AMP vs Instant Articles – Which One Should You Use?

A few months back Google has launched a new article standard called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with a goal of consuming textual content on mobile web significantly faster. Just after its launch, Google has started pushing this new standard of article markup very hard. In fact, they have added a […]

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Boost your SEO by 400% with Microdata

When it comes to the SEO of the website most webmaster focuses on having targeted keywords in the title, description and the content of the page, which is a must need thing to do. Also some spend a lot of time and money on building backlink for their website, which […]

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5 reason to avoid creating backlink for good SEO

Link building or backlink creation is something most webmasters or website owner rely on for good SEO and to be in the top 10 search results. So, most webmasters end up paying a good amount of money to some SEO companies and/or individuals for getting a backlink to their site […]

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15 SEO Tips to Rank well in Search Engines

Every website in our gigantic web world wants make a good place in search results, especially Google as it is world’s biggest search engine. But unfortunately most of them didn’t get success to climb the search ranking results. Today in this post I’m going to share some very effective tips […]

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Tips to Increase Website Traffic & Google Ranking

Every webmaster in the web has one and only major target, i.e. increasing more traffic on their website. No matter which kind of website it is, everyone needs to increase traffic on their website. At the very beginning, it might look very easy but as you dig deep into this, […]

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