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Started from 2012 I have always wanted to create my website somehow different from others.  But designing a website with more than 90% satisfaction level was never happen. In the past 2-3 years I have redesigned my site almost 4 times. If you are a normal user, you might not have the idea that how much money and effort are needed for a website development. I put my best effort to make this site as perfect as possible starting with the design to coding. But this site will never have completed if Mobile Marketing Allies, a Canadian web-based company did not support and sponsor my work.

Now is not only a redesigned website, but also it is now powered by MaxCDN, one of the leading CDN provider around the world. I’m proud to announce that the CDN facility of is sponsored by Mobile Marketing Allies. I’m truly grateful to them for all their support and love for my work.

Now the changes I have made in this update are mentioned below:

  • Brand new Web Design
  • Complete Cross Browser Compatible
  • Much faster load in Mobile Devices
  • Completely responsive
  • Better user interface
  • MaxCDN Powered

Hope you people will like my new design interface and if you face any issue in anywhere in the website or if you have any complain, please feel free to contact me.

Published by Saumya Majumder

Passionate, Hard Worker. Love to develop new things, Singing Songs, playing computer Action Games, tweaking with computer languages, Riding Bikes, Love long driving, love books, web & Photography. You can follow me on twitter @iSaumya


  1. I wish I had such skills ! wonderful minimalistic blog . Most people for minimalism sake cut off many features even social share,but you mixed every thing and still did a fantastic job !

  2. Hello, Mr. Majumder,
    I really liked your website. I think its pretty crisp and cake walk to use. And, moreover it proved to be very useful to me, regarding use of debit card in google wallet. I am usually reluctant to write comments online but your website made me to do so. Colour scheme and all are great.
    Ofcourse, I am not a coding guy rather i am in completely different stream thats medicine. So, I hope to get some coding expertise from you some time.
    Best Wishes……….keep it up.

    Mitaj Halsana


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