Buy Me a Beer is an Animated WordPress Donation Plugin. By using this plugin, and viewer of your blog or website can donate you whatever amount they want to donate. “Buy Me a Beer” is more eye catchy and modern way to asking for donation. It is like a gift rather than conventional donation procedure. Generally websites and blogs uses the PayPal donation button on their website asking for some donation. This is actually become very old and conventional way for donation. Beside the conventional way of donation, Buy Me a Beer is more attractive way for the donation process. Tough Buy Me a Beer WordPress Donation Plugin uses Adobe Flash and Action Script, it will help you to engage more traffic to your website or blog.

Key Features

  • Animated Donation Interface
  • Donation amount can be decided by the donators

Application Needed


For any support, please drop an email to [email protected] with a proper subject stating the issue.


Download Plugin Download Flash File

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