomi mi4’s 13 mp……trust me windows make me proud every time under all condition.
    We have supersensitive touch screen.
    I better say you to try yourself.
    Wear a gloves and try to touch your display does it work no na.
    Almost every android phone doesn’t work except some highend phones.
    And finally i have wrote the whole article within 4 min using inbuilt word flow keyboard .but android have keyboard as a application.
    Thankyou so much sir
    I wish you have understand that
    And that’s the reason microsoft name windows as “smart phone re invented “

    • You said about the fake apps in store? LOL. Most of the windows store apps are fakes except some which are developed by the proper developers from the actual company. Take example of youtube, hangout apps etc. Secondly you talked about viruses ? 😀 ROFL. Windows is the most virus prone OS ever built on planet earth, mostly because of its insane demand in PC market. The windows kernel was meant to be created so that viruses can attack it. On the other hand Android, iOS all have linux based kernel giving more security to the OS. But if an user blindly start downloading stuffs from illegit appstores, its completely their own responsibility. Also viruses mostly come from when you take medias through bluetooth. So, don’t be happy that your windows phone doesn’t have an antivirus on the store, you should even be more cautious and do manual scan of your sd card from a PC because as you dont have an av even if you are affected by a virus you wouldn’t know. But I do agree about the camera, as only very high end android devices (like Samsung Galaxy S6) and iPhone (itself expensive) does come with a good camera.
      But I’m glad to know that you are enjoying your Windows Phone. 🙂

      • sir
        you have said that windows platform have the most no. of virus
        but let me correct you,windows phone itself have a auto fix card option on start up
        my friends come to me with a corrupted sd card from android.
        and i fix those card by simply inserting in my windows phone.
        coming to fake apps,,,,,,,,,,and body can put a app in playstore with differnt name and icon….
        but in windows you have to take permission from microsoft
        for example go and search for a wifi hacker app
        you will probably see hundred of result and none of them actually work…
        but when i searched this in windows store it only shows few apps and it was clearly written on it that is is fake app have fun with friend.
        do u know which is most awaited os of all time?????hmmm hmmm
        its windows 10
        do you know which os was sold mostly in world wide its windows 8/8.1
        sir i am also glad that you are having fun with your android.
        but for reality just drop your phone from your hand on road and if it is still alive then come to me will have a debate on it :p

        • Windows 10 is most awaited OS because its coming back with start menu in desktop and many other desktop feature. All hype is about the desktop not the phir. Also no break person will intebtionally drop his phone in road, but if he thinks that he is so careless about his phone he should either get a hard cover or Nokia 3310, sophisticated phones was never built for someone who can’t stop it from dropping on road. But anyways, I’m doing this debate here, and wish you a great journey with your windows phone 🙂

  20. I have used iphone 4 for 2.5 years, shifted to blackberry for 2 years, used android for 6 months. All good phones with good specs. I will speak only about OS. Am not a game player so this should be kept in mind. Nobody uses 1000 apps, they have about 4-5 main ones which really are deal breakers.

    I was damn bored about IOS. I couldn’t stand it any more and hence shifted to blackberry. Blackberry has the best default OS in the market. It really does … ios and android come out with features once a year which blackberry does every few months. Even today pick up the blackberry and you will notice the difference if you use if for a few weeks/months. Ofcourse i find it a little too pricey… but a blackberry phone below 20k with 2Gb ram + a great camera is the best thing any non gaming user could have. It even runs android apps (most important ones anyway). In my opinion even if they simply work on a great camera they will begin pulling users especially from the working class.

    Now i own the lumia 640XL. The phone is amazing for its price. The features are a little lacking in 8.1 .. .its those little things like notification control etc. But this has been fixed in windows 10. The phone works extremely smoothly and i will put it just below blackberry in terms of OS strength. I have used the latest version of ios … its ok.. blackberry is better. You will get bored of the fancy animations and translucency after a while. You will want something which just works without gimmickry.

    Android feels like windows 98 but much better looking. It really feels kind of disjointed and does not have the polished feeling of say an IOS or Windows or blackberry. Its imply overrated. ..

    • Thank you for your feedback. I don’t know whether or not you have use any Nexus device or not, if you didn’t you should give it a try. At least after using a nexus you won’t say that Android is like Win 98. I know the major complaint about android is that after using it for months, the phone started getting slow and the main reason behind that is the extra heavy customization added over the vanilla android. If you ever use a stock android device like nexus or Google Play edition device you won’t say that it’s Win 98. It will work buttery smooth even after years. 🙂 But again thanks for your feedback. I’m also quite exited about Win 10 on mobile devices. So far on my desktop Win 10 worked extremely well (beside a ton of bugs waiting to be patched by MS), let’s see what happens for the mobile.

  21. How about the windows phone Nokia Lumia 730? I did my research on it and its a pretty good windows phone with its camera and wireless charging, what do you have to say about it because im thinking of gettin one soon?

    • Well if you like it, go for it. But as I’ve used both windows phone, android and iOS, I personally never ever recommend anyone to go with any Microsoft phone, unless the person is getting his phone mostly for productivity purpose like office, email and other work stuff. Windows Phones are nothing in front of polishness of iOS, freedom of Android. Frankly speaking after using my windows phone for years, now when I look at my phone screen I just feel like moving my head. The UI is so boring after using it for all this time that I can’t literally explain you.
      Not to mention the pathetic app quality on Windows Phone. Even the most popular apps that are present in windows store are buggy and the developers spend the least amount of time on the Windows Phone app rather than android and iOS version. I remember how much time it took for whatsapp to introduce call facility for the windows phone version of their app.
      In short if you are purchasing your phone for productivity, then you can go with it otherwise wait for a few more months and get the new nexus. You might feel that what an a** I’m saying all these bad stuffs about windows phone. But trust me you will feel the same after using the device for 1 year or long, unless of course you change your device in every 6 months or so.

      • I had been in iPhone for a very long time, I bought the largest capacity of each iPhone, and I had all of them at launch date, even the original, and I’m now currently having an Apple Watch Edition on a mansion with a 2016 Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach Hybrid, having all of the phones (13,000 phones), because I have 2.4 trillion dollars, had a 6S, a 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5, but I always hate Windows Phone, not the original Windows.
        This is what some guy named Bob Tabor said on June 25, 2013 that his Lumia is the best, but I don’t agree with him.
        “And that brings me to this—I’m in love with my Nokia Lumia 920. It is without a doubt the coolest device I’ve ever owned—and trust me, I own several of the most popular devices built on other platforms available on the market today. If you’re interested in Windows Phone 8 development, it’s not a requirement, but I think you will really want to own one of these phones. It’s not just a great developer testbed for the apps you build, but it’s a great DEVICE. Let me tell you about my favorite features:

        Great camera—My wife is constantly asking me to send her the pics I take with my phone because her i…her, um, less capable phone…just doesn’t even compare, especially in low light situations.
        NFC—Near Field Communications…exchange data with other NFC phones regardless of platform.
        Pinning—You can pin anything to the start page…music, websites, apps…and I seek out apps that update the tiles with new information so I don’t have to open up the app, for example, to see the weather, or my calendar, or the countdown to my vacation.
        Wireless charging—Yes, you can buy a case for just about any phone that will do this, but it’s built INTO THE PHONE!
        Voice commands—Great for creating OneNote TODO items, or sending a text message while I’m on the road.
        The other cool thing is that the platform is growing…every time I do a demo of my phone, I convert another user. I’ve got my family and friends convinced that this is their next phone when their contract comes up for renewal. And I just read an article about the growth of the enterprise market for app builders, which is really exciting.”

  22. I was tempted buy the Kazam Thunder 340W phone but started to ask questions about usability with it being a Windows phone.

    I like to use Viber and the Play Store – but none of that is available on a Windows phone. Your article has confirmed in my mind that buying a Windows phone would be a huge mistake.

    The problem I’m having is trying to find a small phone (about the size of the HTC Explorer which fits in the hand nicely) with decent specs and a removable battery. It’s impossible!

    Most phones are getting bigger and bigger and have sealed in batteries that can’t be removed. It’s madness! There is a demand for small, high spec smartphones with removable batteries.

    • Well, there is nothing much we can do about it. This is the current trend. The only phone that I can think of right now with a smaller footprint is the upcoming Nexus 5 2015 with 5.2″ display. I personally don’t like any other android phone beside Nexus, because the OEMs include useless skins and other stuffs to make things slow.

  23. i can not believe a phone with such an ugly interface does exist. Those squares on the home screen are from another century. And like that is not enough, many of them has same color. Incredible awfull interface.

  24. I agree with writer about 5 reasons for not buying Windows Phone. I bought Lumia 640 XL 2 weeks ago and I cannot save the videos received thorough Gmail so can’t share it on WhatsApp.I sent an email through Lumia Forum but did not get a reply. I tried installing so called Metromail to see if it can provide a solution but it hangs after completing 3/4 of the circle. I wish I had seen this post earlier in which case I would not wasted my money on Windows phone.

  25. I don’t know, I think that you had a bad experience with your Wndows Phone. I had an Nokia Lumia 920 for to years and had good times with my phone. Only the battery was not so good. But today are some good battery life Windows Phones. I have an Asus Zenfone 5 and a Nokia Lumia 830. Both are good.

    • I’m glad to know you like windows phone. Also as you said you have an android device as well as a windows phone. Now, I used windows phone for years without using any android or iOS device and that’s why I do know why I hate it so much.

  26. i m also looking forword to buy an windows phone nokia lumia 1520 it’s the best windows phone of the year 2015.What u say about that…

  27. Well, I guess this topic is a little bit outdated.
    – Most issues described here were solved.
    – Windows 10 is about to come out with rumors of a lot of new features, including Android Emulator.
    – Metro UI is not as beautiful as Android and IOS UI, but it is far more lightweight. The device can use it’s processor and memory power to what really matters. Speaking of which, Android UI is the heavier one, no wonder Android devices has the better specs, even so, they are not as fast as a Windows Phone device.
    – The Windows store is growing and getting more popular, with more developers coming for it every day.

    Maybe in one year from now, this topic will be completely irrelevant..

    • First of all I’ve already tried the Win 10 insider version on my phone as I’m a insider and trust me, it’s still a long way behind android & ios. As you said metro ui is lightweight, ios is also very lightweight ui. Also I must say that the stock android also has a very lightweight ui, but most company add their own skin upon it making it heavy. If wanna see light weight android ui, get a nexus device for a few months and you will see the difference by yourself. Lastly about windows store, compared to play store & ios store, trust me buddy even after 5 years it will be a long way behind. Thought some popular apps are do present in windows store now, but developers barely update it compared to the update/fix and new features you will get for that same app on ios or android.
      Again even after using win 10 (insider) on my phone, I’m still not impressed with it.

      • You still Haven’t experiences windows phones. You must still think better that the performance is far better then any android phone…Actually it did have capabilities to run high-end apps on 512 MB Ram…even though its in still developing mode…the most usefull apps are already present in windows stores…and reading your blog ..its too outdated ..that seems like you have reviewed about windows phone 7.8…but after release of win phone 8.1, there’s a huge change in the environment…and that you talked about win 10 insider program ..try the latest build …..i did used samsung grand(laggy phones ever) then switched to nokia lumia 520… at first i got some problems abt app lacking but after upgrading to win 8.1 the problem is far solved….and now i am using microsoft lumia 540…and never think to switch to another os after experiencing the overall performance……even the UI is best …the live tiles…and the one cortana….so update ur blog its to outdated

  28. On the contrary,I have been using windows 8.1 phne for a year now and I still love it.Most of the problems you mentioned seem to have been solved since I’m not facing any of them.But its kinda true about the app support,I get awesome apps but not all android apps,and for me that’s the only downside that windows phone has.

  29. I have been using windows since windowsphone7 in-between I even used android and ios but I came back to windows and now I am using wp8.1.I cant find the smoothness of wp in android whether it is typing or gaming etc.Guys I think you know wp is lot younger than android. I think wp is better when compared to android at its mid stages as wp is now in.but really wp developed faster than android if you compare stages and its time taken.

    • Most andriod phones are sluggish – it’s not andriod’s fault, it’s the phone manufacturer who adds tons of bloatware and skins on top of andriod which are not properly optimized. BTW, I’ve used WP 7 to WP 10 (insider) too, if you are looking for a smooth andriod, go with Nexus.

      • Well everyone cant afford nexus.

        • Nah….My frd got nexus but still he has lagging probs…..all androids have the same prob even though they have 2gb ram with octacore processor,,they still lags..

          • Not sure whats happening with your friends phone, but being a Nexus user myself now, I can truly vouch for it. Also I’ve never seen it to hang or lag ever. Even though I do a lot of multitasking on my phone all the time. Music, Maps, Docs, Google Keep and many many other thing always run on my phone simultaneously and it always works like buttery smooth.

  30. I using my windows for more than six month. I play games like asphalt 8,march of empire,six guns,subway surfers and more. I play these games dialy and my active time in march of empire is more than 9 days even now my phone never got hanged. I think that mistake of your phone is your bad luck ?. All Microsoft are not like that. Please don’t spread bad opinion about windows phone.

    • Yaa,, you are right…this guy posted an outdated thing….

      • There is nothing to be outdated my friend. I’ve posted all the loopholes that I’ve faced and I do admit that all the tests were done in Lumia 520. Besides, if you are enjoying windows phone, no one is stopping you. From my personal experience, there are still many apps (that I use on daily basis) is not available for windows phone yet. Also the apps which are available there, the devs barely update them to fix bugs unlike the same app on andriod or iOS which gets updated all the time with new features and updates. Also one of the thing that I mostly miss on windows phone os is Google apps suite.
        I’m not a gameboy, I mostly use productivity and utility apps so can’t comment on the gaming side.

        • Dude doesn’t matters of you are in use with the google utility apps…have u noticed that the youtube app on the windows phone was best app ever which google can’t make….but unfortunately the google blocked the youtube app for its guilt and now theres only a link based app..

          • Sorry, but I cannot agree with you that the YouTube app for windows phone is better than the Android companion. I never felt that way. I’m pretty much disgusted with it. But I’m glad to know that you liked it. Enjoy 🙂

          • Saumya! You are right. Disgusting windows phone, I have use this phone (Lumia 535) from 2015 and at the same time I have also use android phone (Honor 6X). Difference is huge. Battery performance is also not good on windows phone.

          • I know man, trust me. I’ve faced all the troubles myself for years.

  31. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees windows phones is not a phone..Chinese made is better

  32. That your take. I love the phone. And have fewer issues as compare to Android which I used for 3 years before switching over to windows about 3 years ago. OS is more stable than Android and is at the same level as iPhone(used for 1 year). The only thing true is the lack of app. However almost all the apps I require is available. The ui is pretty good from a software engineer aspect. That my personal view.

  33. I CANNOT agree that Lumia Windows Phone should be avoided but should be more promoted, due to Nokia built quality and Windows functional stability. Finally, they are offered at best reasonable price!

  34. Sorry for the off topic question, but what’s the font on the picture in the head of the article? I couldn’t detect it with special resources( https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/39177e5c73be42c4d14c3170946f22f4bd9eb74cc8944c38f5aed7bda92bbf30.jpg


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