We, the Homo Sapience of 21st century living in a world where our daily life is covered by the internet and its different usability. Whether you want to check your email or read an article or check some news or want to purchase something, whatever your purpose is you need internet to fulfil most of them. Internet is a great thing and full of many potential, but it not just only bring joy and happiness in our life, it also brings many horrified dreams comes true. More than 5 PC gets virus affected every minute around the world and making your life painful. As a result some people use Antivirus to protect their system and as antivirus are paid many people try to use the free or pirated copy of antivirus, which will eventually more harmful.

What is PCKeeper?

Kromtech Alliance Corp, a German company developed PCKeeper software with some unique features. PCKeeper actually has two products namely PCKeeper live and PCKeeper antivirus. This two software are really extraordinary and also a worth having software for general users. But if you are a power user, then you will not get much fun by using it. Because it does all the things by its own, so you do not need to customize or tweak things and hence no fun for power users. But for general daily user, trust me this is a great software and I can assure you that if you use it once. You will never want to leave it.

What is PCKeeper Live?

It is a great system optimization utility software which helps users who are suffering from different issues to clean their pc without extensive knowledge of it. It is also included major utility tool you ever need on your PC. Like Ant-Theft, Data Hider, Shredder, Files Recovery, Disk Cleaner, Uninstaller and many more. But what’s new about PCKeeper live, right? There are plenty free software out there who can perform the same.

I know but is there any software out there which can provide you actual Human Technical Support by certified technicians at the real time 24x7x365. There is no PC utility software out there who can perform this except PCKeeper live.


So, now if you have PCKeeper Live installed in your computer and after optimizing your PC you are not satisfied with your PC performance you can submit your optimization result to PCKeeper tech team so that they can look into your report and provide you the best way to fix your issue within 24hrs. Beside this, you can initiate a chat with one of the PCKeeper tech team executive whenever you want.

What is PCKeeper Antivirus?

As the name goes, PCKeeper antivirus is a sophisticated, well designed & powerful antivirus for realtime protection to the general PC users. The interface of the software is really simple, intuitive and easy to use. You can just never go wrong with PCKeeper antivirus settings. Just like PCKeeper live, the antivirus also comes with easy chat support option for 24x7x365.


PCKeeper Antivirus database is gets updated every day, but it is a little big in size and can take almost 2 -3 mins to download the update on a slower internet connection. Unlike other popular antivirus software PCKeeper installation files are very small and takes just few seconds to install.

What about the antivirus accuracy?

I was really amused when I tested PCKeeper antivirus for the first time on my testing computer. It was very accurate and finds and removes the virus automatically whenever it finds or suspect any unuseal files in your PC. Which is actually a great thing, but as a power user I love to make my own decision about whether or not I want to delete a file even the antivirus detects it as virus. PCKeeper antivirus does not have that feature so it is fully automated and do everything to make your PC virus free.

One of the great feature I liked about PCKeeper antivirus is its real-time scanning accuracy even on network folders. It is really great and full of power and functionality, but as I said earlier if you a super power user, you may not like it.

What’s so special about PCKeeper?

The only and major specialty about PCKeeper is its awesome support experience. If you purchase any PCKeeper product you are just gonna love this support chat feature with actual humans and not bots. There is no other software out there that I’m aware of also provide this quality of support from the inside of their software. No need to open browser or login into your account. Just open the software and start chatting with tech support.

Is these worth purchasing?

Well this is a very complicated question, because it is complete dependent upon your technical expertise and requirement. If you are a person who uses his computer mostly for work and entertainment and also does not have much technical expertise about computer troubleshooting, then this software is really worth purchasing for you. Just purchase and install then get complete peace of mind from any major security and troubleshooting issues.

But is you are a super power user and knows every single thing you are doing in your computer and have good experience with computer troubleshooting then I won’t recommend you to purchase this software unless you also want a peace of mind and want to leave the security and troubleshooting into the hand of a good software without making tweaks by yourself.

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What if I don’t like it after purchase?

All PCKeeper comes with 365 Days Guaranteed Money Back Policy. So, if you do not like the product after purchase, you can refund your money back any time you want. No questioned asked. But I really don’t thing you will need that if you starts using PCKeeper products.

Have I used it personally?

Yes, I have used both PCKeeper Live and Antivirus in my PC for last 4 months and I loved every single experience with it expect the fact that it took away it took away my power user customizability. 😛 I have also installed PCKeeper in my father’s PC for last 5 months and he is really happy with it as he don’t have to do anything now. Everything happens by its own. So if you are thinking whether this is a right software for you then it is completely dependent upon your requirements.

What do you suggest for power users?

Well if you are a power user, then first of all you don’t even need an antivirus because you have enough experience to understand whether a file is virus or not. If still you need an antivirus for your peace of mind, I always suggest you Microsoft Security Essential – it will not perform a single task without asking for your permission.


PCKeeper live and PCKeeper antivirus both are a great software for general users so that they do not have to worry about the security and troubleshooting anymore and concentrate on their work to increase productivity. But if you are not a person like that, then you may not like these products.


Hey, what do you think about PCKeeper? Have you used it in your PC or thinking about purchasing one? Do you have any other thought regarding PCKeeper? Let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to hear them.

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