If you are an old reader of my blog, then you would have noticed that I generally do not post review about all new gadgets. The main reason behind it is that neither I have such insane amount of spare money like most YouTubers to purchase all new devices out there in the market and review them nor any phone manufacturer send me review units of their phone. So, as a result each gadget I review here is personally owned by me and I use them on daily basis unlike the most YouTubers who use their phones for couple of weeks (or even lower than that) before posting their review. If you follow me on Twitter, then you would have seen that a few months’ back I have purchased Huawei Nexus 6P, the premium flagship by Google released earlier this year. As soon as I received my device, I wanted to review it; but there are already so many Nexus 6P review out there on internet which made me feel that this is becoming a cliché topic. After reading and viewing all those reviews myself and constantly using the device for months made me realize that there are many things about this device that hasn’t been addressed on any of those reviews. So, I think this unbiased review of mine will help you guys to better understand this device and will eventually help you decide if this is a good phone for you. I’m going to break my review into certain segments like display, screen, sound quality etc. so that you guys can better understand each aspect of this device. So, without any further ado, let’s get into my Nexus 6P review after 73 days of constant use.

Display Quality

Nexus 6P comes with a gorgeous 5.7” qHD AMOLED display. This display is not just great on paper; it is actually a very amazing display in real life too. Watching videos, movies feels so awesome that I can barely explain it to you guys. The pitch black (thanks to AMOLED) really makes reading eBooks a soothing experience to our eyes. I’ve read quite a lot of books on my Google Play Book and I never felt any annoyance (in terms of constantly seeing into the screen). All in all, the display of Nexus 6P is not only a premium display panel on paper but also in real life. No matter how good the display panel is there are still a few minor issues here and there which I’ve encountered with in past couple of months. Mainly there are two issues with the display.

  1. When the screen gets dim of if you turn the brightness down, you will see a light yellow tint on the screen. This only happens at the lowest brightness level, nowhere else.
  2. Under direct sunlight the screen doesn’t get too bright to see everything properly. You can still see everything on your screen but you might have to struggle a bit to see them as it doesn’t get so bright that it can overcome the direct sunlight reflection on your screen.

I personally think Google done this mainly to lower the battery consumption and to give an extraordinary battery life, which people generally don’t expect from a flagship phone now-a-days.

Screen Durability & Scratch Resistance

Nexus 6P comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which sounds awesome on paper, but personally I’m not that much satisfied with it. You see when we talk about Gorilla Glass, we expect the Gorilla Glass screen to be durable (in terms of cracking) as well as extremely scratch resistance. But I find the reality a bit different than what we expect it to be. Before I get any further into this, let me clear out one big misconception that almost all of us have in terms of scratching out phone’s screen. I think most of you guys have seen hundreds of scratch test videos on YouTube. Some are published by popular publisher on the other hand some are published by newbies. But let me tell you this all those scratch test videos with keys, coins, knifes etc. are nothing but eye wash. I know it sounds crazy but scientifically speaking, general metals will never scratch a gorilla glass object as gorilla glass generally have Mohs Hardness of 6.5 or more, whereas a knife has Mohs Hardness of 5 to 6.5. If you wanna know more about what actually makes your phone screen scratched, watch the most scientifically accurate scratch test video below. I can assure you that you will be amazed to know which causes most scratches on our phones.

So coming back to where I was, the screen of Nexus 6P is truly durable (in terms of falling your phone from waste height) but in this past 73 Days of use (without any screen guard), I’ve already seen 2-3 hairline scratched on my screen which is only visible under very bright light. I thought Gorilla Glass 4 will have more scratch resistance and durability than its predecessor, but after using this phone I realized that with each generation of Gorilla Glass, Corning is just trying make their glass more durable as well as more thin, but they barely give any seriousness about the scratch resistance power. So, if you are getting a Nexus 6P, I will highly suggest you to add a good screen protector over your Nexus 6p screen. After this 2-3 hairline scratched I’ve started to use Nillkin Amazing H Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Huawei Nexus 6P and I’m simply amazed with the quality of this screen protector.

Unibody Durability & Ease of Use

Nexus 6P comes with a complete unibody metallic design, a trend started by apple and then carried into the android realm by HTC with their One M8. But no matter what I just simply love the unibody metallic design. It’s looks cool as well as feels premium too. But inside Nexus 6P most place is void, so if you drop your phone into ground, you phone can have some dents in it. So, be careful with your phone. One thing that is a bit wired about unibody design is the slipperiness. The back of nexus 6P is so smooth and well finished that if you do not hold it properly it can fall from your hand. So if you have a sweaty hand, make sure you use some case or cover to stop your phone from falling in the ground.

Camera Hump

When this phone was first released, many people said that the camera hump looks awful. But as a daily user of this phone I can assure you that it doesn’t look as bad as you think, instead it helps you to understand which part of your phone is up and which part is down. Also aesthetically speaking I think the design of this phone looks awesome and cool. Some has also complained that the camera hump breaks spontaneously. But in real life I haven’t seen any sort of issues despite living in a pretty warmly climate like India. Also unfortunately this phone has fallen from my hand once (from my waist height) on the floor. But still there was no crack on the camera hump or the screen (I’m thankful to God).

Camera Quality

The camera quality of Nexus 6P is just simply amazing. Both 12.3 MP back camera and 8 MP front camera takes some extremely well shots. I just love them for that. Every picture I took on this camera was so fantastic that I barely have any complain against it. But if you have a Nexus 6P, I will suggest you to turn on the Auto HDR mode for the best possible shot at all time. It is just simply brilliant. I must say the camera app on Nexus 6P is very basic and minimal. It is great for casual photoshoot (what most people usually do with their phones) along with 4K video recording, Slow-Mo etc. But if you are looking for a camera app with more manual controls, I will suggest you to get a paid camera app from Google Play store.

Software Experience

Software experience on a nexus device needs to introduction. As it run the latest version of android (v6.0.1 Marshmallow) along with blazing fast hardware (Snapdragon 810v2, Adreno 430 GPU, 3GB LPDDR4 RAM) you will not find any laggyness or hiccups in terms of software experience.  This is the nest part of having a Nexus device in your pocket. If you ever use a Nexus device, I can assure you that you will never ever say that android lags. It is so smooth. Moreover, Google now releases security path for android devices each month to make sure your device always stays prepared for new threats and security holes. I just love this. No other OEM in the world will ever do that. As they mostly care about their revenue rather than the user satisfaction.

Call Quality

The call quality of Nexus 6P is also very good. I never had any complaints from the receiver considering the bad mobile network situation in India (at present). But sometime (when phone signal drops below 3 bars), the recipient complained about getting slow voice and voice cracking. But these issues are more related to mobile network rather than the phone itself. If you are thinking which mobile network I use, I use Vodafone. Not companies like idea, tata docomo, aircel etc. who are already popular for bad connectivity, especially in Kolkata region.

“OK Google” Detection

This is the part of my Nexus device, with which I’m not completely happy. I don’t know why even after so many patches each month by Google, the OK Google hotword detection not always work smoothly on Nexus 6P. Especially when your phone is locked and sitting on a desk, the OK Google detection works 3 out of 10 times. But if your phone is unlocked and you use OK Google, it will work 8 out of 10 times. I truly don’t know what’s taking so long by Google engineers to fix this simple issue. There is already a long thread on Google product forum, where people from all around the world is screaming for this issue to be fixed. As of yet, this problem is still remains but I hope they will fix it soon. Some people on that thread claims that disabling the noise cancellation feature on Nexus 6P, fix this issue at somewhat level. But when I tested, I didn’t see that it fixed the issue completely. So, I’m still expecting a proper fix from Google’s end sometime in the near future.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of Nexus 6P is truly breathtaking. The frontend stereo speakers not only provide quality sound but also they are extremely loud. As the speakers are mounted at front, you will always get great sound quality whether you watch movies or play games. I can literally say that if you ever user a device with frontend stereo speakers, you will find it very hard to get back to any device that doesn’t have that option. Though this trend was started by HTC with their One M8’s boom sound, I’m truly glad to see the similar approach on the new Nexus 6P.

What apps I use on my Nexus 6P?

I know this is a very common question people keep asking me on twitter and over email. As I like minimal and simple design, I like to keep my phone minimal and simple too. I mostly use my phone for productivity purpose as I mostly don’t get much time to play games. So, without rambling about what apps I use on my phone, here is a small screen recording from my phone to show you guys what apps I use on daily basis and how I’ve set upped my home screen.

What accessories I use with my Nexus 6P?

This is another popular question; people often message me about. So, here is a list of accessories that I use with my Nexus 6P. Please note that if you are willing to purchase any of these accessories, you don’t necessarily have to have a Nexus 6P (except the screen guard). You can use it with any latest flagship devices as almost every one of them started coming with USB C support. So, here is my accessories list that I use with my Nexus 6P:

Nexus 6P Re-Review after 5 Months of use

I’ve been using my Nexus 6P for almost 5 months now. I’ve re-reviewed Nexus 6P on my YouTube channel so that you guys can get a better understanding whethr or not you guys should consider getting a Nexus 6P compared to the other new flagships coming on 2016. If you like this video, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will be posting more awesome tech videos about other smartphone, gadget and gizmos.


All in all, Nexus 6P is a superb phone not only for nexus enthusiasts, but also for anyone who wants a smooth, stable and fluid environment from an Android device. It never lags. There is no disgusting bloatware or pathetic themes to freak you out every time you turn on your phone. It is just a white canvas and you can draw on it anyways you want. If Nexus 6P is too expensive for you, I will suggest you to go with Nexus 5x, rather than any other bloatware phones. My nexus experience is some smooth and soothing that I will never get back any other non-nexus phone ever.


So, have you guys used Nexus 6P or any other nexus devices? What is your experience with Nexus devices? Are you satisfied with them? What are the things you like and what are the things that you hate about Nexus device? Let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be more than happy to carry on this conversation in the comment section below. You can also connect with me via twitter @iSaumya. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share it with others who might enjoy reading it. Also if you have any other ideas or request about future posts, you can let me know in the comment section below or via twitter.

Google Nexus 6P


User Interface











  • Vanilla Android
  • No Bloatware
  • Super Smooth
  • Awesome Sound
  • Latest Android Updates


  • OK Google - Hit or Miss
  • Low brightness under sunlight

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