Show affiliate ads as AdBlock alternative content


AdBlock, one of the most hateful tool to all the bloggers and webmasters around the world as it is keep getting bigger and acquiring more users every single day. As per a statistical report published by PageFair Limited on September 9 2014, there are about 144 million active adblocking software users around […]

5 Tips to be a Successful Blogger


Blogging is a very popular and successful way to share information and getting involved into the internet economy. Many people around the world make their living just from their blogs and for this reason many new people get into blogging every day, thinking of it as a shortcut way to […]


15 SEO Tips to Rank well in Search Engines

Every website in our gigantic web world wants make a good place in search results, especially Google as it is world’s biggest search engine. But unfortunately most of them didn’t get success to climb the search ranking results. Today in this post I’m going to share some very effective tips […]

Shopping with PayPal India – Issues Explained


If you an Indian citizen and you surf internet a lot or even thinking about purchasing something from an foreign or international website, you have probably seen that almost every merchants around the world uses PayPal as there payment gateway. No matter what is the location of the business almost […]


Tips to Increase Website Traffic & Google Ranking

Every webmaster in the web has one and only major target, i.e. increasing more traffic on their website. No matter which kind of website it is, everyone needs to increase traffic on their website. At the very beginning, it might look very easy but as you dig deep into this, […]

Increase your Internet Download Speed

At the very starting of this post I must need to say that if you are reading this post hoping to get some secret magic trick to increase your internet download speed like you see in many YouTube fake videos, then I will request you to leave this post, because […]

I’m getting SSL support on my site


It was always a dream of mine to have SSL on my website but I was never able to finance the cost of owning a SSL certificate for my website. It is like a dream come true, but I must admit that this was never been possible without Matthew’s helps […]

PCKeeper – Awesome Security and Support Software


We, the Homo Sapience of 21st century living in a world where our daily life is covered by the internet and its different usability. Whether you want to check your email or read an article or check some news or want to purchase something, whatever your purpose is you need […]

Stop Disabling AdSense for Invalid Click Activity

Invalid activity is one of the most common thing which affright every new AdSense publisher. As per a recent published adsense statistics repost, almost 72% adsense account got disabled and banned due to invalid click activity reason. A group of students also done a research about the webmaster’s view and […]

AdBlock alternative content Disable your AdSense Account


Adblock is a well-known open-source free application in the web world which will allow you to block advertisement showing in various websites and the statistics of active users of Adblock is getting increased every single year. Due to this very reason many website owners and bloggers has seen dramatic loss […]

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