Newsletter subscription, really a great way to keep updated about what you like in internet. Almost every site now-a-days provides an option to subscribe for their newsletter. Some of them present the subscription form in a simple and elegant manner, some does it very annoyingly and some even does it silently. Let me give you an example that what I’m trying to say. When you search for information in the internet you will find that almost every website you land on has an option to subscribe, right? Now some webmaster creates annoying popup on their site which opens up just after you land on their site or sometimes after few second. Which is really annoying. Some shows the popup when you are leaving the site, elegant and some websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others, specially social networks silently add your email id on their email list silently when you creates an account.

The giant heap of emails

Have you ever faced that situation when you opens up your email after 4 – 5 days and there are 1,265 unreal email waiting for you including some status update, likes, image tag email from facebook, twitter and other social networks. Some from those site which you have subscribed their newsletter because they gave you a sweet promo code. Even some advertisement newsletter you don’t even remember when you have subscribed.  I know that this sound hilarious to someone but this could be some real mess in our daily life. Sometimes you even can miss your most important emails (for which you have created the email account) in this heap of garbage. Here is a great small animated from Unroll.me which might explain your situation.

How they get my email address

Well in some of them you have actually subscribed by yourself and for rest of them there are many sophisticated bots running in the internet, which grabs every email id which is written in textual format from any site and store them in a database. Then this email ids got sold to different email marketing companies who manually put these email address to their sending list and start sending this garbage direct to your inbox in hope that it can bring some potential customer on their or their client’s website.

I’ve tried to unsubscribe, but…

If you are person like I’ve stated above you might already tried unsubscribing this just by click the Unsubscribe link present in those newsletter, but never succeeded completely because of there are so many sender that you lost your track. Right? But don’t worry. Today I’ll show you a simple and elegant way to unsubscribe your email id from this garbage sender email list just in 2 minutes.

What I have to do to fix this

Well nothing much, as I’ve already said that you can do this in 2 minutes and completely free of cost. First you have to visit a website named Unroll.me. This is really a great website for this purpose. Then you have to click on the Get Started Now button and have to provide your email address which you want to clean up and click Continue. Also before continuing make sure you accept the Terms and Conditions of their website. Now depending upon your email provider it may ask you for further authentication. After you authenticate your account Uroll.me will scan your whole inbox for this garbage senders subscription and after the scan process complete, click on Continue like you have done before. On the very next page it will give you a detailed list of all the Subscribers along with an easy link to Unsubscribe. You can easily go through the list and check in which subscribers are you really interested in and for rest of then you can just easily unsubscribe them with no hassle. If you are confused that how to do this, take a look at the animated process below.

bulk unsubscribe subscription email in 2 min


So, next time when you are going to subscribe any email list like thrice before doing it and also before posting your working email id publicly on the web, be ready to get subscribed automatically into this garbage.


So, do you guys ever faced this garbage email subscription issue before or currently a victim of it? Also is there any other issue you have used for bulk unsubscribe from this email lists? Let me know in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to hear your opinion about this.

Published by Saumya Majumder

Passionate, Hard Worker. Love to develop new things, Singing Songs, playing computer Action Games, tweaking with computer languages, Riding Bikes, Love long driving, love books, web & Photography. You can follow me on twitter @iSaumya

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