Top 5 PayPal alternative payment gateway for startups

If you are thinking about starting an international eCommerce site or eShop to sell either digital or physical goods one of the major challenge is to select the proper payment gateway. This single selection can either bring a lot of sales to your store or can make a lot of […]

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windows 10 review

Windows 10 Review – Is it worth upgrading

Microsoft Windows, a very familiar name of our computing life. Outside of USA, UK and most other first world countries Windows is the only go-to operating system used by almost 97% of the population. Specially after releasing Windows XP, back in 90’s the popularity of Windows really got a huge […]

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Why you should prefer using Genesis over other themes

use genesis framework

There was a time when people has to write every single thing in HTML just create a simple webpage for internet. But now the time has changed, technology got more advanced than we ever imagined and creating a website has become as easy that everyone can do it regardless of […]

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(OLD REVIEW) WP Rocket Cache Plugin

Being a part of fast internet era, where people gets frustrated in seconds if a website doesn’t load properly, caching is one of the must do things which every webmaster has to take into a serious consideration now. Caching not just only speed up your website or blog insanely but […]

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Shopping with PayPal India – Issues Explained


If you an Indian citizen and you surf internet a lot or even thinking about purchasing something from an foreign or international website, you have probably seen that almost every merchants around the world uses PayPal as there payment gateway. No matter what is the location of the business almost […]

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PCKeeper – Awesome Security and Support Software


We, the Homo Sapience of 21st century living in a world where our daily life is covered by the internet and its different usability. Whether you want to check your email or read an article or check some news or want to purchase something, whatever your purpose is you need […]

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Nexus 6 & Nexus 9 – is it worth purchasing

Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 was the most anticipated smartphone and tablet of 2014. Starting the day when the “Nexus 6” come up as a line in the chrome bug report to the rumors of “Motorola Shamu”. A lot of talk has been there about Nexus 6 before it actually […]

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