Nechako Optometry is an optometric healthcare organization, based in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada serving the eye care needs for over 45 years. They offer comprehensive eye exams and vision services for the whole family, from infant to senior. Their mission is to exceed patient expectations by treating every individual with respect and compassion and access and manage all aspects of individual vision needs and requirements.

They had a business website for a long time but it has way too many problems, starting with as the old site wasn’t based on any CMS, it was extremely hard to change even minor things on the website. Then as the site wasn’t responsive, it can only be viewed properly on a computer screen. Also, the server where their old site was hosted was not just extremely poor and outdated from the hardware perspective, but also the software perspective as well. Over the years their site has been hacked many times and then their old host wasn’t just able to help. Also due to the poor infrastructure, their site was very slow too. In the end, there was such a time when Nechako Optometry has to ditch their website entirely and redirect visitors to their facebook page instead.

In such a situation, Nechako Optometry contacted me to rebuild their website from the scratch with modern, minimal, attractive design which will go with their current branding along with the power of CMS. They also asked me to optimize their new website to such extent so that it loads just in a blink of an eye. As per their requirements, I’ve started working on this project and after a lot of work, it is at last ready for the public eyes.

Things I’ve Done

  • Making a brand new responsive website using WordPress as CMS
  • Ensuring the new design and color profile is clean, flat, minimal with great user experience and fits the current randing of Nechako Optometry
  • Migrating the site to a new Linux based server with the cutting edge specs and super fast network bandwidth
  • Ensuring the site has all the right ingredients to take advantage of the new HTTP2 protocol and Brotli compression
  • Optimizing the website to ensure that it loads at a blazing fast speed

Enough geeky talk, now let’s take a look at the new website. I hope you guys will like it. 🙂

Visual Look of the Website

Here are some screenshots of the new Nechako Optometry website. All of these images are copyrighted so please do not publish them anywhere else without the written confirmation from my end or from Nechako Optometry. Enjoy the design. If you like my work and want to congratulate me, you can always find me on twitter @iSaumya.


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