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FusionInvoice, one of the most popular open source invoice system out there in the web. FusionInvoice has been started by a great developer named Jesse Terry. He started FusionInvoice as a beta version from v1.0 and every day he improved the script to give more finctionality to the application. At least he has released the complete version without beta as v1.3. But no matter what v1.x was not completely perfect so Jesse decided to upgrade the script to v2.0. He coded it for many months to successfully release the FusionInvoice v2.0. FusionInvoice v2.0 was released with an early adopter program @$29 each license. But after the full release of FusionInvoice v2.0, there will be one free version of it as it was before in the v1.x and a pro addon for accessing some pro features.

If you are currently using FusinInvoice v2.0+ and you are not happy with the default invoice template, you don’t need to pay hundred of dollars to the freelancers for creating a decent invoice. Beside download Flatx an innovative, flat and minimal designed invoice and quotation template just created for FusionInvoice v2.0+.

Key Features of Flatx

  • Clean, elegant and minimal corporate looks
  • Paid/Unpaid notification
  • If paid, then show the payment method and date
  • Classic design to keep your invoice separate from others
  • Detailed Tax information shown
  • Terms & Condition and Footer proper position
  • Item Tax only shown when available
  • and many  more…

I’ve started developing this invoice template as a private beta for myself. After testing it and keep improving it for weeks, at last I’ve publicly released it on May 17, 2014.


Flatx – a minimal designed invoice template!

Get Flatx for your FusionInvoice v2.6+


If you need any pre or post purchase help or if you need any kind of support, just drop an email to [email protected] with a relevant subject stating the problem or query.

I hope you people will like the flat and minimal design approach of the invoice template. If you find any bug or problem in this invoice template, please submit the issue in the comment section below. Also please share your opinion about this. Please share it with your friends and spread it around the web.

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