At the very starting of this post I must need to say that if you are reading this post hoping to get some secret magic trick to increase your internet download speed like you see in many YouTube fake videos, then I will request you to leave this post, because there is no magical trick to increase your internet download speed. Here in this post I will show you how you can utilize your internet bandwidth properly so that you always get the speed you pay for every month. Also I’m going to show you why there is no magical trick to increase internet speed. All the magical internet speed hike posts and videos are made for mainly two reasons. Either to insert some virus into your PC or to make you fool.

How to know our actual internet speed?

Beside the virus or malware attacks, one of the most common reason people get slow internet speed is because they have subscribed for a slow internet speed package. Let me give you one example, the internet package I use on my PC is at a speed of 1Mbps. Now none of us actually gets the speed our ISP tells us but never completely understood why, right? Let me clarify that for you.

As you can see I use a 1Mbps internet line and I wrote my speed as 1Mb, not as 1MB. Though there is just a difference of small and capital “B”, but there is actually a lot of difference in the meaning. When an internet service provider write 1Mbps speed, it means One Mega Bit Per Second whereas 1MBps denotes One Mega Byte Per Second. Now 1 MB > 1Mb as Byte > Bit and 1 Byte = 8 Bit.

So, you might be thinking that how to know my actual download speed that before subscribing any package. Well you can either Google as 1Mb to MB or 768 Kb to KB or something like that. But if you don’t have Google in front of your hand you can just do a simple calculation on your calculation, dividing the Mbps speed by 8 will give you the MBps speed and at the same way Kbps/8 will give you the KBps speed. So as I am using an 1 MBps connection the maximum download speed I’m eligible to get from my connection is 125 KB/s or 0.125MB/s.

Why do we get show internet speed?

There are many reasons for slow internet download speed. Here I’m going to share 5 most common reasons for slow internet speed. One of this will be the reason for 99% users who are facing slow internet speed. But before starting them up lets watch this small video about how slow internet connection can ruin our life 🙂

Now as you can see that slow internet connection is like a curse in our fast living life. So, let’s fix that.

1. Virus or Malware

There are many reasons for getting slow internet speed. One of the major reason is virus or malware. Virus like key logger actually take all the sensitive information from your computer and keep sending them to the author by using your internet, which actually slows down your internet performance. There are also many virus which actually just keep uses your network and internet connection for various nasty works and mainly to jam your network. So, I will highly suggest you to get a good and original antivirus for your PC. Don’t use pirated stuffs, it will make your PC even more vulnerable. If you can’t afford that, get at least Microsoft Security Essentials for your PC. It is completely free and awesome. Also sometimes few virus gets attached to your OS such a way that the only way to remove them is reformatting the OS.

2. Background Running Software

The next big reason of slow internet speed is running background software. This is one major reason which is slows down almost 67% users internet speed. I’ve seen this issue in most of my cases while solving various computer issues for my clients. Most of the people love to install new software on their system and most of them don’t even give concentration to the installation process. They just keep pressing next until everything is finished.


Windows Task Manager

There are many applications which run in the background and you may not even know about them. There are even many software which runs in the background and uses your network for the internal purpose of the software. But if you check the list of software which are hogging your internet bandwidth, you might find out there are many applications installed in your PC which you may not even aware of and it just slowing down your network speed. In Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or above you can just search for Resource Monitor & open it to check the network hogging apps. After opening Resource Monitor click on the Network tab present there. You will see the list of application which are using your network and also their send/receive data amount. If you find any application which is running but you are not aware of, just right click on that app and click End Process Tree.


Windows Network Resource Monitor

3. Network Theft

This is another very common reason for slow internet connection. This is a real concern especially for those who uses wireless routers or WiFi for accessing internet on your devices. Generally all WiFi routers has minimum 300 meters signal range. So, if anyone knows the security key of your WiFi network, the person can easily access your WiFi network within your WiFi range. In this case as another person is also accessing your network and using your bandwidth, so you will never get the full of your bandwidth as it is getting shared with other users using your WiFi. In any case if the number of such users get high you might get such bandwidth which is not even enough for opening a YouTube Video.

Mostly every ISP sets a password to your WiFi at the time of setup but people don’t change that password. I will suggest you to change your WiFi password at least once a week or once a month. This is very important and if you have a WiFi network which is open and not password protected. Make sure you password protect it immediately. Also do not share your WiFi password with someone whom you do not want to give access to your internet.

4. Slow Internet Package

As I said earlier, many users don’t even know that what internet speed package they are using and just scream for more speed. If you don’t know the speed details of you connect, I will highly suggest you to contact your ISP and know more about the maximum speed allowed in the package you are already subscribed. Then you can use the calculation I have mentioned above to calculate the maximum download speed you can get from your connection. If you don’t like that, then you can always upgrade your internet speed package. Please contact your ISP for more information about any upgradation.

5. Using built-in Browser Downloader

Most of the people uses the built-in browser downloader for downloading their file. If you are downloading small work files, then these built-in browser downloader will be enough for you. If you are downloading large and big files, these built-in downloader can never give you the optimum download speed you deserve instead you might see drop in the download speed after few time if you are using browser’s built-in downloader. As per my review no browser’s built-in downloader is good enough to handle large downloads.

For getting the optimum download speed you deserve from your internet connection I will highly suggest you to use Internet Download Manager (IDM). I know many of you who are reading this article is already familiar with it but those who are not I’ll highly suggest you to purchase this little piece of software and you will feel that this is one of your smarted investments you have ever mane. IDM costs just only $29.95. They also give promotional offers many times in year, so you might even get some discount also.

IDM uses very sophisticated download algorithm, which breaks the content you are downloading into several pieces and then download them so that you get the fastest download speed you deserve. IDM also uses a great priority algorithm, which gives more network priority to IDM, when it is running and hence give you the best download speed you deserve.

Is it worth purchasing IDM?

Trust me, it is! You have no idea what this little software is capable of until you install it in your PC. Besides increasing download speed this software is also qualifies for grabbing audio or video contents from almost any site you visit. Be it YouTube or Vimeo or anything. You can even grab websites by using this little software. If you purchase this software, after using it for 3 weeks, you will certainly say that this is one of the best purchase you have made for your PC. You can know more about the features of IDM here.

Don't use pirated copy of Internet Download Manager. Generally most pirated copies full with virus & worms. Stay away from piracy. Save you and your PC.

What if none of the above method works?

It is merely impossible, because the reasons behind slow internet speed is everything I’ve mentioned above. After doing everything if still you are facing internet speed then there might be some hardware issues with your PC land card or Ethernet port or your motherboard. So I will suggest you to visit the service center you’re your hardware as early as you can. But this only happens for only 1% people among those who are facing slow internet connection speed issue.


So, after reading this article if hope you do understand that why there is no magical trick to increase your internet speed. Just make sure you don’t try those fake tricks shown in some YouTube videos. If you follow the steps I’ve mentioned in this article, I can assure you that you will see the result by yourself.


Are you facing a slow internet speed issue with your PC? Have you also tried those fake magical tricks to increase the internet speed but didn’t work? What is your internet story? Let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to hear them from you.

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  1. sir, Please let me know why the FLV player is not playing. As per your guidance, i dowmloaded Internet Download Manager. Downloaded different tracks, but no player is acting. I,m using speed browser; i think it belongs to chrome! I,m a musician(guitars and bansuri). I use one browser to play music and opera browser to send this email. In short i,m using two browsers at a time-one for background music. Please guide me. Thanks-Antonio.

    • Hi, I’m not sure about Internet Download Manager compatibility with Speed Browser as these browsers are not so popular. Also as you have purchased IDM, you can directly contact their support here:
      Also I will suggest you to use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari because these are the best browsers and you won’t face any issue with them.

  2. how we purchase the actual IDM… and what’s expiry limit of IDM?
    your article is very very good and awesome to understand and satisfying ….. Thank you…

    • Purchase it from their official website : They provide lifetime license. So if you purchase it once, you can avail it for lifetime. Tough one license is for one PC only. Also thank you very much for your appreciation. It really means a lot and help me to write new articles. 🙂 You can subscribe my newsletter to always stay updated with my new posts.

  3. i have a reliance broadband 1Mbps connection.
    i usually get a download speed of roughly 100-130kBps. i have a query weather my download speed can be increased to 300kBps to 1MBps in utorrent as claimed by most of the youtube videos and internet tricks!………… the way your article is based on true facts….overall its a nice, informative article that others usually do not post.


    • No it’s not possible to get that speed on your ISP. Tough I use SITI broadband and I get MBps speed in peered new torrent files. There is a reason behind that. My ISP uses a separate local server to cache new torrent files and when users try to download those torrents they get downloaded at high speed from the local server through Lan. Just like copying a for from other computer on the same network. So it actually not uses my ISP internet speed, beside it just copy at a high speed from the computers on the same network. That’s why people get those kind of speed. Reliance doesn’t have that peering feature so you can’t get that.

      • thanks for your prompt response…. i was too aware of the given fact that it was not not possible to download torrents at such a high speed. Besides this my neighbour having the same plan (1Mbps), from BSNL is getting a speed of nearly 550~700 kBps. i checked weather the subscription was 1MBps or 1Mbps and found that it was 1 Mbps. How is it then possible?

        Thank You

  4. I have a strange issue . My internet speed was 640 kbps and I upgraded to 1 mbps . Though youtube is working / loading faster couple of flash based games on facebook suddenly stopped loading . I am sure that the upgrade has something to do with it . I was playing that game . Then the speed upgrade happened as told by the ISP and from then on , the game stopped responding . I am baffled as even going by the 1MBps vs 1 mbps rule , 1 mbps should be faster than 640 kbps .

  5. Whats new in this article? Are you kidding us?

    • You are right. There is nothing new in this article specially for an educated user. But most people don’t know these basic stuffs yet and hense they try to follow the fake and nasty tricks shows in many YouTube videos and other blog posts and end up effecting the computer with virus. So for you and many people like you and me its all basic stuffs, but for others is not. The main reason of this article was to tel people the only possible ways to increase the internet speed as other tricks are nothing but hoax.

  6. Thanx for all these details.
    I want to ask about peering and speed.
    i am willing to subscribe a pakage that give 700kbps speed and 6 mbps peering does that means that i am able to download(Torrent and IDM ) with 6mbps(i am aware of b-bits and B-Bytes) ??

  7. It was nap.
    Download speeds did not increase.

  8. Is my internet lease line speed alsk devided by 8

  9. I have idea Internet connection in my phone its speed id only 25kb/s so what i have to do to increase its speed

  10. As u mentioned idm grabs every audio and video we surf on our web it not possible that idm have record of every webpage we surf and for purpose of it “software development” send those data to its framework.Isnt that making our pc and web browsing vunerable

    • IDM does not sent any sort of data to their server from your PC. When you surf any webpage it just looks for known media type and if it found one – it shows you the download button, but at no circumstance it send back any data back to their server. So, you can use it without any worry.
      Please note that the pirated version of IDM which are present on the internet may contain various spyware or virus which may send your sensitive data to some hackers. That is why always purchase IDM from their official website ( if you wanna use it.

  11. Hey,I’m having an issue with my torrent download speed.I am using 512 kbps plan from Alliance Broadband Service Ltd. I would get something around 40 kbps in case of general internet speed and around 1.5 to 2 Mbps for torrent downloads earlier,now my general and torrent download speed both have become quite same most of the times,moreover earlier I used to get that 1.5 to 2 Mbps speed irrespective of any torrent sites i used to download from,but now my ISP telling me to only use in order to get that speed,but even after using their preffered site I’m still getting not more than 50 kbps,in few rare cases I get speed in Mbps order,but it’s very rare 7 in case of other torrent site i never get more than 60 kbps unlike before.Can you help me fixing my issue?Thanks in advance.

    • The speed you are getting is what you should get with your allowed internet bandwidth i.e. 512kbps but the MBps speed that you are used to get that is nothing but a peering speed which speed depend upon many variables, like how many people in your local area are having the same file downloaded on their PC. Anyways, there is nothing much to say about this as technically you are getting the exact speed you are paying for (pay more for more speed) anyways, I would highly recommend you to call the customer care and tell them this issue, they will check it by taking your PC in remote access and hopefully they will fix it.

  12. Hey, I used to get amazing torrent speeds in my new Internet connection. Don’t know how but for a month, I got like 5-6 mbps speed for torrents but I had an internet plan of 1mbps only. Its obvious that I wouldn’t get 5-6mbps torrent speed in a 1mbps connection. One day I did some router configurations for my gaming and the torrent speed got down and never came back. Can you place help me regain it?

  13. Very much helpful. Thank you very much for your effort and sharing.

  14. i am living in a remote town…i was using a BSNL 6mbps wifi connection(max speed they offer)but i got only 60kbps download speed…but now i switched to a local network provider with 1mbps speed but still getting only 100kbps download speed…i dunno what to do…so annoying..

  15. Is it possible to change MAC address and get a faster speed. Like, suppose I’ve changed my MAC address to any one’s who have a faster connection than me and changed my IP address to him. Then will I get faster speed?

    • First of all its not magic. Secondly changing mac address is extremely hard as it is ties to individual’s hardware. Even if you have the same specs like someone else you will still not have the same mac address. Now hypothetically if you change all those things, but still the ISP and your connection speed is static. Which you cannot override anyway.

      • I have a 1 mbps connection. After changing MAC and IP I am now getting 2 mbps speed.

          • No. Normal speed is now 5.89 Mbps. And the torrent speed I’m getting right now is 1.9 MBps…

          • The only possible way of doing this if you intentionally change your mac address and ip address with someone on your same ISP with higher plan rental. So, technically you showing the server that that person is surfing internet on your computer and not you. But for achieving this the other party must need to be on same IPS and under same gateway, whose mac & ip address you are inputting in your system. But technically speaking, this is stealing. Don’t do it, increase your bandwidth limit on your internet plan just by paying some extra bucks.

  16. hey Soumya !
    really good new website which really helps with this pure content i like your Blog !!!
    And i also wanna in keep touch with you …
    i am new blogger so lots of things i have to learn from you…

  17. i use airtel 3g unlimited which is 3g only for 3gb then it becomes 2g speed.
    but from last 2 months i get 3g speed for entire whole month i dont know how.and now it again comes to 2g speed. is it possible to get unlimited 3g speed back by some setting or something

    • The reason you were getting those high speed is there might be some issue on airtel’s end which they have patched. Sorry buddy there is no such settings to get that high speed forever unless you hack airtel’s server.

  18. I really fukin hate my ISP i am only getting 10kbps and 100-200kbps for like 5-8 hours and its fked up i want to get like 500kbps-800kbps . Sometimes i just punched my modem cause im really pissed ..

  19. it is really a very helpful tip. i thank you a lot for sharing this good message

  20. I was wondering that u said in domestic lines the allotted internet speed gets divided by 8 n we after dividing it the value which we get is the download speed at which our files will get downloaded so here comes the question does my surfing speed also gets divided by 8 or I will be able to surf the web like youtube n so on at my 5 Mbps subscribed package

    • Surfing the web is nothing but downloading webpage, images, css, js files from web server which altogether makes the webpage that you are looking at. So, the same rule applies everywhere unless your ISP provide some sort of local peering service for certain websites like YouTube. In that case, most file of that site will flow over your local area network instead of the entire internet making your surfing experience on those particular peered sites very fast but for the rest of the sites you will get the speed as per your internet bandwidth plan.

  21. which means divided by eight for all other sites which company do u think does not do that in kolkata or in the whole of India.

  22. Here is my problem: Sometimes, with wireless, I get 40-50 Mbps and then later in the day or night my speed drops to about 2 Mbps.
    Also, my ethernet keeps connecting and then dis-connecting which is why I can’t use it.
    Time Warner came out and said it was the computer. HP support says it’s Time Warner.
    This computer is 4 months old. It’s an HP Pavilion with windows 10.
    Any suggestions? This is making me crazy.
    By the way, I’m paying for 50 Mbps.

    • Hi, there can be two reasons behind it. First, your ISP has fluctuating speed – in this case you either complain for this or change your ISP. The next possibility is some virus/malware apps or microsoft themselves is eating your bandwidth. You can see them in the Task Manager under Network Tab. Since Windows 10, microsoft has introduced the auto update feature and it downloads stuffs whenever it like, eating your bandwidth.

  23. i have 18 units of pc in my internet shop and my customers play dota 2 and crossfire and my biggest is lag, my speed is 8 mbps (max speed) in our area accdg to my internet provider, how can i minimize lag in online games.

    • Hi,
      I will suggest you to get a dedicated optic fiber line to your shop from your ISP. That is the only possible way. While taking the connection, make sure your connect remains 100% dedicated, so that no other connection has been used from the main switch remains at ISP’s location.

  24. Hi Saumya,

    I’m Rajesh I have 100 Mbps speed internet. When I check my speed using I get download 94.3 and upload 92.8. But when I download something from google or dropbox or any other sites I’m just getting 100 kb to 200 kb during the day time but I download at mid night I’m getting 10 MB.

    100 mbps/8=12.5 MBPS so at least I should get 8 MBPS. I spoke with customer care team technical guys came to me and they solve it. What is the reason and how can I solve it.

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

    • This is very odd. Technically you should not be getting that 100-200KB speed in you have a 100Mbps connection. I will highly suggest you to contact your ISP and share this problem with their technical team. I think it is some problem on their end.

  25. Sorry, I forgot to mention technical team came to me but they did not solve the issue.

  26. Hi, I want to ask something.

    My internet from an ISP is 10 Mbps (bits), if I do speedtest on it also appeared around 10 Mbps (bits), nothing is wrong here. But if I do download large file whether using IDM or other download manager, lets say I download 1GB (Byte) of file, the speed I get is only around 5-6 Mbps (bits).

    The first few second after I clicked download, the speed reach 10Mbps (bits), but it’s gradually slow down until the speed stabilized at around 5Mbps (bits). It’s like the ISP is limit download speed if I download large files. Is there any way to by pass this limiter ? I’ve tried using VPN, but its still happen.

    • Yes your ISP is definitely capping the download speed for large files and there is nothing you can do about it except changing your ISP. You can also try talking with them in case they withdraw the cap.

  27. How to increase my utorrent download speed in my siti cable broadband connection, My line is 512kbps…

  28. Hi saumya, i read ur article and found it very helpful,
    I have a question, actually i am searching for a new internet connection (first time),
    There is a plan showing that package is 2Mbps and peering is 10Mbps, what does it mean?

    Will i get speed between 2 to 10 Mbps? But when i will get 2Mbps and when 10Mbps.
    Thanks in advance

    • Peering is something provided by some ISPs for torrent download. These ISPs has a cache server for popular torrents on the same local area network so when you download those torrents they get downloaded faster from those cache server via LAN without using actual internet bandwidth. But the 2Mbps is your actual internet bandwidth that you will get when you visit any site, watch any videos (some ISP provide peering over YouTube too), or download any file directly from any website.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  29. hi..I want to know how can I upgrade my pc from windows 7 to 10

  30. I have one unique query to ask.I have taken static IP and I am maintaining a server .As soon as I open the ports on my router,internet speed goes down drastically both through Ethernet as well as WiFi. Please take some time to answer for my query.
    Thanks in advance & sincerely hope that you will give answer.

    • Have you contacted your ISP about this issue? May be they have capped the speed for those ports.

      • First of all,thank you very much for the response.I have contacted them many times.When Ethernet connection is made with server ,internet speed slows down drastically.They come and connect to any of laptops and shows that its working.Also WiFi connection becomes fast the moment they disconnect the system.
        They say ask your network experts!

  31. Thanks for the nice information, i will try to make change as you have given here tips.


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