Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this?

Currently all popular search engines like Google, Bing provide extra preference to websites that loads faster. Also study suggests that if your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, most people will leave your website without even looking at what you are providing. So, optimizing your website is not only important for getting better SEO (search engine optimization) but also make sure that your potential customers doesn’t leave your site just because it loads slowly. As WordPress is a pretty big CMS with lots of themes and plugins, most WordPress sites gets slower due to this problem. So, as much as your give importance to a good looking site, you should give the same importance to optimizing your website.

What are your providing here?

I’m providing enterprise grade WordPress optimization service for your website, so that it not just loads under 4 seconds but also it loads as fast as poissible in your current hosting environment. This is not just a service for installing W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. Instead I will study your website and it’s code intensely understanding the various reasons of the slowness of your site and then fix them from the root, so that you won’t face this issues again. Yes, I will be using plugins for generating cache files, optimizing database etc. but these are not just any free plugins. I will use premium plugins which are trusted and actually used in enterprise websites that also running WordPress.

What are the exact changes that you are going to make?

It’s hard to say the list of changes I’m going to make because it varies form one site to another. So, for every site there are some different reason for it’s slowness.

Will you provide me a list of changes that you will make?

If you want I can sent you a broad overview of the things that I have done with your website, but I cannot provide you the details of exact changes or how I made those changes because of my non disclosure service terms. Because if you really care for how I did those changes then you are more interested about knowing my tricks rather than making your site faster.

Is there any support included?

Yes, Absolutely. I will provide 30 Days free support no matter which optimization service your purchase.

What exactly is Code Review?

Core Review is actually a very time consuming process of reading all your theme/plugin codes that you have and then determine which of them are actual culprits and if we can avoid them. If I find some bad or resource hogging plugin installed in your system, I will let you know that the plugin is not good for your site. I will also provide you better alternative of that plugin or feature which will do the same thing without slowing down your website.

How many WordPress sites you have optimized till today?

More than a few hundreds actually. I don’t recall the exact number but it is definitely more than 400 websites and counting.

Is the load time under 4 seconds guaranteed?

Yes for 99% cases unless you hosting server is super slow using consumer PC grade hardware like slow spinning disk instead of SSD, slow network speed etc. In that case I really don’t have much thing to do as your server cannot cope with the speed of optimization. But if you want I can host your same website on my server for a month at free of cost and if you see the difference in loading you can keep your site hosted with me. You can check my hosting plans to get more details about it.

I still have more questions, what to do?

That’s fine. I’m more than happy to answer any pre-sales question you may have. Just visit the contact page and drop me a message, I will get back to you at earliest.


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