PHP Auto Zip Creator is a small web application which will allow you to dynamically generate ZIP file for any directory present in your server. Suppose you have an album where users can upload their images and can also down all the images present in the gallery as a compressed format. Now in this scenario, as you can easily understand that if you create the ZIP of the album manually you can’t cover all the images present within it, because it is totally dynamic and people are upload new images every time.  It is also not possible for you to create the ZIP manually in every few seconds. At that scenario, this small application comes handy. It will dynamically generate a new ZIP of the provided path every time any user request for it. Cool isn’t it?

Some Screen Shots

Key Featured

  • Easily understandable interface
  • Fully automatic process
  • Doesn’t have create any corn job for it
  • Fully secure
  • No MySQL Database needed

Technology Used


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