G Suite, which was also known as Google Apps earlier is now a paid service whose cost has been recently increased and will increase again in future. But if you are someone who has been using business emails for a long time, then you should know that till 2012 Google used to provide a lifetime free version of G Suite (then called Google Apps) account with certain free user limit. With those accounts, you can have business emails without any extra cost. Now to big businesses paying money for email is not a big deal as they earn good money as well. But for small businesses and startups, it is very essential that they save as much money as they can. Now you can reuse your G Suite Legacy accounts again by adding your new business domains to that account and use it as lifetime free Legacy account by paying a small one-time payment of just 30$ per secondary domain addition.

Just fill up the order form below and reuse your Google Apps Legacy Account for your new business by adding your new business domain to it as a secondary domain. One legacy account can hold max 2 secondary domains, but the problem is that if you want to hold more than 1 secondary domains, they need to be added at the same time. Adding secondary domain one by one is not possible. If you already have existing secondary domains, then first they need to be removed and then re-added with the new domains. While removing your existing secondary domain, you can rename all of it’s users to the primary domain, so that email, drive and other data of those users don’t get lost.

Please note Google has stopped allowing primary domain change in the legacy account on Dec 13, 2018, and has also stopped secondary domain addition in legacy accounts since Jan 16, 2020. Now neither primary domain can be changed nor secondary domains can be added in legacy accounts, only domain alias can be added.

Why Choose My Service

  • Trusted by thousands of people all around the world. Have already delivered more than 2000+ G Suite Secondary Domain Addition orders
  • High-Quality Support – Support is the key to making any purchase online. I take pride to provide such high-quality support to my clients which is simply unmatched by anyone else. If you have any doubt, any query before or after placing your order, I’m just an email away. Drop your mail at support[at]isaumya[dot]com
  • Super fast turn around time – All the G Suite orders I’ve processed till date, all of them have been delivered in a couple of hours from placing the order. But still just to be on the safe side, I ask 24 hours from my clients.
  • Accept Multiple Currency as Payment – As a person who does business globally, one of the major problems is making cross-currency payment and paying extra for cross-currency payment charges. Well, I take payments in more than 133+ currencies from my clients to ensure they don’t have to pay any extra frees to avail the service. You can check the list of accepted payment currencies and if your currency is mentioned here, just drop a mail and will send you a work invoice in your currency.
  • Honest & Transparent Work – I can promise you one thing, whatever support, recommendation and work you will receive from my end will nothing but honest and transparent. Cause, if I don’t provide that, you are not going to be a returning customer, are you? Customer satisfaction is the uttermost priority to me.
  • Clear Refund Policy – If I am unable to do the promised work in your account will initiate a full refund back to you.

Satisfaction & Smile Delivered to: 1,704+ Orders

Please note Google has stopped allowing primary domain change in the legacy account on Dec 13, 2018, and has also stopped secondary domain addition in legacy accounts since Jan 16, 2020. Now neither primary domain can be changed nor secondary domains can be added in legacy accounts, only domain alias can be added.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some frequently asked questions by most of the people on whose Google Apps a.k.a G Suite legacy account I’ve already worked on. Hope this will help you to get your required answers easily.

What is a Domain Alias in Google Apps ?

As the term “Alias” suggests, Domain Aliases are the domain name which will not be used to create new separate emails ids, rather it will link to the email ids you already have with your primary domain.

As an example, let’s say in your Google Apps account you have a primary domain or secondary domain named example.com, but as you have a multinational business, you have country specific domains too, like example.co.in, example.fr, example.tk etc. Now if you create 3 separate email ids for each of your employees, say [email protected], [email protected] & [email protected]. That person (Jhon) has to maintain all three email accounts daily and it would become a nightmare.

Now if you add example.com as the primary domain or secondary domain of your Google Apps account but example.co.in, example.tk as domain aliases, then even if someone sends an email to [email protected] it will still go to [email protected] and the person has to maintain only one email id.

Can I add Domain Aliases to Secondary Domains?

Definately it can be done. But you cannot do it from your end. If you want to add Domain Aliases to your secondary domains, simply drop a mail providing a temp super admin login of your legacy account and the domain alias names you want to add, to your secondary domain. I will add it for your FREE OF CHARGE. You can also mention your domain alias names while placing the order, in the extra note section so that I can add the domain aliases to your secondary domain at the time of delivering your order. 

What is a Secondary Domain in Google Apps ?

Unlike Domain Aliases, the secondary domain will allow you to create separate email ids with a separate domain name. So, if you have an example.co.in and example.tk added as a secondary domain in your account, you will be able to create two separate email ids, i.e. [email protected] and [email protected] – which is something you won’t be able to do with Domain Alias.

Do you provide Google Apps legacy account ?

Yes I do. Just drop me an email to support[at]isaumya.com with the user limit you wants to have in your new Google Apps Legacy account and I will let you know the pricing of it.

Do you provide discount on bulk order?

Well, as I’ve already explained in the previous question that it is really hard to provide discount considering the efforts, but still if you want to place an order for 10 or more account, I can provide you 20% discount on the total price. Drop me a mail at support[at]isaumya.com before placing bulk orders.

Why my emails are not getting sent properly after domain change ?

A lot of people have asked me this question after changing their primary domain. Please note just because your domain is added in the Google Apps account as primary domain doesn’t mean that your emails will start working at that very moment. To make sure your emails get send and received properly you have to add Google MX records in your primary/secondary domain’s DNS. After the MX records are updated, your emails will fly like an eagle.

Can I upgrade my account after you add secondary domain?

Definately not. After adding a secondary domain, if you upgrade to G Suite Basic trial, you cannot come back to legacy mode unless the secondary domains have been deleted from your account.

Is this process still working?

If any day Google patches the loophole that I use and I’m unable to provide this service for any given time, I will update that in the article. Then after I find a new loophole in Google’s system again, I will mention that in the article too. So, if nothing is mentioned like that in the article that means the process I’m using is working fine and you are good to place your order.
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Saumya made it easy with clear instructions in preparation, prompt response and overall very efficient. Great service!

Thank you for the review 🙂

by Worked beautifully! on ISAUMYA TECHNOLOGIES

I couldn't figure out how to get this to work, and also didn't want to jeopardize my free forever account. Job was completed in less than 2 hours, and everything is working great.

Glad to see you so happy. 🙂 Looking forward to working with you again soon. 🙂


If I could rate higher than 5 I would. I am a returning customer. I will always come back to Saumya. Quick, efficient service with great communication. Thank you!

Looking forward to working with you again. 🙂


What a fantastic service! I’m always reluctant to hand over cash online to people or businesses I don’t know, but I need not have feared. Saumya is very friendly and helpful, and added a secondary domain to my legacy Google Apps account quickly and efficiently. All works perfectly, and I’ve been able to create user accounts at the secondary domain name with no issue. Highly recommended!

Thank you very much for your review. 🙂 Enjoy your account. 🙂


Extremely helpful


Very fast and efficient. Helpful with all details. I would recommend to anybody.

Thank you so much. 🙂


Have used Saumya's service multiple times over the years, he's rather quick and makes sure you'll come out okay.

Thank you so much for your review. Looking forward to working with you again.


I am very great full and thankful to Saumya for
Efficient and smart work . He is very intelligent , prefect
at his work, solved all my queries and problems very well.
Honesty is his best part and he explains so carefully. Thanks a lot
Highly Recommend!

Thank you so much for the review. 😊Loved working with you. Looking forward to work with you again in your future projects.


Thanks the advices and the fast and accurate service!

by timnikolaev on ISAUMYA TECHNOLOGIES

Saumya is great! I didn't hesitate much because of the reviews, he got back to me right away and after a couple back and forth emails everything was smoothly completed. Highly recommend!

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