When I first started this website, it was an experimental project where I used to do a lot of code and seo experiments before rolling them out on my client websites. Then I started writing blog post mostly for the webmasters and tech enthusiast community. Initially my goal was to provide quality content on the internet which will the experience based, not just a copy-paste from other websites (like most blog does). In my early days I used to have 5 to 10 visitors per day and sometime even 0. But I didn’t lose the hope. I learned more, gained more experience and figure out the pitfall of my website. So, I started improving it in every way I can.

It was early 2013 when I realized that the main reason low engagement on my website was because of bad design. As you all know I really love flat and minimal design, so from that aspect I released v2.0 of my site with a rich user interface and an intuitive design. Initially it was a great design with good features, but overtime as my site starts getting popular, the theme starts falling due to a lot of jQuery and JavaScript usage on the front end design and also because of the coding structure of the theme.

Over time my site because a complicated website including ecommerce, online selling and blog and it was not just an experimental site anymore. Almost more than 1000 unique visitors are visiting my site every single day and as my site gets bigger, so as my responsibility. I had to make happy, every one of them with the user experience they get from my website. When I started working towards the v4 release of my site, I was determined to give my 100% into it, so that no matter whether it is a potential client or a blog reader or someone just watching the site, everyone stays happy.

What was the issue with the old design?

I know many of you might be thinking that what was wrong with the old design that I’ve changed it. When I released the v2.0 of my site I got a lot of emails from my readers and visitors saying that how much they like my site design. Trust me I loved it too. But when your site is growing and expanding, you can’t just stick to a single variable like design, you have to think about many other things too, like online shopping experience, purchase experience, reading experience, mobile experience and mostly the site loading speed.

As the previous design of my site was mostly dependent upon jQuery and ajax, it used to take a lot amount of time than other sites. Many people have complained about it that how slow it is loading and my bounce rate goes way up than I have ever seen. I knew that I have make my site faster and to give a better user experience to all of my clients and readers while keeping an awesome minimal and flat design.

How much time did you spent on this?

Well, to be very honest I’ve started this v4.0 project on December 2014, but the main problem I faced was to create an awesome design which will stand out from the crowed and alongside will load at a blazing fast speed without compromising the website SEO and security.

I’ve almost done 9 design mockups for this v4.0 release and even coded some of them, but in the end all gets rejected because none of them does have that wow factor inside it’s design. Initially v4.0 development started using general custom coding like every other theme, but after few stage of development I realized that it is not going to helpful in the long run, as I was planning this v4.0 as the last redesign work for my site. So, I realized the importance of a strong and robust framework.

After this I started the development of the mockup designs using Divi framework by Elegant Themes, but overtime I realized that it is not suitable for my needs as the code customizability option in divi is really less. The only customization option you have is using the page builder, which I generally don’t like as if you change your theme in future, it is going to break all the content of your site. Also the support of elegant theme was pretty slow in their support forum. Divi framework is really great for starters who have no coding experience, but really not for someone who are looking for extensive code customizability option and want to code their theme by themselves.

So that’s why you choose Genesis?

After wasting months on barnstorming the new design, features and functionalities, I finally realized I need a super powerful development framework, exclusively build for developers, not for general users with no coding experience. So, I realized that the framework I really need for this project was none other than Genesis Framework by studiopress. The best WordPress development framework ever build. After I starts using Genesis, it was like the rain in summer time. The code customizability options are endless and the possibilities are endless depending upon your imagination. Oh! I am so happy with it that I can’t literally explain here.

Wasn’t Genesis cost a lot?

Yes it does. Genesis costs much higher than most of the themes you get on Themeforest or similar marketplaces. But it worth every single penny of it. Not like WP Rocket plugin where you pay a hefty amount to buy it and then you realized that you have actually threw your money into the gutter. Genesis is really a very powerful WordPress theme development framework with numerous filters, hooks to extensively customize your theme and also insanely optimized for the best SEO result & security.

If you are a developer who have good coding knowledge and want to build an exclusive website with great features based on a powerful framework, Genesis will the best thing ever happened to you. But if you are a general user who doesn’t have much coding experience yet wants to build an exclusive website, Genesis might not be a good option for you. As genesis doesn’t come up with any in-built short codes and ecommerce integration. You have to do all these this by your own. But if you are planning to use genesis only for blogging, then it will work out of the box without any extra effort.

Why didn’t you posted any new article?

As I said earlier, these past few months I was so busy working on the v4.0 redesign update that I almost get no time to write any new article. I am the only person working for the whole design, development and coding. Alongside I also have to provide support for my clients and after all this, it was almost impossible to write a new article. But as the v4.0 has been released with a brand new extraordinary design and extensive features, now I can concentrate fully on writing more amazing articles for you guys. So, don’t worry, many new articles are on the way and will be released soon.

What are the new features I’ve added?

Now my site comes with a dedicated digital shop for my clients alongside a dedicated blog for my blog readers. All build up and working upon a single extraordinary framework. Also now my site does have a good navigation menu to easily navigate throughout the site which was a big problem in the previous design. Many people have complained about the bad navigation in the old design of my site. Now my site also have breadcrumb integration for posts and pages for better SEO and user experience. A dedicated Client Login and My account section was also a big thing to integrate. These things might not sound much for spending months after months but trust me designing 11 mockups and 4 themes almost 40% before developing this one, took a lot of time.


So, what do you think about the v4 release of my site? Do you like it? Is there anything you don’t like? Do you have and feedback to share about it? Let me know your experience and feedback with the new design and user experience. I hope you will enjoy this new user interface a lot more than the previous one.

Published by Saumya Majumder

Passionate, Hard Worker. Love to develop new things, Singing Songs, playing computer Action Games, tweaking with computer languages, Riding Bikes, Love long driving, love books, web & Photography. You can follow me on twitter @iSaumya


  1. great work saumya, the home page is very nice , the I am a geek and typing style intro is really cool . coming to the blog part Its good , but some thing is missing, dont know what.

    Also there is a drag in the header after scroll up and down,not seamless like yoast. I mean the logo and navbar come a sec late.

    coming to post body there is a room for lot of improvement, and you can hide the last breadcrumb which will give a nice look , all these are my personal opinion and tastes are subjective 🙂 any how you got a great site,looking forward for more great content too .

    • Hi Kalyan,
      Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. I’m glad to know that you liked my home page 🙂 Also the header scroll thing has been done intentionally and it is not a bug. It is a part of the design. Give it a few more time you will like it I’m sure. You are not liking it because most site don’t have this kind of design elements. But trust me, after few days you will like it yourself 🙂
      In the blog breadcrumb section I will definitely take your feedback and make the changes. Also as you sazid something is missing I don’t know what that is. I’ve tried my best to make it as awesome and beautiful as possible. But as I’m a human, I might have missed something, as I don’t know what you are referring to. I think earlier by site don’t have a sidebar and now it has a sidebar, which might be reason you are feeling like this. 🙂

  2. Great website design, Saumya, I love the minimal design and speed. The “webs” animations in the header are very playfull, yet subtle. And the green color would also be my choice (and has been on some websites). Some fonts may (for me) be a bit bigger, to add readability (the menu and the block stating comment policy) but it’s fine now too and the functionality seems very well thought out and implemented. The only problem I found regarded the “Sign Up for My Newsletter” field. After entering the emailadress it wasn’t transported to your email-service and I was sent to a page in which it said “Blank email address”. Perhaps that still needs some attention. For the rest it’s what I’ve come to expect of a wel designed genesis child theme. Congrats. Hope it will be succesfull for you.
    Kind regards,

    • A small addition to the previous comment: In the Blog sidebar, a search field appears as you scroll down. I think you want it to stay on top, but some ellements in the sidebar scroll over it rather than under it (get social, the advertisement, the latest reviews) and make it seem a bit messy and unclear. In the overall presentation, the black background color of the enews widget seems very heavy in a further very subtel design.

      For me it isn’t adding to the design that the navigation grows and shrinks when the scrolling starts. It also doesn’t seem necessary for the logo-size (very subtle logo by the way, nice). Perhaps keeping it this size would be more minimal?

      Keep up the good work. 🙂

      Regards, Hans

      • I’m well aware of the search bar overlap issue but yet unable to find any proper solution for it. I’m still working on it. What improvements do you have on mind about the enews widget, I don’t understand properly.
        I understand that you don’t like the scrolling effect of the header much, trust me you are not the only one, but I kinda like it 😛 But as always I’m open to suggestions. Again whatever sugesstions you might have, it would be great if you can drop me an email using my contact form including the screenshots of those page pointing the exact changes.
        Thanks again for your kind words 🙂

        • I actually like the scrolling effect, and if it makes you happy, you should definitely keep it. 🙂 It’s just, like with all gadgets, that if you are sniffing the site and scrolling all over the place going from page to page, it tends to lose its appeal a bit and can distract somewhat. And since it has no real function, it can be disgarded. It will however become more and more irrelivant when we’re all using less desktops and more mobile devices to surf the net. Mobile first would be a good choice now, and as i see the design of gtmetrics now, it seems clear that it is also primarely designed for mobile devices. Hover-effects, sliders, and this kind of scroll-effects, are mostly for desktops. So the will become mostly obsolete at some point. And saying that, it’s really not that important. 🙂

          The font-issue is also not an issue to further report about. It’s just a choice you made, in combination with my 51 years old and somewhat tired eyes. 🙂 I’ve noticed that larger fontsizes and more whitespace makes reading less stressful on the eyes (and mind) and the less I have to stress myself the better. Your website looks very pleasant, and is functional, so I’ve enjoyed my visit. Thank you!

          In regards to enews, its just a feeling really not a problem. Your colorscheme is quite light and the large black space does contrast it a lot. It stands out, what you perhaps would like it to do, but my choice would be to than use a non-black color that more suites the green, red and purple color that you mostly use already. It seems to hard and dark in comparison. No more than a personal feeling, like I said. In a more black-white theme it would suite just fine, but your theme seems to be more subtle. If you like it, just keep it like it is. Otherwise try perhaps the purple color of the comment policy message (#987197) as a background. That will also stand out, but will probably be more pleasant on the eye than black. It’s just a choice. No biggy.

          Untill we speak again. Great work!


          ps. Is the comment reCaptcha part of jetpack or another plugin?

    • I’m glad that you liked my work and thanks for reporting the bug with subscription form. Will try to fix it when I get some free time. As this is a 3rd party plugin – not so easy to bug fix 😉 About the font issue you have faced it would be great if you can sent me some screenshots of what you think can be improved via my contact form


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