Best Home Loans is a mortgage broker service based in Queensland, Australia who help negotiate a better deal on home loan with lenders, giving you access to special rates and superior loan terms. The website they had was really clunky and bad. It was developed using old HTML markup along with no responsiveness. Also the backend language behind the site was ASP.NET, which led the client to a stage that they were unable to edit or manage any aspect of the website.

So, the client asked me to redesign the website from the scratch and ask me to improvise on their old design that they had. So that for the end users, it still retain almost similar color profile and user experience. Also previously as the site was built using ASP.NET which is running on a Windows Server, it was insanely slow and cannot take any serious user load. So, along with moving the site to WordPress and a new Linux Server, the client has also asked me to optimize the site to its optimum level so that it can be loaded at a blazing fast speed.

Things I’ve Done

  • Making a brand new responsive website using WordPress as CMS
  • Ensuring the new design and color profile have a similar look and feel to the old design the had before
  • Migrating the site to a new Linux-based VPS (managed by WPHostingSpot), which is Physically located at Australia to ensure their Australian clients gets the fastest load time
  • Ensuring the site has all the right ingredient to take advantage of the new HTTP2 protocol
  • Optimizing the site to load at a blazing fast speed

Now the new website of Best Home Loans not just only looks good, it also loads at a blazing fast speed. The average load time of this website now is 781 miliseconds compared to 11 seconds previously. Also the user interaction on the website has been increased by 293% with the new website design super fast loading time. Due to the responsiveness of the design, the bounce rate for mobile users has been reduced by 64.7%.

Enough geeky talk. Now let’s take a look at the visual look of the new website. I hope you guys will like it 🙂

Visual Look of the Website

Here are some screenshot of the Best Home Loans website. All of these images are copyrighted so please do not publish them anywhere else without the written conformation from my end or from Best Home Loans. Enjoy the design. If you like my work and want to congratulate me, you can always find me on twitter @iSaumya.


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