Google is a company which is mostly renowned for its moto “Don’t be evil” but in past few years Google has become very serious about generating money and blocking out all loopholes which tech nerds used to use for getting stuffs for free. If you have an old Google Apps a.k.a G Suite legacy account you might have free user limit starting from 10 to 2,000. I’ve seen many Google Apps a.k.a G Suite legacy account that has around 200 free user limit but the owner of that account can barely use it for his current business.

The reason behind this is that having a Google Apps legacy account with 200 or more free users means it is a really old Google Apps free account which Google later renamed as Google Apps legacy account and removed many cool features from those legacy accounts, like Migration, adding Secondary Domain etc. to encourage users to opt for their paid plan i.e. $5/user/month.

Please note Google has stopped allowing primary domain change in the legacy account on Dec 13, 2018, and has also stopped secondary domain addition in legacy accounts since Jan 16, 2020. Now neither primary domain can be changed nor secondary domains can be added in legacy accounts, only domain alias can be added.

Now Google officially stopped allowing the secondary domain addition for Google Apps legacy accounts back in 2012 and legacy users are only been allowed to add domain alias instead of a complete secondary domain name. But till 28th August 2015 I was able to add secondary domain to Google Apps legacy accounts by doing a simple and popular upgradation trick as follows:

  • Click on upgrade to trial of Google Apps for Business
  • Go to Domains section, add & verify your domain name
  • Downgrade back to your legacy free account before you run out of your trial period

But now, IT’S NO MORE POSSIBLE. That’s right. I’ve tried to do the same thing a few weeks back in September and now you cannot downgrade back to your legacy account unless you remove your secondary domain name that you have added after the upgradation.

I know that the only reason people was able to perform the trick for all this time is because there was a minor loophole/bug which was present in Google Apps down-gradation service and never actually gets fixed by Google. But now it seems Google has fixed the loophole and those legacy free Google Apps account are completely out of work if you still don’t use the primary domain.

What about Domain Alias? What’s the difference?

Domain alias is nothing but a new name to the same email address. This is really important if you have same domain name with various TLDs. Let’s say you have a multinational company and you use Google Apps for your business needs. Now though might be your primary company domain but for different countries you may also have the following domain names:

Now obviously you do not want to create separate email id for same person with different domain TLDs, right? Because it will be impossible for that person to manage all those email account. This is where Domain Alias kicks in. If you have an employee email as [email protected] and if you add all your different country domains as Domain Alias, even if someone email to [email protected] it will be delivered to [email protected] automatically but the address will still show the .in domain name. Cool right? I know, this is the actual implementation of domain alias. So, in short domain alias won’t give you a new email address.

So, what’s the way then?

Well, Google has covered all of its loopholes (thanks to the internet for sharing them publicly) and made sure that you cannot access your Google Apps legacy account lifelong by keep adding new secondary domain, unless you have access to Google Apps for Education or Google Apps for Non-Profit or Google Apps for Government. For these three Google Apps category the general legacy rule doesn’t apply. That’s right.

So, I guess now you have only 2 ways either you get and of those above three mentioned accounts (which is really hard to get, really hard) or you pay $5/user/month to Google if you are happy with 25GB Google Storage and if you want unlimited, well pay $10/user/month. That’s the end of the story.

There is no way you can add new secondary domain to Google Apps legacy account anymore. The most shocking thing is Google has release this patch so quietly that almost no one have noticed this change unless they tried to do it on their account. Google just added a new link to their “Downgrade to legacy Free edition” help article. See the screenshot below for more.


Please note Google has stopped allowing primary domain change in the legacy account on Dec 13, 2018, and has also stopped secondary domain addition in legacy accounts since Jan 16, 2020. Now neither primary domain can be changed nor secondary domains can be added in legacy accounts, only domain alias can be added.

Some FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions by most of the people on whose Google Apps legacy account I’ve already worked on. Hope this will help you to get your required answers easily.

What is a Domain Alias in Google Apps ?

As the term “Alias” suggests, Domain Aliases are the domain name which will not be used to create new separate emails ids, rather it will link to the email ids you already have with your primary domain.

As an example lets say in your Google Apps account you have primary domain named, but as you have a multinational business, you have country specific domains too, like,, etc. Now if you create 3 separate email ids for each of your employee, say [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected]. That person (Jhon) has to maintain all three email accounts daily and it would become a nightmare.

Now if you add as primary domain of your Google Apps account but, as domain aliases, then even if someone sends an email to [email protected] it will still go to [email protected] and the person has to maintain only one email id.

What is a Secondary Domain in Google Apps ?

Unlike Domain Aliases, secondary domain will allows you to create separate email ids with separate domain name. So, if you have and added as secondary domain in your account, you will be able to create two separate email ids, i.e. [email protected] and [email protected] – which is something you won’t be able to do with Domain Alias.

My primary domain of Google Apps is showing eNom Partnered. Can I change my primary domain ?

No. As shown in the screenshot above, in the Domain section of Google Apps If you see that your primary domain is associated with Google Partners like eNom, Godaddy etc. there is no way to change primary domain in that account, but I can ADD SECONDRY DOMAINS in that account. It’s just they won’t be primary domain.

Do you provide Google Apps legacy account ?

Yes I do. Just drop me an email to support[at] with the user limit you wants to have in your new Google Apps Legacy account and I will let you know the pricing of it.

Is it possible to reduce the price from 30$ ?

If there is a way, I would have done it. I hate overcharging people. The loophole I use is needs to be handled very precisely and delicately to make sure no harm comes to your legacy account. As a Google Apps legacy user myself, I understand the importance of your account and I make sure no harms comes to your account.

Now to do this, I have to work really hard on each and every single one of the accounts. I’m more than proud to say that I’ve already worked on more than 300 accounts and not a single one of them has ever faced any single issue. So, trust me when I say this 30$ is a very reasonable price that I’m asking from you considering the amount of work I’m putting in each account.

Do you provide discount on bulk order?

Well, as I’ve already explained in the previous question that it is really hard to provide discount considering the efforts, but still of you want to place order for 10 or more account, I can provide you 20% discount on the total price. Drop me a mail at support[at] before placing bulk orders.

Why my emails are not getting sent properly after domain change ?

A lot of people have asked me this question after changing their primary domain. Please note just because your domain is added in the Google Apps account as primary domain doesn’t mean that your emails will start working at that very moment. To make sure your emails gets send amd received properly you have to add Google MX records in your primary/secondary domain’s DNS. After the MX records are updated, your emails will fly like an eagle.

Can I upgrade my account after you change my domain?

I will not suggest you to do that especially if your account has secondary domain associated with it. Because if you upgrade, you won’t be able to downgrade. But if I change your primary domain and then you delete your old primary domain (becomes secondary domain after primary domain swap) from your account, so that your account has only 1 primary domain and no secondary domain, then you can upgrade and downgrade back without any issue. But again this is something I will not recommend anyone to do.

Is this process still working?

If any day Google patches the loophole that I use and I’m unable to provide this service for any given time, I will update that in the article. Then after I find a new loophole in Google’s system again, I will mention that in the article too. So, if nothing is mentioned like that in the article that means the process I’m using is working fine and you are good to place your order.


In conclusion I will not say that Google has become evil because the made this change, rather I will say that according to their 2012 post this thing should never be happen in the first place instead till the end of 2015 we have taken advantage of a Google Apps bugs and now we are so addicted to it that we are blaming Google to fix it’s bug. Instead we must always know that whenever a trick gets published on internet, it is just a matter of days before it gets patched by the respective company.

Besides it’s not Google who is doing this, keeping on par with cloud boom every email service provider has closed their free hosted email service and made it a paid version. Be it Google or Microsoft, the story is same everywhere.

But if you have added you secondary domain to your Google Apps legacy account before this Google patch has been rolled out, your secondary domain will remain active as long as you will use that account. Just you won’t be able to add any more secondary domain to your legacy account.


So, what do you think about this Google Apps legacy account changes? Are you also angry (like me) for this with Google? Does this patch made your Google Apps legacy account good for nothing? Share all of your thoughts about this with me in the comment section below.

You can also connect with me via twitter @iSaumya. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share it with others who might enjoy reading it. Also if you have any other ideas or request about future posts, you can let me know in the comment section below or via twitter.

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