Flatx invoice template was created for making invoice smart, clean and elegant. When I released flatx invoice template for FusionInvoice v2.0+, my dream was to make the invoice design looks smart. I’ve tried my best to make flatx as beautiful as possible, but as the time goes on, I realized that it is good but not the best and for making it the best invoice design for all the freelancers and small business out there I had to add some x-factor into it’s design. I’ve spent months on drawing the new looks for Flatx+, so that it still be simple and clean yet very good looking. After I completed with the sketching, I started to make it possible in coding. But creating a design in paper and make it possible in coding is very different in it’s own way.

Story behind Flatx+

Being a employed person for a company, giving time for personal project is a really tough work to do. Still I never loose my hope for releasing Flatx+ as it can change the thinking and definition of invoicing. The coding of Flatx+ was really tricky and problematic, as it is using laravel MVC framawork in the back, it was not so easy to implement . Many modern CSS3 designs was not getting accepted by laraval blade, hence I have to look for alternative possibilities. After spending months on coding I started using Flatx+ on my personal installasion of FusiomnInvoice billing system. The magical thing I’ve noticed after started using Flatx+ is that it increases the quotation acceptation rate almost by 73%. Some of my clients even email me saying that they really enjoyed the new invoice. After using it for a while I decided to release it for public, but as you know that FusionInvoice is a commercial product now and I’ve spent a lot amount of time developing this new invoice template I’ve added a small download charge of $5 into it. This is not only help me to keep the project running, but also help me to pay my domain and hosting bills. I hope you people will enjoy the new Flatx+ invoice template. I’ve also added a small video to showing you what are the new features of Flatx+ and how to install it in your FusionInvoice in the purchase page. You can easily purchase Flatx+ just by clicking the “Get it Now” button.

FusionInvoice v2.6+ is the minimum requirement for Flatx+ due to addition of many new features. Do not use it in previous versions.

Features of Flatx+

  • Clean, elegant and minimalistic corporate looks
  • Paid/Unpaid notification
  • Transaction details for Paid invoices
  • Clean and corporate fonts
  • Item Tax shows only when it is added
  • Curve design approach for more conversion rate

Flatx+ – a revolutionary invoice template!

Get Flatx+ for your FusionInvoice v2.6+

Feedback and Support

If you have any questions before purchasing Pable or if you need any assistance after purchasing Pable invoice template, feel free to drop an email to [email protected] with relevant subject stating your query or problem and I’ll get beack to you as soon as humanly possible.

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