Welcome to v5.0 of iSaumya.com

Hello my fellow readers hope you have noticed the complete redesign of my site and enjoying it too. I’ve spend my last 6 days developing this brand new design for iSaumya.com. I’ve spend more than 70 hours on coding this v5 which is even more than the time I’ve contributed […]

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I’m getting SSL support on my site


It was always a dream of mine to have SSL on my website but I was never able to finance the cost of owning a SSL certificate for my website. It is like a dream come true, but I must admit that this was never been possible without Matthew’s helps […]

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Pable Invoice Template for FusionInvoice – Released

Invoice templates are a crucial and important element which has been neglected by many business owners and entrepreneurs. This is hard to believe, but your invoice template design is one of the key which can bring make your customer from one-time-buyer to regular buyer. The layout of a invoice or […]

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Flatx+ Invoice Template for FusionInvoice – Released

Flatx invoice template was created for making invoice smart, clean and elegant. When I released flatx invoice template for FusionInvoice v2.0+, my dream was to make the invoice design looks smart. I’ve tried my best to make flatx as beautiful as possible, but as the time goes on, I realized […]

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Server Load Testing Tool – Feature Update

Server Load Testing Tool project was started back in October 2013 and publicly released on December 2013. After release of this web application, many users around the world used it on the hosting environment to ensure that their server always stay healthy. But some users also complained that they do […]

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Flatx invoice template for FusionInvoice – Released

flatx invoice template for fusioninvoice

FusionInvoice, one of the most popular open source invoice system out there in the web. FusionInvoice has been started by a great developer named Jesse Terry. He started FusionInvoice as a beta version from v1.0 and every day he improved the script to give more finctionality to the application. At least […]

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I’m back with a new design and MaxCDN

isaumya back with a new design

Started from 2012 I have always wanted to create my website somehow different from others.  But designing a website with more than 90% satisfaction level was never happen. In the past 2-3 years I have redesigned my site almost 4 times. If you are a normal user, you might not have […]

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