Reliance Jio was the most market disrupting thing that was released in 2016. Since the day of it’s preview offer release, people of India were extremely exited and eager to use it. Back in the mid summer of 2016, when Reliance Jio launched their preview offer for some specific handset users, the general user feedback of their service was really promising. People used to get 40 – 50 Mbps of internet speed on their phone, which was unbelievable for most Indian consumers. So, eventually when Jio started to roll out their service for everyone from September 5, 2016 every smartphone users were started to stand in long queue just get their hand on the free Jio SIM.

Though there were a lot of promises made by the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., Mr. Mukesh Ambani, as time started to pass, the glory of Reliance Jio simply started to disappear. It was not because of the long queue people has to overcome to get their hands on the SIM card, but due to their bad service quality and extremely slow internet speed when more people actually started to use their service. At the beginning of the public launch, things were so bad that more than 90% of the calls that you try to make will fail and you will hear nothing but the “All lines are busy” message, over and over.

Please note this article may not feel interested to my international audience and I completely understand that. This article is mostly for my Indian readers. Reliance Jio is a company reshaping the entire Indian telecom industry. So, as a tech nerd, I really couldn’t help myself to write this article which is a bit different from what I normally post. But I think my Indian readers will like it and if you are an international reader who likes to know how Indian telecom industry is taking a warp speed, then keep reading; otherwise I don’t wanna waste your time on something you don’t care about. Sorry again! 

Just like any other corporate companies Jio also pointed their finger towards other incumbent operators, blaming them for not providing enough Point of Interconnection (POI) and those incumbent operators also blamed Jio for not having strong infrastructure to handle the loads. This war was fought between the operators in terms of providing adequate POI for almost a month. In the middle of this we the users thought that now things will get better with Jio.

The only reason Jio become so popular so quickly in Indian market is just because the offers/plans they were claiming to provide was simply too good to be true from our current Indian telecom market perspective. Just by paying for a reasonable plan we can get unlimited local + STD calls, no roaming charges, low data rates and many more things. Really, to good to be true.

Few months back when I published another article about Reliance Jio, I tweeted that I will port my phone number from my current provider to Reliance Jio as soon as their service gets a little stable. So, as an educated consumer I keep checking online news, offline newspaper, twitter to see what kind of service other people are experiencing before I shift my number from my current provider (Vodafone) to Reliance Jio. After months of reasearch at the middle of November 2016 I started to see that the complaints regarding Reliance Jio were getting low. So, I thought maybe now is the right time for shifting my number to Jio.

Just like that on November 13, 2016 I ported my number from Vodafone to Reliance Jio without even realizing how frustrated it can be of having your primary phone number with a super unstable network. At the beginning I was really happy with Reliance Jio, initially I almost didn’t faced any call drops on any of my calls, except a few drops here and there. The internet speed was usable too. I can easily stream movies on Jio Movies app (more about it later). But as time started to pass, things just become more and more difficult for me to rely on Reliance Jio as my primary sim card network.

Why did you ported your number in the first place?

I know a lot of people might be asking this question in the comment section, but honestly I did it for two reasons. Firstly I use a phone with a single SIM slot, so I cannot use 2 SIM cards at the same time. Secondly as Reliance Jio is an Indian company, not a foreign company with Indian subsidiary and as they are fighting so hard with other companies to give us a cheaper and better mobile network which is future proof, I thought I should be supporting their fight as long as they can provide me a usable telephony and internet network connection. Now I feel, I wish I would have joined this cause a little later. 😝

Moreover, in India telecom companies always worked hard to provide us a below average service while charging crazy for them just make more and more profit. Since the birth of 3G and 4G in India no telecom company had actually worked on making a pure IP-based digital network, instead they just used duct tape to make their networks somewhat upgradable while still relying on the ancient infrastructure. After Reliance Jio came, things started to move really fast in terms of using the cutting edge technologies for network infrastructure. I think as I’m an engineer. it invoked something inside me to applause the work of Reliance Jio.

Moreover Reliance Jio was the first company who showed us how other telecom companies were robbing us for the nominal things just to make more and more money. It was a real eye opener which eventually pushed other telecom providers in India to cut down their pricing just to stay relevant in the market.

So, what problems did you faced and still facing with Reliance Jio?

Well there are so many things to say about the experience of using Reliance Jio as a primary SIM without a second SIM card on your phone that I really have no idea from where should I start. 😝 Anyways, lets start with the call drops (yes it is still happening 🤦).

Please note that I have always used a VoLTE enabled phone with my Reliance Jio sim. So these experience are not based on the Jio’s VOIP calling app. 

Call Drop Issue

Fixed Now

I must say that Reliance Jio has come a long way since their public release on September 5, 2016. The call drops were reduced quite a bit, but it is still there specially for some networks. At the beginning almost all of your calls from your Jio number will get dropped. But now that is not the case anymore.

Almost 70% of my calls doesn’t gets dropped anymore, but the rest 30% are so damn problematic that you will feel to throw away your phone. Mostly the call drop problem are happening with BSNL numbers, both mobile and landlines (mostly landlines) also with STD calls. As an example, every time I had to call any BSNL land line number, I have to try at least 25 – 30 times before the call gets connected. The case is same for calling STD numbers too.

A few days back I had to call a STD number for some work. As it was a STD number, I don’t know with which network it was connected too. But I tried for 30 mins, constantly trying to call him and every time I just heard “All lines in this route are busy” message. It was so frustrating that I had to borrow someone else phone just to call a person. Now try to feel the annoyance. 😡😡😡

Call Connectivity Issue

Fixed Now

Call drop and call connectivity are two separate things. what I said above is about call dropping issue, where you have the connection but for some reason the calls are not getting through and you are hearing “all lines are busy” message or your calls are getting dropped while you are talking.

There is another weird problem with Reliance Jio. Sometimes (depending on your location) when you try to call someone you will see that you have moderate or full network in your phone, but as soon as you dial a number, you won’t hear anything and after few seconds later the call will get auto dropped showing your “Network connection issue” on your screen.

At this point it is not just you who were unable to make any calls, in fact if anyone else calls you at this moment you won’t even get that and the person will hear your phone is off or not reachable but please note that you still have moderate to excellent network coverage on your phone and your phone is still giving you the VoLTE connected signal.

I have mostly faced this issue at the busy streets of Kolkata like Sovabazar, Shyambazar, DumDum etc. during the evening time around 6 – 8PM. It is so annoying that I can barely explain it to you.

Luckily as I mostly stay at my office or home I never had to face this issue for prolong period of time. But sometime I can face this problem even in my home or office. And each time I get out on the streets, well I leave my phone connection in the hand of Gods. 😂

This is really annoying and not sure when or if it will ever gets fixed.

Other Call Related Issues

Fixed Now

There is another issue I’ve face with Jio, especially when I did STD calls to my friends at Bangalore. Many times the call gets connected, the person picks up the phone, I can hear him fine, but no matter how much I scream at my end the person on the other end of the line hear nothing but dead silence. No matter how many times you call him, the same things will keep happening unless you calls you back.

This is a another supper annoying issue you are going to face if you start using Jio as your primary number. And just like all other issues mentioned here, no one knows when this issues are going to get fixed.

Internet Speed Issue

When Reliance Jio was launched, it was launched as a pure 4G network and it held it’s claim till the point it was under Preview Offer, but since Jio has launched it’s Welcome Offer, the internet speed become so slow that at some point I started to feel that a 3G network will be faster than Jio’s pure 4G network. Though it is mostly because of the insane number of customer Jio has right now and most of those people are always downloading crap to keep the network congested. But still as a company when you are about to release publicly these are the key factor you should keep in your mind.

Honestly after using Reliance Jio for more than two months as my primary SIM card, I kinda feel like their network is really not ready for a stable release and it is more of like a buggy beta version of a programme. Get this, on an average the internet speed I receive from Jio on their pure 4G network is somewhat around 0.2 Mbps to 2 Mbps. It mostly stay between 0.6 – 1.7 Mbps.

At this speed browsing internet become so problematic that I can’t explain it in words. Loading a webpage takes almost around 10 – 15 seconds. If you are thinking about watching videos on YouTube, well make yourself ready for either a lower bit rate video or buffering. It is so bad that while using the Facebook app, if I want to see someone’s profile picture in full screen mode, sometime I have to wait 2 – 3 minute before it shows up. Really frustrating. Believe it or not this is why even tough I have a Jio SIM, I always look for a stable WiFi. Really pathetic. Take a look at this Google Sheet where I’ve plotted my internet speeds, that I have received from Jio. This is exported from app and I will keep updating it with more recent results as time goes on.

But this whole story gets changed when you go to the night unlimited time of Jio’s plans, i.e. from 2 AM to 5 AM. At this time the download speed generally varied between 6 Mbps to 11 Mbps. I know that this is not huge in terms of a pure 4G connection, but seeing this speed with Jio is really an unusual thing. But the problem is who stays up till this time to use the internet? 😱

Another thing I must mention about Jio’s internet connection is insanely unstable. Before coming to Jio, I was a Vodafone user and was using their 4G network where I always got around 7 – 8 Mbps stable speed, no matter what the time. But with Jio, things are so unstable that even if you run a speed test app you can see the insane fluctuation of speed. Sometime it is 0.3 Mbps on the next 3 seconds it is 2.1 Mbps and again back to 1 Mbps. It is really unstable which makes doing online conference, meetings, video calls really a pain in the butt.

I know that Jio has recently released their Happy New Year Offer where they are going to reduce everyone’s daily FUP limit to 1GB. But honestly I’m not much hopeful that it is going to resolve this issue. Only the time will tell.

Call Waiting Issue

Fixed Now

This is such a basic issue that I have no idea how Jio team has completely ignored it. Now-a-days almost all of us enable the call waiting option in our phone so that when we are talking with someone, if another call is in line we can see it and if we need we can accept it. Now this process also works with Jio, but the problem lies in a completely different stage.

You see well we call someone who is already talking with someone, if he has call waiting enabled, you will hear that “The person you are trying to reach is on another call, so please hold the line or call again later” – some kind of message like this one way or another. But in case of Jio if you are using a Jio number and talking with someone, the other person who is try to contact you will hear nothing but DEAD SILENCE. Can you imagine it? No right, no message, just silence. So, the person who is try to reach you has no idea whether his call is connected or not because there is no right also he will not have any idea that you are already in a call, unless you pick up his phone and say that I’m in a call.

This is utterly disgusting and ridiculous. This is a basic thing even for 2G calls, how come Jio team completely miss it? This is something you can never discover unless someone call you while you are talking with someone else and then he tells you about this issue. God knows when this is going to be resolved.

Insane problem between Jio and BSNL

Fixed Now

Not sure why, though most newspaper shows the war between Jio and other top 3 telcos like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, but in my own experience I have seen that the most problem Jio has with BSNL. Whether it is call drop of BSNL Landlines or porting a BSNL Cellone number to JIO, it is always a very unpleasant experience. I’ve already talked about the BSNL landline calling issue above, so let me share the porting (MNP) issue.

After I ported my personal Vodafone Postpaid number to Jio, I thought of porting a BSNL Prepaid Cellone number to Jio just to see how things will work out. Believe me or not it is the worst experience I ever had. The first time I tried to port my BSNL number to JIO after generating the Unique Porting Code (UPC) and applying for Jio SIM via eKYC process, Jio people gave me the SIM and BSNL people called me to verify if I wanna really port out. After this almost 15 days passed and the number doesn’t get ported to Jio.

When I contacted the Reliance Digital Store from where I got my SIM, they said BSNL rejected my porting request and I have to re-apply. I thought I should contact BSNL asking for an explanation, but BSNL doesn’t have any contact email id and their customer care people are nothing but a waste of time. So, eventually I filed a grievance complain to the DGM of BSNL GSM division and his office told me that they never received any port out request from Jio on the first place.

So, eventually I tried again and this time I informed both the Jio team and the BSNL grievance that I have applied for MNP so that they clear my request. After making hundreds of called daily to both companies this is what each of them have said to me:

BSNL Said:

In our MNP GUI (a system where all port request shows up. This system can be viewed by both BSNL and Jio), there is no port out request being shown for your BSNL number. We will request you to contact Jio and if possible get back to us with the port out transaction ID (not the CAF number or your JIO sim request number – it is a 10-15 digit numeric number which can be seen inside the MNP GUI). As soon as we get the port out request, it will automatically gets cleared in 4 days.

JIO Said:

Unfortunately as there is no nodal or appellate authorities in Jio, you either have to contact the customer care, who have no idea about the issue I was talking about and no matter what you way they will always ask you to wait for 7 days. So, eventually I have to contact the Reliance Digital Store where I took my SIM card and that person told me that there is no direct email id in Jio to contact the higher authority. He has sent a mail regarding this to his boss and his boss will do the same to his boss and so on until it reached to the actual department. In this process I again lost 10-15 days and no resolution came back and my BSNL number didn’t get ported to Jio.

So, in the end I was spellbound to see that Vodafone released my postpaid number without any hiccups where BSNL didn’t even clear their prepaid number and just simply played the blame game. I think Jio really needs to bury the hatchet with BSNL and resolve these issues as early as possible. Right now calling a BSNL landline number from a Jio number or porting a BSNL number to Jio is nothing but a nightmare.

What are the things that you liked about Jio?

Honestly at this point is there is not much that currently like about their service but there are a few things I like that I should mention here:

  • Free Caller Tune: Until Jio starts charging money for their service, you can add free caller tune on your number. But after they starts charging money, it’s gonna cost Rs. 30/month just like any other network.
  • Free Miss Call Alert: This is by far the best thing that I like about them. As Jio is such an unreliable network, so when someone call you and it doesn’t reach you, you will get an SMS saying this person has called you X number of times. Now the problem with this system is that I’m not sure whether or not it will remain free after they start charging money for their service and also these miss call alert SMSs comes very slowly. So, if someone tried to call you at 7:00 PM and unable to get in touch with you, you may get a miss call alert SMS at 7:30 PM, even tough you were under network coverage the whole time and the reason the person was unable to contact you is because of Jio’s poor service quality.

Current Situation Update

January 2017

No doubt that Jio is working hard to improve their service quality. But standing at the end of January 2017, I’m still not quite satisfied with their service quality. One thing I must admit that now most outgoing calls from Jio gets connected without any hickups. Sometimes I still gets the “All routes are busy” message when I try to make calls. But it has become very rare indeed. But whever I start getting this “All routes are busy message”, it generally last for 5-10 min and during that time, you cannot make any call to that number where you are facing the problem.

In terms of internet speed, it is still fluctuates a lot. At this moment also I can’t gurantee to watch any streaming without any hickups. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, whether you have 3 signal br or 5, the situation remain almost the same. Sometime you may get speed like 5-10Mbps and on the next min it may not cross the 1Mbps barrier. This may be ok for business or office works, but not good at all for heavy streaming or gaming. Also in January 2017, there were 2 days when I had network on my phone but no page was opening for 24 hours. I had to contact Jio customer care to fix it. I’ve already updated the sbove spreadsheet so that you can see the kind of speed I was getting on Jan 2017. In short not a stable internet experience and I think Jio has to work a lot in this matter otherwise they will loose many quality customer after March 2017. Now Vodafine and Idea is also getting merged, so it’s high time for Jio to fix their internet speed problem.

Jio has fixed the call waiting issue mentioned above in this month. So, now when you are already speaking with someone and you got another call on waiting, the user will hear a proper message saying the person you are trying to reach is already busy in another all.

There are two new problems that I’ve found in this month. The first is that sometimes the VoLTE connection gets auto disconnected and only the LTE remain. At this stage you can access webpage, but no call will come and it is so dangorous that if you don’t check your phone often, you won’t even notice this problem. Other people who are calling you at that moment will thing you have switched off your phone. The only way to bring back VoLTE again is by enabling and disabling Airplane mode.

The next problem I’ve seen this month is to do with incoming calls. For some reason, don’t know what, when to try to call a Jio number from Airtel, it gets dropped most of the time. At this moment no matter how many time you try, you cannot make a call to that Jio number. But if your try to call to that Airtel number from your Jio number, it will connect in one chance without any hickup. After this if you try to call the Jio number back, you will see the call is working fine. But again after few hours the same problem. I’ve noticed this problem only in Airtel. If you guys have found any new things that I might have missed, mention them in the comments below.

July 2017

Latest Update

Currently Jio is in a very great shape I must say. In around May 2017 I was facing major issue with sending and receiving SMS but from June 2017, that issue has been fixed also. Internet speed on Jio is also very stable now, where I used to get 1-2 Mbps speed during days, now I get around 6 – 12 Mbps speed indoor. So, not just works, even consuming media is also superfluid. But sometimes when I make video calls through Google Duo, I see that many times the image quality on both sides are not as I expect it to be, it is very pixelated. But doing video called through your dialer (if your phone support that) is very smooth and clean, seems like on dialer based video calls, Jio gives more speed to make the picture looks more clear.

Anyways right now there is almost no calling or call drop issues anymore, but sometimes if you call any toll free numbers (1800 ones), you might hear weird sounds instead of connecting the call. In these cases you might have to try several times or use some other SIMs to make the toll free calls. This problem is slowly getting fixed, but still has to be improved. Also very rarely if I make any STD voice calls, I can hear the “all lines are busy” message. But this is extremely rare and I’ve only heard it once or twice during STD calls and not local calls.

One call related problem that I face on daily basis is “voice breaking”, even for Jio to Jio calls. So, let me explain the problem a bit. So, let’s say I’m in my office and I’m calling someone who is travelling on road via bus or car. Now both of use use Jio sim and both of us has VoLTE phones. So, now when I call that person and talk with him for a longer period of time, as he travel on the road and his phone hops from one tower to the other, many times you will hear breaking voice, you have to ask him twice or thrice what did he said. Sometimes there is just complete silence between us for a sec and then again the voice comes. This is very annoying for any conversation and I’ve seen that this mostly happens when you are not static in one position and travelling.

Personally I think, this is because Jio still doesn’t have super strong network coverage at every corner and hopefully as they add more quality tower and optimize this this problem is going to resolve. But currently this problem exists. You can also tweet this article to Jio so that it force their hand to work on these problem in a fast manner. Overall if you are thinking about porting your number to Jio, I will highly recommend you to do that, as these minor problems will also get resolved very quickly considering how fast Jio is improving their quality of service to compete with other incumbent operators.

Well, to be honest they are good as free service but if I have to pay for them I would doubt to do that. Here’s why – you see the online streaming app that I use most is music streaming services. Before coming to Jio I was a premium member of Gaana, another popular music streaming service in India. But after my Gaana premium account expired and I came to Jio, I thought I can easily live with Jio Music app as they are almost same. But I was so wrong. Here’s is my opinion on most popular Jio Apps.

Jio Music

This is the Jio App I use most, but Jio’s internet connection is so unstable that streaming music is just a dream. I have to download them and then listen. Now the best part of all Jio Apps is that if you have a Jio login details, you can even use them over WiFi. But that is not the point here. The point is with Jio’s internet music streaming is merely impossible, unless you download the songs in Jio Music app and listen to them later.

Both Gaana and Jio Music has good collection of songs, but in terms of user experience and the polishness of the application, I will always choose Ganna over Jio Music. Ganna app is a much matured app compared to Jio Music app, which feels like someone’s major project in engineering college.

Jio Movies

It mostly has Bollywood collection and not much international content. Moreover we are so used to watching movies on computer, it just doesn’t feel the same on mobile. But still I’ve used this app once in a while when I’m travelling. I may consider paying for it in future in case I’m travelling a long distance and I feel bored. But still I might this this subscription for one month but nor for a year.

Jio TV

This is the second most Jio app that I use. It is a great app for watching TV. Also it has many channel (but not all). Also some channels are there in a very biased mode. Like you will find many english channels in Jio TV app that is playing in Hindi or Telugu but nor providing the actual english channel. I hope Jio team will fix these things and add more channels in future. This app is also not a very polished app with a lot of lag and bad user experience. Also till now there is no chromecast support. But as there is no such alternative of what Jio TV app provides, I may get a yearly subscription of this app in future. The only reason behind that is my family watch TV so much that I never get time to watch my favorite shows.

Also it would be nice if Jio TV ads foreign channels like abc, cw, sify, tru tv etc. so that we don’t need to do piracy to watch our favorite shows. But whatever the case is, it is barely watchable with Jio’s internet. I have to connect with my WiFi to watch TV. Jio internet is that much bad. I hope they fix their network so that streaming content become possible.

All other Jio Apps

The rest of the Jio apps are complete crap and I don’t know who is gonna pay for them. If someone who reads a lot of magazines, then he may buy the magazine subscription, but the rest is complete waste. Who needs a Jio News app? We already have Google and Google News. For data backup, I already have Google Drive. So, personally that is my thoughts on Jio Apps.

The Main Problem with all Jio Apps

The main problem with all Jio apps in my opinion is that they are not cross-platform. Like for example Ganna is a cross-platform app. I can listen to Ganna on my computer when I’m working, on my phone when I’m travelling and so on. But that is not possible with any Jio apps. Jio really needs to make their apps cross-platform so that it can be accessed from everywhere.

What was your experience with Jio Customer Care?

Well, I have read in twitter many people complaining that Jio customer care is keeping them in hold for hours, but honestly I never faced any of such issues. Everytime I called them someone picked up the phone and listen to whatever I have to say but in the end they said we will look into it. That’s all. Sometime they even asked for my address, so I thought they might gonna fix the issue here, but nope, that didn’t happen. The only good thing about Jio’s customer care I can say is that they picked up my call.

But the main problem with Jio’s customer support system is that you just god customer care, nothing else. There is no email for nodal officers, appellate authorities or any such thing like that. Almost all private telecom companies in India does have a nodal email and appellate authorities contact email for raising complaints for serious issues.

Honestly the people work in Jio (or any telecom company call centers) are not technically sound at all and they just gives you some scripted replies. That’s their job. On the other hand these nodal and appellate authorities are the people who actually have some knowledge and power to look into things and resolve your problem. But in case of Jio none of them exists as of now.

So, you are just ranting about Jio?

Absolutely not. Don’t take this article as a rant against Jio or their service. This is simply my honest review, what I felt after using Jio as my primary SIM for months in hope you guys will spread this with others and hopefully to Jio management team so that they can fix their mistakes and make sure there customers doesn’t leave them after few months of using them. So, don’t take it as a rant, take it as a criticization, an in-depth look inside Jio’s service quality so that others can take a more educated decision and also Jio can know about their problems.

In fact I am going to update this article at the end of each month just to share the current situation about Jio until they improve their service to a proper high quality level or I left them by being frustrated.

Final Verdict

Finally I would say that Jio’s network is no where near to be used as a primary network. You can absolutely use it as your secondary SIM but I will not recommend you to use Jio as your primary number, otherwise you are going to face huge problems. Moreover if Jio is keep providing this quality service months after months, I can certainly say that most high paying customer or people who look for a stable network will never come to Jio and in fact they will loose a huge amount of users. Eventually Jio will become companies like Aircel or Tata Docomo, brand who are nothing but joke in the high class telecom market.

Honestly if Jio ask me pay for their service and stopped providing it for free, I will have no problem with that as long as they can provide a high quality stable connection, I am more than happy to pay for it. But the kind of service they are providing right now it really sub par. In the end I will say that it is high time for Jio to focus on their quality of service instead of spending great deal of money to fight other companies, otherwise this Reliance Jio hype bubble is not gonna last long.

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  1. Wow the most detailed review i have ever seen good job brother it was very good to read and the way you expressed very good good luck in your future posts

    • I’m glad that you liked it 🙂 and thanks a lot for the comment. I wish someone from Jio team actually reads it and take some action against it.

      • Not sure if Appellate authority details are provided in Jio website very recently, but it’s available in the following link.

        Also, with the introduction of Jio Prime membership offer for 12 months for all existing subscribers as on or before 31 Mar 2017, I think anyone, who wants to enroll for the offer, would feel it very difficult to continue using Jio as secondary SIM for a whole year. So you may want to update your post with your suggestion on whether it is safe to port primary number to Jio at this moment or better to wait till early March. One may want to port to Jio well before the due date taking into account any potential rejection of port request by current operator.

        • Hi, Thanks for sharing the link. Yes they have added those details recently. Anyways as I’m using Jio as my primary SIM from Nov 2016, I will say it has become much better over the time. Now-a-days I almost never hear the “all lines are busy message, except for some STD calls”. Internet speed generally stays between 1-5Mbps which I think they will improve soon (I hope). Personally I’m going for the Jio Prime, but that’s me. If you wanna get Jio now, I can definately say that you can go for it but sometimes you may face some minor issues (hopefully they will be fixed in next couple of months).

          • Thanks for your suggestion. My major concern in porting primary number to Jio is the chance of any incoming call from other operators failing unconnected. If an incoming call from other operator fails particularly due to PoI issue (not sure if this is happening now) rather than weak/no signal issue, will I get a missed call alert for sure or is this case not captured in missed call alert?

            On the other hand, one could manage any occasional issue in outgoing calls with a secondary sim of other operator, at least. I hope internet speed would be improved fairly by the end of HNY offer period.

          • Hi, first of all I will only recommend you to do the porting if you have a VoLTE enabled phone, otherwise it’s going to be a pathetic experience. If you have a VoLTE phone (like I have), you will not even need a secondary sim card. Also I’ve never loose any incoming calls from other provider (unless I’m in underground metro), but even in that case you will receive sms aleart about who tried to call you (already mentioned in the above article).

            Regarding the internet speed, it is not very stable, but in general cases you will be more than fine with normal official work (like emails), facebook, youtube etc. Personally I think if you got a VoLTE phone, you should port.

          • Thanks. I’m already using Jio as a secondary sim on a VoLTE dual sim phone with Airtel being the primary number. So I had a direct experience of fluctuating internet speeds as well as outgoing call issues (had worst experience with BSNL followed by Airtel and Vodafone, though far better and decent in the last few days). I’ve been using Airtel for urgent calls anyway if “All lines are busy” tone repeats.

            But since using Jio as a secondary sim and almost all incoming calls would come to primary number, I’ve not had a chance to estimate the percentage of failed incoming calls to Jio. And I’m not sure if the incoming calls failed particularly due to PoI issue (rather than weak/no signal) would really generate a missed call alert. If alert msg is generated in this case too, then I’m very much ready to port my primary number to Jio. If no alert msg in this case, some important incoming calls may be lost unknowingly. This is the only doubt I had.

          • Well as I said, I’ve been using Jio as my primary sim from Nov 2016 and from Jan 2017 I haven’t faced any issue with incoming call and if for some network reason I missed any call, they always sent me SMS for it. So, personally I’m quite ok with it.

          • Hi Saumya

            Nice piece. Well written. What is the difference in service between VoLTE enabled phone vis-a-vis using Jio4GVoice application on 4G/LTE phone?

          • VoLTE is Voice over LTE a technology to make calls over LTE network, whereas Jio4GVoice is a VOIP app which makes calls using the internet like Skype.

  2. I agree with your point but with as jio provide the all required things with is necessary for a phone that is internet in free of cost, those person who even not aware for internet after coming of this, they has been started it. My whole company got the jio sim.

  3. Would you suggest porting my number now (mid January) or shall I wait for another 1-2 months. Asking this as I couldn’t get latest review on Internet.

    • As I mentioned above, I will update this article by end end of this month, mentioning the current status. But honesly, I will not recommend you to port. There are still a lot of issues that Jio hasn’t fixed yet. In fact most of the things I’ve mentioned above is still there. I’m not sure when they are going to fix them, but January is not the month.

  4. This is the best article for getting a review on Jio as a primary connection! It definitely helps people like me who are in a dilemma whether to ditch or save my vodafone/airtel sim.
    I just have one question though – It is 2nd March 17 today and this article was updated a month ago… Are there any improvements in the past month? Thank you so much in advance!

    • Well in my location the situation is almost similar to what I said in January. Call drops and the “all lines are busy” message is almost unheard of. Like in the entire Feb, I faced that “all lines are busy” problem once. So, you can definatrely port your number and take advantage of Jio prime.

      • Well thank you for the advice! I live in Mumbai and frankly even I haven’t faced much issues in calling apart from the internet speed fluctuation.
        I was anyway inclined toward porting to Jio because of their Prime offer but even you feel the same so I have become sure! Thanks again

        • Yah. I face the slow internet speed too. But generally it stays between 1-3Mbps. Besides I don’t blame Jio completely for this. After 31st march a lot of people will leave Jio and make the congestion musch lesser.
          Moreover those users who will stay with Jio and going to get the Prime, will most probably will go with the ₹149/- plan instead of the ₹303/- plan. So, the internet speed problem will get resolved evantually.
          Jio is also working on installing new towers. Like for example in my location they have said that a new tower installation work is going on and will be operational in 90 days or so.
          In the end you must need to realize than Jio is basically providing service for few months now and by this time they have made tremendous improvements, I must admit that. Other big telecos like Airtel, Voda takes yars to make some simple basic improvements. So, I’m truly hopeful about Jio and I think in next few months it will be even better place than any other company.

          Fun Fact: Airtel/Voda is here for decades but still when I travel in underground metro, their network goes off inside the tunnel, but with Jio it barely never goes off and I can sufs internet even when I’m in an underground tunnel. Super impressive I must say….

    • jio services is improving day by day.

  5. Hello Saumya,

    Thanks for the detailed review about Reliance Jio. I am also willing to buy a jio sim and give it a try. But after reading this review I will rethink about it. I am going to stick with my Airtel number.

  6. I stopped reading from ‘Why did you ported….?’.
    We use present participle after did.That is,it should have been ‘why did you port your number?’

  7. Jio Poor service no network no speed

  8. In my place in Kerala, Reliance Jio is comparable to 2G speed. The pity is that it doesn’t work when I need it most. I’m thinking of giving it a quite burial if it does not improve within, say, a month.

  9. Thank you for such detailed review. Can you please please update the latest status? On Call connectivity, Internet speed, customer support, billing?

    • Ok, I’m putting it on my list and will do it as soon as I get some time. But I can say now you can just go with Jio easily. There is almost no problem whatsoever. the internet speed has also been improved a bit. Like the current avg internet speed is around 1Mbps to 8Mbps depending upon what tower you are getting.

  10. Hi,

    Can you update with your situation now?

  11. Jio is thief. I purchased jiofi with plan selected as 60gb in month. Seems like my data is going away very fast. To analyse this I check my remaining data that is shown to be 1.29 GB and after that I closed the connection for 12 hrs to see if any changes in remaining data is observed. And Ta da… next day it show 654 MB remaining where is my rest of data. So I decide to check my another jiofi with 2GB daily plan and used 1.35 gb of it and then close the connection to check what will happen in the morning. The data plan for this jiofi renews every midnight 1 AM so I used the data after 1 AM till only 650 MB left and again wait for 6 hrs to see if my 654 MB data is available or not and again Ta da…. my 650 MB data is gone in the morning.

    • WOW! That is wired. I’ve been using Jio since Nov 2016 on my phone but I have never seen such data theft. Have you contacted JIO regarding this? Also from you can get your full itemized usage to see at what time what data has been used. Have you tried that?

    • all of my relative and friends using jio. none of this is happened till now.. complain customer care no. they will check in this

  12. Hello sir very nice review. Now my question is how is the connection on the ground floor and inside banks and market places. As i have ported to airtel from vadafone few months back as i was facing big time network issues in voda and to add to my troubles same issues are there in airtel. Airtel is so bad inside buildings and on Ground floor. Even if it shows full network my phone is always out of reach whenever i am on Ground floor or inside a bank. The situation does improve a little if i choes 2g as network on 4g it is very pathetic and poor. The internet speed in 4g is also very slow sometimes feels like 2g.
    I have used jio for secondary sim in the trial phase but removed the card as volte consumes battery at a faster rate. Now i am thinking of porting my primary number from airtel to jio by the mid of September when my current airtel pack gets over. Need ur suggestion on the same as apparently airtel is incapable of providing me a solution and have face similar with voda.
    Inderjeet singh

    • In my honest opinion I think Jio has far better network quality than it’s competitors and it is growing strong. My office is in ground floor and I spend most of my time there and generally never face any issue. As I have mentioned above in Kolkata we have underground Metro and even there also I get far better network than Airtel and Voda. The crazy thing is when you go up, like for example in high rise buildings or inside elevators, Jio calls gets dropped for few mins or so.
      I’m quite confident that by this time next year Jio will have such a network which is far superior than the incumbents. Please note that while Jio is making all these network in such short time others had years to do this.
      But overall I’m quite happy as a Jio users despite the occasional hiccups which I’ve already mentioned above in my article. I hope Jio improves their network strengths in near future so that the hiccups we face now, we don’t have to face anymore. The thing that annoy me most is the broken voice and call drops when someone is travelling and the talking in phone, like for example travelling in bus or car, even though the call is Jio to Jio both over VoLTE, beside this no such major problem I’ve faced.

      Please note that whatever I’ve said above is completely based on call/sms etc. In terms of internet speed it varies a lot from place to place as well as time to time. But no matter what you will always get at least more than 1Mbps speed which is better than 2G and enough for WhatsApp, email etc. But in most places I have received about 5Mbps speed on average. Again I’m quite sure that in near future as Jio strengthen it’s network this problem is going to be resolved.

      Now if you ask me in terms of value for money, I will say Jio is the most value for money network you can opt into. Even though these occasional hiccups, considering it’s pricing, I don’t see porting to Jio as a bad choice and I’ll recommend you to go for it.

      • Getting positive vibes again for jio now after reading you reply.
        My current plan with super pathetic airtel open network would be over by early September so might think of porting near that time.
        As of now airtel has admitted to poor indor network or to be precise zero indoor signal, and they want me to start living in open.

    • I think porting to jio is not a good idea without a secondary sim. Like you said you have the option to switch to 2g or 3g in the incumbent’s networks, however jio has issues with internal coverage, also network is not completely reliable when you are traveling or if you you go to a countryside. I have traveled to different parts of the country and the internet speed varies between 60 kbps to 30 plus mbps. So where it works it’s awesome and if it doesn’t it doesn’t. You can expect jio to have a seamless network throughout the country and this may take at least a couple of years. Off course different locations it varies.

      • Thanks for reply dear.
        But ironically what u said about jio is very similar to what i am facing with airtel. I am putting my plans on hol for now.

    • volte technology consumes less battery other then vodafone airtel 4g

  13. Hi Saumya, I thank you for the wonderful detailed review.
    I am interested in taking up a Jio Sim with a Jio phone… Please may I have your advise?
    Should I disconnect my existing Vodafone prepaid?
    I live in Bangalore.

    • I will personally recommend you to go with Jio. Just recently I’ve ported one of my family member’s Vodafone postpaid connection to Jio prepaid and he is quite happy with it like myself and others.

  14. hi
    saumya and other readers i have using jio since last October . that time jio is facing minor calling issue . but now jio is far better then other service provider. not call quality issue now a days in fact call quality is far batter than other service provider. its HD voice call no other service provider has no comparability till now. i am living in south kolkata area here in speed test result always above 60 mbps. my pick speed was 120 mpbs till now. at the same time airtel vodafone speedtest result was near 8 to 15 mbps. network also very week . but jio network is always full . i recently travel very remote area in WB . i am surprised that in those area jio signal is full with no calling issue . only net speed near about 10 mbps. no signal airtel vodafone and idea 4g only 2g though signal is not full . i have also tested speed test in different part of kolkata . in salt lake internet speed average 100 mbps at day . in central kolkata also good. i have also tested north kolkata result is moderate . yes some place speed is near 1 to 5 mpbs though its batter than other service providers.i am also surprised that in metro under ground jio tower is full watched full hd video with out buffering .i traveled howra to khararpur i saw jio network is full and good through out the line but airtel vodafone 2 g signal is fluctuating through out . i daily talk with friends in conferencing (5 persons) from different part from india using jio . i have not facing any issue . voice quality is loud crystal clear HD. now a days i am facing calling issue with airtel vodafone and idea . many of my friends and relatives also facing.

    why jio is batter that other service provider?

    jio is all IP data network. its supports tri band LTE true 4g with volte

    850, 1800 and 2300 band 5, 3 40, TDD and FDD LTE combined ( airtel only band 40 support , vodafone and idea only band 3 support those are not true 4g network ) jio is support LTE advance with tri band CA(carrier aggregation with MIMO) only high end smart phone support LTE+(downoload is 10 times faster in LTE+ network) . jio is already adequate this technology. my lg g6 supprted LTE advance thats why its shows LTE+. just like in 3g H and H+ before but not in other providers have LTE advance
    for tri band CA single will be strong and data transfer is fast. but not in case for airtel , vodafone
    jio also support HD native video calling from your phone phone dialer (not all phone is supported . samsung , xioami , sony lg , lyf supported you can check jio website in supported video calling page). you can video calling with out internet.

    Best things in jio is its all premium applications , like jio tv, jio music jio cloud all apps
    Jio is also support RCS (Rich communication service ) from jio4g apps.
    most i liked is jiotv is supported HD channels above 400+ channels with no problems.

    what is the advantage in jio?
    its supported volte, vilte(video over LTE), vowifi, wifi hotspot

    for volte call will be HD. you can hear loud and clear if you calling from very crowed place
    for vilte you can video calling and wifi calling (you can call through your home wifi )
    many places in kolkata and cities in india their jio wifi hotspot . you can connect net from you jio number . in jadavpur 8b bus stand jio wifi speed about 7 to 15 mbps
    calling time is very fast if you call someone with volte its take only 0.5 sec to connect . not case in other service providers sometime their is beep before connecting and take time
    for using volte smart phone battery life will stay remain good because there is no network switches like other service providers using CSFB circuit switch fall back method(OLD technology) , like airtel vodafone and idea in 4g network when you call or text 4g tower back to 2g and 3g . 4g is only use for internet . for this process smart phone battery will down.
    another advantage in jio their is no disruption in network connectivity if you are calling and surfing net simultaneously in 4g connectivity suppose you are watching full HD video using wifi hotspot and simultaneously calling from your number . but not in case in other providers network will down will terminate internet.
    last thing is jio data plan . not calling charges in roming also. free SMS. free caller tune free miss call alert to client and receiver end
    jio network is premium till now from other service providers. now i have not facing any issue in calling in fact great HD caliing . voice call quality might disturb if you out of network . yes some places network speed is very low due to high traffic. yes network speed varies from area to area so same in other network also.
    you can use as jio sim primary sim card card if you want first you have to check your area for network coverage . i hope metro city like kolkata not a problem . jio is increasing tower day by day. if have tower problem in your area call customer care and request tor tower they will install. yes jio customer care is very good proficient not connecting issue with customer care . but not in case in airtel, vodafone , idea. this is main part for using any telecom service providers if customer care service is not good and proficient we might face problem . jio customer care solved my few network related issue before and also boost network signal few ares for my request. i am very happy to say that..
    you can check and track your jio account from my jio apps including calling statement , data balance check , offer, recharge , service request and everything its so much premium and unmatchable with other exiting providers.

    last few things to remember for best result you have to use volte handset and check handset tri 4g band is supported nor not(band 3,5 40). check your area coverage, always roming on in your handset . use jio in 1st sim card slot. remember . jio is only 4g network if switch data network to alternative sim then jio tower will be gone. that is no necessary jio is high speed 4g in low price. many of my relatives, frnds and colleagues using jio sim card as a primary sim card . they are not facing a single problem with jio services for last 3 or 4 months. jio network is stable day by day. and quality of service in other telecom providers getting worst day by day as they are conclave with jios plan.
    so i am strongly recommend to you you can use as a primary sim and you should be.for its advance technologies , facilities ,services and tariff plans ..for testing i am advice to other consumer if you using dual sim phone take new jio sim using for few months compare service to others in your area if you satisfied then port your existing no to a jio no. if you use 3g or 4g phone( not supported volte) . use jio4g apps and tesing
    now a days you can smoothly call from jio4gvoice apps.

    last i have attached few speed test result on jio 4g. i have tested many cities including varies part in kolkata and remote village areas . i have compared wirh airtel 4g, vodafone 4g, idea 4g (west bengal).
    my device was XIAOMI, LG, SAMSUNG, LYF, motorola, lenovo and others
    (remember i am not taking sides or biased to any company . i gave my honest review after using jio last 11 months.)
    **jio have crossed 169 milion customer and improving services day by day within one year

  15. Finally my primary airtel connection is ported to Jio on 22August 2017. And must say far better then Airtel or voda. Calls are always connecting, no indoor issue or the ground floor issue which i was facing with airtel. It even works fine in basement.
    Data speed is always good even in the remote corner of buildings.

    Only face data issue when i was at Jewar toll plaza and place called Highway masala that too only inside the restaurant. Airtel was also not working inside.

    Voice quality is way better then others without any cracking.
    I wish my best to Jio and hope it gets even better.

  16. What if we go to some village Wer u dont have 4g network.will Jio work over there

    • Almost all the places I went to (incl. some villages) I found Jio network. Maybe internet speed is not quite good. But you can do normal calling, sms, browsing, email etc.

    • To me if I say my airtel and voda are not working at 10 places so no jio is working perfectly at 7 out of that 10 places.
      One of my labour lives in a remote village of Bihar and his jio sim is working great with volte where as airtel network is very poor there.
      So as per my personal experience it is better then other cell operators.

  17. What is your final verdict now on Reliance Jio September 2017.

  18. JIO BIGGGG THIEFT,,Jio chor hai is ka data fast aur bina use kiye khatam hota hai ,,JAGO GRAHAK JAGO

  19. Thanks for your review.

    Porting my number from Airtel to Jio. Hopefully, Jio network will come at my home when Airtel network has stopped coming.

  20. Loved your review. Just want to know what is the status now as I am thinking to port to Jio and I use one sim only so don’t want to take any chance. Im in Mumbai BTW

    • Thanks. I’m glad to know that you liked it. Moreover I’m a single sim user as well. So, I can recommend you to port to Jio unless you sit on the top floor of a glass covered high rise buildings. The reason I’m sayin is is because, up to 4th and 5th floor the the Jio signal coverage is good enough to take calls and do other things. But on the other day I had a meeting with a company whose office was in 15th floor and there I barely get some network in some corner of the office.
      But again this is the first time I’ve faced an issue like this, as in my daily use I never face such issues. But the “voice breaking” issue I’ve mentioned in the July 2017 update is still there (but improved than before) when one or both party is travelling.
      Personally I will recommend you to port to Jio.

      • Thank you for the suggestion. As I live on the 27th floor, I think Jio would not work out for me. Thanks again.

        • Well, in that case I will highly recommend you to first check the connection strength at your location. For example if you have an extra Jio sim, you can try that or if your friends has Jio you can check their phone connection strength when they visit your place before you port out.

  21. An useful summary of your experience with Jio. Great job! After reading through this full, my opinion also pretty much is the same as yours. I ported my Airtel number to Jio in the end of March 2017, but faced a lot of call drops, not connecting despite trying multiple times, the person on the other end not able to hear me, etc. Complained to Jio customer care multiple times, but they just kept closing the complaint without actually doing anything to resolve the issue. As far as data is concerned, they are good and no complaints, but call services are really a pain. No doubt as of today it has gotten much better than what I faced in April-August 2017, but still definitely not up to the mark, especially when compared to Airtel here in Bangalore (I had been an Airtel user from 2005 until I ported to Jio). Now, I am planning to switch back to Airtel. I know I may end up paying more with Airtel than Jio, but at least I can be sure of call quality & stability. For me, that’s more important than data in a cell phone. Not sure how many of you agree with me.

    • Hi, I’m not sure about the current situation in Bangalore, but when I visited last time in March 2017, Jio connection was really poor. I hope by now it has improved a lot. But here in Kolkata and West Bengal, Jio is far better than Airtel and Vodafone combined, both in terms of internet speed and call quality. I personally have been Airtel and Vodafone user before coming to Jio and now as a Jio user when I face no problem whatsoever I see people around me using Airtel, Voda having problems that Jio used to have i.e. unclear voice quality, voice breaking, call drops etc. Over here I highly recommend Jio. On a side note, today I went to an outstation for a work and while I was on the highway, I always had great tower, internet and calls, even on remote villages. Bangalore is just a weird exception when it comes to telecom quality I don’t know why, I can feel your pain when I visited Bangalore last time in March 2017 I just had one sim and that also was a Jio, now think about that.

  22. just want to know the network and data quality of jio if i use it in my jio fi (wifi ) device.

    • Hi, whether you use Jio on phone of JioFi, the speed you get on phone the same speed you will get on jiofi. Over here on day & night time the average download speed stays around 3Mbps and upload speed 2Mbps and in late night it goes upto 10-11Mbps. I’ve also been to places near my location where speed goes upto 40Mbps. So, again it is completely up to the network speed at your location. Personally I will recommend you that if you have a jio sim, run a speedtest to check what kind of speed is average at your location.

  23. Great article, read with interest. as a tourist I obtained a Jio prepaid in October 2016 and gave it right back, it was so bad. I continued to use my Idea (which I still keep). But now as of Nov 2017 Jio in Rishikesh and Manali where I stay mostly seems super stable with reasonable bandwidth too. Especially in Manali my other services often failed and hotel wifi is very slow. Jio always allowed youtube video at least 360, mostly 480 there. Happy customer now.

    • Jio has done more improvements in last one year than the entire telecom industry did in last 20 years. Give Jio a bit more time and then you will see. Think what they will do in the next 5 years…. 🙂

  24. Great Article, Sir!!!
    I live here in Manipal and I have seen how Jio has outshone every other tele-service provider…
    I have uploaded a screenshot with the speed encircled by red!!!

  25. Well written article, I could relate to many difficulties you mentioned in your post during initial days. But, things have changed a lot in past few months (at least in Kerala). Jio service is now very stable, and we are getting a consistent LTE speeds as well (sometimes a bit dodgy indoors). My primary number is now with Jio.
    Also, I feel the quality of service is dependent a lot on the handset you use. I have an iPhone 6, and my wife uses iPhone 6s Plus. I swear to God, she gets better service 🙂 Speed test shows she always gets 1.5 – 2 times faster internet. She never had any call drops/connectivity issues, but I do have my calls dropped every now and then. Her phone catches signal at places where my phone shows no service.

  26. Hi,

    Adding my 2 cents for the Mumbai Circle. I ported from Airtel to Jio in January, 2017. Made it my primary number in July, 2017. Secondary number was Airtel. For some reasons I was facing Voice Echo problems while calling to Landline numbers in Mumbai. It was terrible from Jio’s network. For few months, I dragged on with Jio Sim calling Landline number’s and having trouble due to Voice Echo. I complained to their Customer Care a good number of times. Temporarily, it was sorted. After a while, it used to start again. Secondly, because I stay near a local railway station in Mumbai, Jio Internet speeds became horrible with time. Giving terrible download speeds of 0.4 mbps and upload speeds almost next to nil. Looking at Airtel’s internet speeds in my area used to be around 10mbps and upload of 2mbps, I ported my primary number to Airtel. But after porting in I realised call quality issues with Airtel too. Voice Breaks, Call Drops due to change in network from HD 4G call to 3G/2G call, Call not getting connected. Its been only a month since I ported into Airtel and now I realise Vodafone will be a better choice. To check that I ported my Mom’s Idea number to Vodafone. Find their network coverage and call quality excellent but their Internet speeds are as terrible as Jio. Now I am in a dilemma to port to which service operator after a couple of months. It should be Jio or Vodafone. Also I had been to Vengurla in Maharashtra. This small village lies on the border of Maharashtra and Goa. To my Surprise no Jio Coverage. Airtel and Vodafone were giving 4G networks. Also Vodafone was more stable between Airtel and Vodafone networks in Vengurla. I was pleasantly surprised. Because between 4 of us 2 are Airtel users and 2 Vodafone. Also I find Airtel Network fluctuates a lot indoors. Similarly, Jio has limited network indoors. Vodafone has excellent coverage indoors. This could be because Vodafone has 900Mhz of spectrum for Mumbai circle which gives excellent Indoor and Outdoor connectivity. Jio has 2300MHz, 1800MHz and 850Mhz in Mumbai. Airtel has 900Mhz and 1800Mhz.

    • Hi Tejas, it is really weird to hear a feedback like this for Jio standing in 2018. I could have understand if it was early 2017 or so. But now Jio is a very stable network at least wherever I travel and live. Also I heard that Jio has super awesome coverage at villages too. May be for you this is the case. 😟 But personally I would recommend Jio being a Jio customer and it being better than Airtel, Voda, Idea (in my experience).

      • Hi Saumya,

        In my experience in Mumbai, Jio has been Mediocre. Although, I have seen improvement in it. I have travelled to Shimla, Chandigarh, Goa and Vengurla in 2017 with Jio’s network being extremely good and stable. I think in my locality, it does suffer from the issues I mentioned above. In Vengurla, Maharashtra a small village Jio has no network coverage. This has been confirmed by the Customer Care of Jio after sharing the Pin Code (416516). Also Jio’s internet speeds always lacks the speeds of Airtel at my home. Currently, my wife is also travelling in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, she has confirmed that wherever Jio has no network, Airtel has it. The reason for this could be Jio is only a 4G network and still has a lot of ground to cover in terms of Network Coverage. I think with time Jio would improve. But at the moment, Jio is not serving my purpose. I would rather love to be on a network which is advanced and ahead of its time. They are planning a new site in my area since October, 2017. I was told in October that it will take 3months for the new site to be up. 3 months are done and there is no new site. Secondly, I was told that new site is planned in my area and after calling on 198, I came to know that it will be installed in April 2018. But today when I enquired again, the customer care is not aware of any new site planned in my area. Hence, I am witnessing a communication gap within the Jio employees. Still my wife continues to use Jio and I have a Jiofi Dongle at home for my mother. I have seen my wife facing extremely slow internet speeds on Jio. Probably, I shall be able to shift back only if it improves. Else, I shall port to Vodafone from Airtel in future and stick to Vodafone for a while. Thanks.


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