WP Server Stats

WP Server Stats plugin will give you the ability to monitor your WordPress site at its core level. With all most important server stats like allocated memory, memory usage, real-time CPU usage etc. you can always identify if something wrong is going on with your site. Often times bad web […]

If Modified Since Header for WordPress

As per Google Webmaster Guidelines, all website should have a 304 If Modified Since HTTP Header so that crawlers can check when is the last time the page or post has been updated. Generally if you do not pass 304 If Modified Since HTTP Header through your HTTP header, crawlers […]

Mobile Marketing Allies

Mobile Marketing Allies is a Canada based company. They were so disappointed with their previous website when they gave me thin project to re-design and develop the whole website from the scratch, starting with new logo design to the complete website and optimization. The website has been developed by using worlds’ […]

Speed Test

Speed Test is a basic internet speed testing script developed using PHP and MySQL. The main motive of developing this script is to develop an application, by using which users can actually get an idea about their internet download speed. Maximum internet speed test website only shows the bandwidth speed […]

Buy Me a Beer

Buy Me a Beer is an Animated WordPress Donation Plugin. By using this plugin, and viewer of your blog or website can donate you whatever amount they want to donate. “Buy Me a Beer” is more eye catchy and modern way to asking for donation. It is like a gift […]

PHP Auto ZIP Creator

PHP Auto Zip Creator is a small web application which will allow you to dynamically generate ZIP file for any directory present in your server. Suppose you have an album where users can upload their images and can also down all the images present in the gallery as a compressed […]