adsense premium publisher

How to become an AdSense Premium Publisher

After I mention about AdSense Premium Publisher for the first time on my post how AdBlock alternative content might disable your AdSense account, people start asking me more and more about this “AdSense Premium Publisher”. Questions like whether or not it is real, what is the procedure of having an […]

Why you should prefer using Genesis over other themes

use genesis framework

There was a time when people has to write every single thing in HTML just create a simple webpage for internet. But now the time has changed, technology got more advanced than we ever imagined and creating a website has become as easy that everyone can do it regardless of […]

How to enable DNS Prefetching in WordPress


As a webmaster or a website owner we always want our site to be fast and optimized so that we can provide a good user experience to all of our visitors. Creating a good and optimized website include many different parameters, starting with design, code quality, caching, server quality and […]


5 reason to avoid creating backlink for good SEO

Link building or backlink creation is something most webmasters or website owner rely on for good SEO and to be in the top 10 search results. So, most webmasters end up paying a good amount of money to some SEO companies and/or individuals for getting a backlink to their site […]

WP Retina 2x Pro – Review of a must have WordPress image plugin


If you are creating any website or blog one of the key factor that many developer misses is the proper image resolution to be used for the website. It is not just about handcrafted website for agencies or organizations. It’s about every single site, even if it is a normal […]

Credit Card vs Debit Card – All myths explained

Credit Card vs Debit Card – All myths explained

Credit card and Debit card are the most useful financial element of our life. Whether you are in a restaurant or in a multiplex, if you have low cash in your pocket, you can pay any bill you want just with a swipe. The invention of credit and debit cards […]

Security precautions user must take for online transactions


As we are lining in the 21st century, our life is almost surrounded with various online activities. Whether it is surfing social networking sites or checking emails or paying the bills, almost everything is now can be done through online. In some countries, few organization provide special discounts if any […]

Blogger or Vlogger – Which one to go for


If you are an internet savvy person, or a blogger yourself, you might not be familiar with the term “vlog” or maybe you did. Vlog is actually an acronym for Video Blog or commonly known as the YouTube culture. On the other hand, a blogger is someone who writes article […]

Atlast! The new design has been released with Genesis

When I first started this website, it was an experimental project where I used to do a lot of code and seo experiments before rolling them out on my client websites. Then I started writing blog post mostly for the webmasters and tech enthusiast community. Initially my goal was to […]

(OLD REVIEW) WP Rocket Cache Plugin

Being a part of fast internet era, where people gets frustrated in seconds if a website doesn’t load properly, caching is one of the must do things which every webmaster has to take into a serious consideration now. Caching not just only speed up your website or blog insanely but […]

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