Shenzhen Sunrise Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of screen printing machinery based in China. They professionally manufacture high technical content, accurate overprint, easy operation screen printing machinery and all other auxiliary equipment in screen printing area. They were having a WordPress based company website that was tremendously slow to load. So, as a result the website conversion was very low too along with unsatisfied visitors. Bison contacted me almost at the end of August 2016 to optimize their website and make it load at a blazing fast speed. At the same time they have also hired me for providing various key insight and consultation about making their company website load extremely fast.

Things I’ve Done

  • I’ve optimized their WordPress site in every possible way to ensure it loads at a super fast speed while consuming less resource.
  • Optimization has been done without any help of CDN.
  • Provided in-depth consultation about making their website remain optimized & fast, always.

Load Time Difference

The load time difference between the before and after optimization was significant. After my optimization work is done, the site has become almost 74% faster than what it used to be. Here are the before and after load test result using Pingdom Tools.


Load Speed Before Optimization

Now here is the load test result after the full website optimization. It is the same website with complete optimization. Take a look at the optimized load time now.


Load Speed After Optimization


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