AdSense Invalid Click Protector a.k.a. AICP plugin will help you to save your Google AdSense account from unusual invalid click activities and click bombings. As per the Google AdSense terms, Google doesn’t take any responsibility towards these invalid click activities or click bombings and always point the finger towards the AdSense publisher, giving him/her all the blames.

But now, this will come to an end with this AdSense Invalid Click Protector WordPress plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can secure your AdSense account by making sure invalid click activities never happens to your website. It’s now time to put an end to this AdSense invalid click or click bombing fiasco.

Plugin’s Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the plugin’s backend settings section and its various features. I hope you guys will like it.

Video Demonstration

Before start using the plugin, I will highly recommend you to take a look at this video demonstration where I’ve explained everything about this plugin.

Key Features

  • Set maximum ad click limit
  • Block any visitor if he exceeds the mentioned click limit
  • Ban some countries from seeing the ads on your site
  • Ability to see the list of banned user details from the WordPress admin section
  • Ability to delete any banned IP one by one or in bulk approach
  • Ability to search any IP within the banned IP list
  • Admin dashboard widget to show the total number of banned users


For detailed changelog, please visit WordPress plugin changelog section.


For any kind of support about AdSense Invalid Click Protector (AICP), please post your issues and questions in the plugin’s support forum.


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