Back in 2012 when I started my website I had no idea it will become so popular and I will receive so many love from you guys, my loyal readers. As time passes by the popularity of my website just increased exponentially. Initially I had no money to do in-depth research about my articles, but I didn’t lose hope, moreover the constant support from you (my daily readers) helped me to fight harder for the day I’m standing right now. I’m truly grateful to every single one of you. Whether you have liked my articles or shared it on social networks or posted a comment, every single one of them was a beacon of hope for me. Without them I won’t be here today.

If you are an old reader of my blog then you must remember that back in March 2015 I’ve released an article about why publishing YouTube videos or any kind of vlogging is more expensive than a blog. That is the main reason I never went for YouTube videos on the first place. Writing a quality article is much harder than recording and editing YouTube videos. But as I do not belong to a crazy rich family and I had to start from the ZERO to make my way through this exact moment, I never had that amount of capital to invest for purchasing some good video gears.

Though I did have this YouTube channel for a few months now, but not a single existing video here can be terms as “Quality Video” and the main reason behind it was I didn’t have any quality equipment to shoot quality videos. Most of my existing videos here in this channel are either shot on my webcam or my Nexus 6P or just normal screen recording for tutorials. But this day is going to end now. At last with your (my readers) support and love I am able to keep together a small fund for purchasing some quality video equipment (both hardware & software) and lighting to shoot some quality video and share it with you guys. Here are some basic questions answered for you, which you might have in your mind about my new YouTube Channel and the kind of videos I’m going to shoot.

Are you going to shoot in 4K?

The short answer is NO. Here is why I’m not gonna do it. As per the normal financial rule to get a 4K shooting video gear you have to invest more. Now, the question that needs to be asked is what percentage of the entire internet population has any 4K device in front of them most of the time? It is less than 1%. Now spending extra money for some technology which most people won’t be able to enjoy is nothing but waste of money to me. I think it is much wiser to invest that amount to lenses or lighting.
Also even if you get a 4K TV or computer monitor, the bandwidth you may need to stream a 4K content is completely breathtaking. I know in some part of the world, people can get that fast internet but the point is in most part of the world people don’t have that fast internet yet and even in those place where such fast internet exists, very few people can afford it. So, why waste money on something that most people can’t take advantage of? But all of my upcoming videos will be recorded at Full HD (1080p) with super crisp video quality.

What will be the niche of your YouTube channel?

I’m going to cover two niche in my YouTube channel and there will two separate playlists too. One of the playlist will be named as “Being a Webmaster” where I will answer all questions related to webmaster and problem faced by webmasters. On the other hand, there will be another section on this channel about latest gizmos, tech, consumer electronics etc.

The hardest thing now-a-days is getting an honest educated review on any gizmos. I will provide you exactly that. If you have already read any of my reviews on this site, then you know that I don’t do review like others. I analyze everything from top to bottom, pixel by pixel before giving any review on it. At the same in my videos I will try my best to give you 100% Honest Unbiased Review on anything that I receive here to review.

Along with all the gizmos I will also publish webmaster related videos and how-tos based on the user request. So, no matter whether you are a webmaster or a tech enthusiast, it is always a win-win for you. I can promise you one thing, like all of my articles, my videos will also be very explanatory and I will explain everything point by point and will not rush to finish the video in 5 min or so.

Why am I shifting to YouTube?

First of all, I’m not shifting to YouTube, this website will still be here as long as I live and I will still publish article here time to time. But as you know I don’t write garbage stuffs on my website. Every single article takes a lot of research, time and effort to make it happen. Even after all these, sometimes the topic seems so small that writing an in-depth article about it doesn’t make any sense. Now with YouTube videos I can cover smaller topics as well as larger topics in terms of video. It is also much entertaining to watch videos rather than reading a long article. So, I think you guys will like it very much.

How are you planning to get your review units?

I know it is hard to get hold of review devices and I don’t have the insane amount of money in my disposal to purchase every single new device out there by myself and review them, but with the help of your kind support and love some consumer electronics manufacturers (names cannot be disclosed now) is agreed to send me review units on which I can do my testing and experiments.  I know it is enough but I think it is a good start if any consumer electronics manufacturer like me to review their products I would be more than happy to review their product.  If you are a consumer electronics manufacturer or you are associated with any consumer electronics manufacturing company and you are looking for a way to get in touch with me for sending your review units, feel free use my contact form.

Weekly Q&A Videos for both Webmaster and Consumer Electronics Category

One of the major problem I have seen in the 21st centuries internet error is that even though we have Google, YouTube still there are no perfect way to get an answer of the exact question that we are looking for. In the early days I have also face the exact same problem on daily basis that is why I don’t want you guys to face the same music. I am going to release a Q&A video every week, based on the question I’ve received from you guys (my readers & viewers) either on twitter (@iSaumya) or in the comment section of this article, my facebook page etc. If I receive too many question, I might break the video into two categories, one consisting of questions related to webmaster works and other related to consumer electronics. No matter what question you have, I will try my best to answer it to you.


I am constantly trying to produce more quality content for you guys and trust me I’m leaving no stone unturned for that. But as always your feedback are extremely important for me. So, if you have any suggestions about my new channel or if you have any question that you want me to answer in the Q&A videos, please don’t hesitate to share that in the comment section below.

I know there is not enough content right now on this channel to be interested to subscribe this channel but trust me the days are not far behind. The first quality video, which a montage of my studio setup process is going to drop on my channel on the middle of next week. So, if you subscribe now, you will get notified for all of my videos from the Day 1. Also if you have any suggestion about any of my future videos, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section. So, what the hell are you waiting for? Subscribe my YouTube Channel Now!

You can also connect with me via twitter @iSaumya. If you like this post, please don’t forget to share it with others who might enjoy reading it. Also if you have any other ideas or request about future posts, you can let me know in the comment section below or via twitter.

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