Flipkart logoIn India, when we starts talking about online shopping or eCommerce, the first name which comes into most of the Indian’s mind is Flipkart. Starting on 5th September 2007 as an online book selling website flipkart has come up a long way. In this past 7 years. Flipkart became the first choice about online shopping without even looking for alternative. Even now most of the people who does online shopping flipkart is their first preference. But is flipkart really that good? Does flipkart really give you the best buy price in India for that product? Well, the answer is No. So, trusting flipkart is bad? Flipkart is not a trustworthy company? Well not exactly. Flipkart is one of India’s most popular online shopping website out there. Even in India, the popularity of flipkart is more that Amazon, the online shopping giant. So, now the question comes, why flipkart is so popular? and most of all is flipkart really the place for best buy price? Today in this post I will share what should you do so that you can get your product at the best buy price available in India.

How flipkart got so popular

In early 2010 – 11 flipkart really was a best buy online shopping site out there whose only major rivals was eBay and Unfortunately neither of them actually concentrated in the marketing aspects in India. After flipkart get huge funding from Accel India and Tiger global, the main thing they have concentrated  was commercial marketing with a brand new creative approach. Reaching to the potential users and let them know about flipkart. On that time not many people were into online shopping because they fear about online transactions and all. But after spending so much money on marketing and selling product on the best buy price, made flipkart the megamart of online shopping. The more people started using flipkart get a satisfaction which they never experienced before. On that time Snapdeal was mainly focused towards providing many exiting deals regarding dining, restaurants and all. So in short with that kind of aggresive marketing flipkart easily takeover the Indian eCommerce market. Beside all these factors one of the unique implementation of flipkart was COD feature, which give flexibility to the Indian online shoppers who fear about doing online banking transactions due to many security risks. As times goes on, Snapdeal also started selling various products online just like flipkart. But by the time snapdeal got into this business flipkart has already taken over the trust of their users along with great marketing strategies and great support. Now flipkart has their own store (WS Retail), own courier service (eKart) and many other features which they do not have at that time. But as flipkart started getting popular, their price tag didn’t stick to the same point they had 4- 5 years back. Now most of the products which is sold in flipkart is not a best buy price and in fact they are overly priced, sometimes just by couple hundred of rupees and sometimes by thousands.

Who is the best buy seller now in India

Well if you take an approximate average, I will say SnapDeal, but it also does varies time to time. The only way to get the best buy price is tally the price of your desired product over this three most trusted online shopping sites in India, i.e flipkart, Snapdeal and Most of the times you will find that the price which is showing in flipkart is higher than what other sites are offering you. Generally in most of the cases you will find that Snapdeal is the most reasonable and cheapest after that and at last with the highest price tag comes flipkart. This ranks changes also depending upon the product. Sometimes you will see that price is even lesser than Snapdeal, but very rarely you will find that you are getting the best buy price from flipkart.


Price comparison between Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal

As you can clearly see from the above picture that what is the price difference of flipkart compared with and Snapdeal. This is a random product I choose during writing the post, so please do not think that I choose this product intentionally. Now here take a look into another price comparison of HTC One M8, one of the most anticipated smart phone of 2013 – 2014.

Another price comparison between Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal

Another price comparison between Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal

Now here in the above case you can clearly see that Snapdeal is giving even better price than right? Tough Amazon does have a starting price with Rs. 37,924.00/- but that is not from Amazon Fulfilled seller, but if you still purchase the phone from Amazon fulfilled seller the price tag of and Flipkart is same and Snapdeal is giving Rs. 50/- Off in this phone and that is not much right? But wait this is not the final price of Snapdeal, Take a look in the below screenshot.

Snapdeal promo code system

Snapdeal promo code system

Promo Code, one of the most unique and the best feature of Snapdeal for which I love them and I suggest everyone to use them. This is the feature which makes Snapdeals price, the best buy price. Unlike others ( who also have a promo code system but you never find a valid promo code to work, but for Snapdeal if you follow their website and choose the right time to purchase, you will get a huge amount off just by using promo code. Almost every time Snapdeal have a promo code offer running for you and the best part is you don’t have to even google it for the Snapdeal promo code. When you purchasing a product from Sandeal, if there is a valid promo code available for the product, it will automatically add the promo code while placing the order. You can even call the customer care of Snapdeal to ask if any special promo code is available for your desired product you are willing to purchase from their website. Just like others Snapdeal also have a great customer support and I personally never been disappointed purchasing from their website.

So, what’s the catch

There is no such catch on this beside every company has their own policies. Like if you purchase any product from flipkart and particularly from WS Retail, you will get a 30 Days Replacement Warranty, but in Snapdeal, no matter from whom you purchase your product you will have a 7 Days Return Policy, but again does that even matters? You will have your product warranty alongside with all this. So, if you face any issue you can visit your nearest service center anytime. Another thing is tough flipkart uses their own courier and Snapdeal mainly uses 3rd party courier service like BlueDart, Gati etc. Flipkart generally deliver products few days faster than Snapdeal. But again if waiting for 2 -3 more days can save you thousand bucks and even more on a phone, I personally don’t think that is a much hard call to make. When you are purchasing any product from online you are already made your mind to wait for it so if you can save few bucks just by waiting few more days I don’t think that is bad at all. Beside if you cant wait, you better go with the local market and stores, where you will pay higher and get your product instantly.


Now after reading this article if you are thinking that why flipkart price is higher than others and why they are not doing anything about it, well because there is nothing much to be done about it. The money they spent on advertising, marketing, signing special MoUs with other companies (e.g. monopoly selling agreement with Motorola in Indian market), private courier service etc. doesn’t come form the company’s profit account, it is actually levied on the users in increasing the selling amount a little bit. Because flipkart is well aware about thir popularity in the Indian market and they know that there are many users around the nation who blind-foldedly trust flipkart. As a small example has 1 day delivery option in few places around the nation without charging any single amount more. Flipkart has also introduces a feature like this recently, but to avail that you have to take a yearly subscription with flipkart paying extra money just for it. So now on whenever you think about purchasing online, make you to check out the price with all rusted sites so that you can get the best buy price with no regrets.


If you have any feedback or suggestion about the above topic and if you have any more useful information to share  which can help the readers to get the best buy price available in Indian online shopping market, please feel free to share that with me in the comment section below.

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