Invoice templates are a crucial and important element which has been neglected by many business owners and entrepreneurs. This is hard to believe, but your invoice template design is one of the key which can bring make your customer from one-time-buyer to regular buyer. The layout of a invoice or quotation template creates a psychological picture about you and the company you represent. If you are a web developer or a coder or a designer or a electrician or a plumber or  whatever. Invoice and Quotation templates are not same for all of them like their profession. Every business has their own set of design architecture. Also not everyone has to print out their invoice or quotation for their business needs, but some did.

Story behind Pable

Pable has been designed from the very need and psychological aspects of a business which generally do not need to print out their invoices to their clients. As I said earlier some business needs to print out their invoice or quotations to their clients and this is a part of their business needs. But some business like web development, freelancing etc. does not have that requirement to fulfil. Pable is specially designed for the people who generate their invoice and quotations and send it to their client through electronic media, like email, IM etc. Due to the very reason that it would not be a invoice for print needed business, I’ve designed it with rich colour and customizability. This invoice is perfect for designers, photographers, illustrators, developers etc. This is the first invoice template I’ve developed for FusionInvoice which comes with 100% colour customizability feature.

Before pable, there was not much ways to customize the colour aspect of a fusioninvoice template, but I made it possible in the pable invoice template. You can make the invoice template looks like as you want just by doing some basic changes in the template. I designed the template on green and white colour combination, but you can change the green to red or yellow or whatever you want. If you are wondering how to do that, don’t worry I’ve recorded a video with detailed demnstration that how to install the templatein your fusioninvoice invoicing system along with how to change the base colour of the pable invoice template. You will find the video on the purchase page of pable invoice template.

FusionInvoice v2.6+ is the minimum requirement for Pable due to addition of many new features. Do not use it in previous versions.

Features of Pable

  • Minimalistic flat design best for designers and developers
  • Paid/Unpaid notification
  • Transaction details for Paid invoices
  • Specially made for internet based business
  • Item Tax shows only when it is added
  • Complete base colour customizability

Pable – Create your invoicing identity!

Get Pable for your FusionInvoice v2.6+ just at $5 USD

Feedback and Support

If you have any questions before purchasing Pable or if you need any assistance after purchasing Pable invoice template, feel free to drop an email to [email protected] with relevant subject stating your query or problem and I’ll get beack to you as soon as humanly possible.

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