Frequently Asked Questions

What payment method do you accept?

I accept all of my payments through PayPal as it is highly trusted by everyone. But if you have any problem paying through PayPal, please feel free to contact me using my contact form and I will see what special arrangement I can do for you.

Can I add Addon Domains?

No. At any circumstance I do not allow to add addon domain on any cPanel account of my hosting. The reason behind that is Addon Domains are one of the renowned culprit for slowing down website and eating more resource. As you can see that all of my services are Quality oriented and not Quantity oriented like most big brand companies who sell overcrowded servers, allow users to add as many domains they want and the users end up having a frustrating slow hosting experience. To ensure the blazing fast load time of all websites that I host and to make sure my clients always remains happy and satisfied, I do not allow to add Addon Domains on any hosting account. If you want more than one domain to host, you have to purchase two hosting plans for each website, so each of your website will have it’s dedicated resource which will not be used by any other domain and your website will load in a flash.

Is this a Shared Hosting?

Technically every hosting account your purchase if it is not a VPS or Dedicated Server, it falls under Shared Hosting category. But this is not just any ordinary hosting accounts. All accounts will be hosted on my super beast server running on enterprise grade Xeon processors along with DDR4 RAM and Samsung SSD 850 Pro hard drive and not to mention super fast multiple gigabit network access. Also as I mentioned in the above plan all account’s resources are isolated from one another so that no one account can create a bottleneck and slow down the other sites.

Where is the server physically located?

My server is located in Chicago, US at Steadfast Data Center.

Will you migrate my site from my existing host?

Yes, absolutely! If you purchase any hosting service from me, I will migrate your website from your current host for free.

Do you only host WordPress websites?

Yes. The server is perfectly tuned for providing the best possible WordPress hosting experience and to load your website at a blazing fast speed. But if you want to host any other CMS, please visit BigScoots Hosting, they provide extraordinary Pure SSD hosting in all category (shared, VPS, Dedicated) and packed with quality hardware and extraordinary support. Infact they also manage my own server as i don’t get much time to always do it myself having huge word pressure. You can host anything with them, but with me it’s only limited to WordPress CMS only.

Is there any plugin restriction with your hosting?

Well, not really! You can install any plugin you want unless it is a pirated or nulled software. I do not host pirated content on my server.

Do you host pirated content websites and/or adult websites?

No. I do not allow hosting any website which provides pirated content. You can host adult websites if those are not any way related to pornographic materials or objects.

I still have some questions in my mind?

That’s great! I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Just click on the green support icon you see floating on the bottom right corner of the screen, select topic as “Pre-sales question” and send me a message. I will get back to you as soon as I see it. Also if you want you can visit my contact page.

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