Should you use a CDN with your WordPress site?

Within the webmaster community there are a always lots of myth floating around the internet. So when a non-technical person is thinking about starting his new business-website or blog, he reads these myths and hopes that it will makes his site lightning fast. But the reality is way different than what […]

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AMP vs Instant Articles – Which One Should You Use?

A few months back Google has launched a new article standard called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with a goal of consuming textual content on mobile web significantly faster. Just after its launch, Google has started pushing this new standard of article markup very hard. In fact, they have added a […]

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Why purchasing facebook likes is a waste of money

If you are a startup business or blog or something else who is trying make a mark on internet besides having good website, contents, products you also need good social presence. Whether it is twitter or facebook or YouTube or Google+, what matters is how many people are actually interested […]

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PayPal and Google Wallet Indian debit cards support

India, the fastest growing smart phone and e-commerce market in the world has always been kept apart from the international payment activities. RBI, always had and will have some rules which will create a barrier between the international world-wide e-commerce market and the Indian payment options. Today where every transaction […]

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