The House of Flowers is a flower delivery service based on Townsville, Australia which provides fresh flowers for all occasions ensuring that you receive the most beautiful fresh flowers when you needed. They have a website for a few years but it was never up to the mark in terms of design or functionality. The website looks very boring and it was not engaging at all. That is why they have contacted me for redoing their website from the scratch and optimize the code of the site to make sure it loads at a blazing fast speed.

Things I’ve Done

  • Making a brand new responsive website using WordPress CMS
  • Writing special script to ensure that the video on the webpage doesn’t load when the site is loaded, instead load it only when someone wants to watch it
  • Making sure the color combination of the design fits the business niche
  • Optimize the site to load at a blazing fast speed

Now the new website of The House of Flowers not just only looks good, it also loads at a blazing fast speed. The average load time of this website now is 860 miliseconds compared to 13 seconds previously. Also the user interaction on the website has been increased by 300% with the new website design super fast loading time. Due to the responsiveness of the design, the bounce rate for mobile users has been reduced by 47.23%.

Visual Look of the Website

Here are some screenshot of the The House of Flowers website. All of these images are copyrighted so please do not publish them anywhere else without the written conformation from my end or from The House of Flowers. Enjoy the design. If you like my work and want to congratulate me, you can always find me on twitter @iSaumya.


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