Why purchasing facebook likes is a waste of money

If you are a startup business or blog or something else who is trying make a mark on internet besides having good website, contents, products you also need good social presence. Whether it is twitter or facebook or YouTube or Google+, what matters is how many people are actually interested […]

Top 5 PayPal alternative payment gateway for startups

If you are thinking about starting an international eCommerce site or eShop to sell either digital or physical goods one of the major challenge is to select the proper payment gateway. This single selection can either bring a lot of sales to your store or can make a lot of […]

Welcome to v5.0 of iSaumya.com

Hello my fellow readers hope you have noticed the complete redesign of my site and enjoying it too. I’ve spend my last 6 days developing this brand new design for iSaumya.com. I’ve spend more than 70 hours on coding this v5 which is even more than the time I’ve contributed […]

Where to get Cheap Domain Registration

cheap domain registration

Domain names are the base of anything you do online or planning to do. If you are thinking about creating a personal blog or an ecommerce website or may be any kind of portfolio website, domain name is first thing you must need to have for your any online need. […]

How to Protect Internet Privacy in Today’s World

protect internet privacy

Do you like superhero movies, like Iron Man? Most of the people say yes undoubtedly. How many times did you dreamed of having Jarvis beside you? Well, it’s not just you even I also dreamed of having something like this beside me. If you do not like superhero movies that […]

windows 10 review

Windows 10 Review – Is it worth upgrading

Microsoft Windows, a very familiar name of our computing life. Outside of USA, UK and most other first world countries Windows is the only go-to operating system used by almost 97% of the population. Specially after releasing Windows XP, back in 90’s the popularity of Windows really got a huge […]

WP Rocket Review: The Next Generation of WP Caching Plugin

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you would have probably seen my earlier review on WP Rocket caching plugin for WordPress sites. That review was written quite a long time ago when WP Rocket was on early era of their v2.4. A long time has been […]

Hotjar – The Next Genesis of User Analytics – Honest Review

hotjar review

In the world of Internet Economy, understanding your potential users is the hardest job to perform as neither can you see them physically nor you can attract them by giving an extraordinary sales pitch. The one and only chance is have is the user experience of your website especially for […]

Understand & Monitor your Web Server Health performance

understand and monitor your server health at real time

Whether you are a professional webmaster or just someone how have a website or blog to share your thought. When it comes to the self-hosted platforms, one of the major problem we all have to face is the nightmare of server performance. We all know that we are not big […]

Advantages of WordPress Multisite & How to create one

As many of my daily readers know that my site is running on a WordPress Multisite Network platform for several years now. So, I get a lot of emails and tweets asking me why I use a WordPress Multisite over general WordPress installation. Is there any true benefit of having […]

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