WP Server Stats plugin will give you the ability to monitor your WordPress site at its core level. With all most important server stats like allocated memory, memory usage, real-time CPU usage etc. you can always identify if something wrong is going on with your site. Often times bad web hosting companies says their users that they are overloading the server or even says that they have increased their memory limit without even actually increasing it. There are many scam/fake hosting companies out there and now you don’t have to be blind anymore, all server details you need is just at your fingertips. You don’t even have to login to your cPanel to check your server current stats.

Real-time Action

Real-time Action with real-time data

Also now you don’t have to contact your host every single time for minor things. You can easy see the server stats at your WP admin dashboard and take curtail decision based on that, like if enabling some plugin is consuming a lot of memory or CPU etc.

Please Note that this WP Server Stats WordPress plugin will need WordPress v4.1 or above to work. Also make sure that shell_exec() PHP function is enabled by your web host. Most good web host enable this by default but some who doesn’t know to actually maintain server security, tries to point finger to these PHP functions instead working on other security measures that actually matters. So, check with your host if they have shell_exec() PHP function enabled before installing this plugin.

Key Features

  • Shows the server IP address
  • Shows server loacation
  • Shows server hostname
  • Shows allowed memory for your WordPress site
  • Amount & Percentage of the memory you are currently using
  • Realtime CPU usage percentage
  • Memory & CPU info bar changes color based on the load
  • Designed with flat colors
  • Memory & CPU usage info at the admin footer so that no matter what admin page you are, you can always see it
  • Uses WordPress Object Caching mechanism to run the plugin super smooth without eating a lot of resource
  • Only shows to the Administrators


For detailed changelog, please visit WordPress plugin changelog section.


For any kind of  support about WP Server Stats, please post your issues and questions in the plugin support forum.


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