Server Load Testing Tool project was started back in October 2013 and publicly released on December 2013. After release of this web application, many users around the world used it on the hosting environment to ensure that their server always stay healthy. But some users also complained that they do not understand the meaning of those numbers, so eventually if they feel something is wrong they have to contact the hosting  company without being sure that is there any problem really happening or not. This was a real problem. As unix/linux uses its own internal architecture, so it doesn’t provide the  server load like the normal computer load most of the users are accustomed to see on everyday basis within their Microsoft Windows™ PCs. That is why I have come up with a brand new feature, which is now included within the Server Load Testing Tool web application, called “Real Time Server Health Status”.

What it does

“Realtime Sever Heath Status” – a brand new feature has been added to the script, which will show you the health status in easily understandable text like “Good” or “Needs to Look After” or “at Optimum Usage” or “Needs Serious Care” or “Critical” or “Very Critical” etc. So that a very non-technical person can also understand that what is the server load situation. If you don’t understand the meaning of those numbers, no problem, this could be the best way for you to understand server load.

How it does

Now this a real serious question. When it comes to a textual outcome of any event, everybody wants to know that how it doing the thing. Many question comes like, how it will show up the same outcome and perfect server health as it has been developed and tested in my server. The users who are purchasing the script and using it in their own server or VPS or shared hosting, the environment can be totally different. Different number of CPUs, operating system, RAM etc. Don’t worry, I’ve developed this module keeping all those parameters in my mind. What is does is actually in the back end, it calculate the server health status, by calculating many different load parameters of the server and also it has been coded such a way that if your environment changes, numbers of CPUs changes, it will automatically adopt that and it will do the calculations as per your server environment. So, you can completely trust it’s outcome of your Server Health.

Server Load Testing Tool

Check your server load in realtime.

I hope now you can use The Server Load Testing Tool without any hesitation in your mind. If you face any problem or you do need any support after purchase, you can post your problem & feedback in the comment section below.

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