Adblock is a well-known open-source free application in the web world which will allow you to block advertisement showing in various websites and the statistics of active users of Adblock is getting increased every single year. Due to this very reason many website owners and bloggers has seen dramatic loss in their adsense revenue and starts showing alternative content to the visitors who have enabled AdBlocker in their browser mostly saying “Online ads help pay my bills. Please disable adblock” without even knowing what a mistake they have done and their Adsense account even get DISABLED for this little mistake.

Why people use AdBlocker?

Though there is a very legitimate reason of using Adblock on your user’s browser. Many websites and bloggers often get rejected by Google Adsense program as they maintain a very strict policy and every ad publisher has to obey them too. As a result the rejected website owners often register with some ad publishing websites which provide annoying graphical and popup ads. You will see these kind of advertisements generally in the piracy websites and p*rn sites, as due to their content material will never follow a good ad publishing site (like Adsense) policies. Eventually these website owners opt for this crappy ads to earn some penny.

What’s wrong with AdBlocker alternative content?

Well if I say logically, the whole idea of AdBlock alternative content is wrong. Why, well because if a visitor of yours have decided to install adblock on their system, then they are well determined that they do not want to see ads on any website. Now when you are asking your viewer to disable adblock, you are actually pissing them off, because they do not want to see any ad related content. Also there are many user who uses adblock doesn’t even know how to whitelist any particular website, so even if they want to help you, they don’t know how to do it. So, showing adblock alternative content is not completely wrong if you can do it smartly.

Why Google will block my Adsense account?

Adblock Popular Alternative

There are basically two possible reason for google to block your adsense account. First, the way you implement the adblock alternative content. I’ve seen many web bloggers presented code to show alternative content which actually modifying or altering adsense ad code, which is bad and you should always avoid that. Secondly if you show a picture as adblock alternative content, much likely shown in the side or saying anything like “Online ads help pay my bills. Please disable adblock or whitelist my site” or any phrase or images where you have mentioned the word “Ad” or anything related to that – is actually an offence as per Googles’s Adsense Policy. As per google you are drawing attention to your ads and provoking your viewers to click on your ads. Creepy, right?

Some proof from Adsense Top Contributors

Some proof from Adsense Top Contributors

Let me explain it to you. When you write anything related to your ads as adblocker alternative content, Google bot read it like you are drawing your user attention towards your ads and asking them to click it so that you can “Pay your bills”. Some webmasters even show an overlay on their site saying disable Adblocker to see the content. This is even worse. As a result this will increase your bounce rate and decrease the user experience of your site and Google never tolerate bad user experience on a site where their content is showing. Anyways I’ve also written a post about 5 Tips to prevent your AdSense account get Disabled.

How googlebot knows all this things?

My fellow reader, never ever underestimate the power of a googlebot. Goglebots are highly designed to crawl your site just like the way a normal user does on their pc or mobile device. Google devs always upgrading the algorithm of the googlebot to make it even more human alike. Googlebot which is specially designed for approving, disabling and monitoring the websites which are running Adsense or the websites which are applied to join adsense program take every single one of this in the parameter of their decision making system. So, be aware and know what you are doing with your adsense monetized websites. A single mistake could DISABLE your Adsense account forever.

What is the smart alternative to show then?

As I said earlier that showing adblock alternative content is never a smart thing to do if you consider user experience of your site and in the end it will just going to increase the no. of unhappy user, but you can avoid that if you do it in the smart way. As per Google Adsense Policy Agreement, you neither can draw attention of your users towards the ads nor provoke anyone to click on your ads on any circumstance. So, the smart way to save your Adsense account is to SAY NOTHING. That’s right! Nothing. But instead saying or showing any pictures (which is asking or provoking your users to disable Adblock) as an alternative content, you can actually show them Affiliate Ads.

If you sign up for affiliate account with any popular affiliate source out there, like OptinMonster, Prettylink Pro, Amazon, MaxCDN or with anyone you want they have banner affiliate ads to show up in your site. Now if you just copy and paste their code into your site it will also get blocked by Adblocker as every one of the affiliate owners uses the word ‘ad’ in their picture file name. So what you have to do is, copy the affiliate banner ad code and paste it in a notepad. Then copy the image path present in the banner ad code (you will find it in <img src=”here is the image link” /> this place) and save the image in your computer. Change the image file name with some random character, like QhTfdzYl.jpg – and upload it to your server. Then replace the image path with the image link from your server replacing the affiliate image link.

If you show affiliate ad as an alternative to Adblocker it will not violate a single policy of Adsense, yet it can bring some revenue to you instead showing some static image which will violate google’s policy and annoy the users.

What process I follow in my site?

Well I show alternative content to my readers as I believe and statistics showed us, people only get pissed off by ads when it annoy them, like popup ads, flash ads with annoying music etc. But I use a little advanced version of adblock alternative content. In my site I use my own written code to show up adblock alternative affiliate ads randomly from a huge stack of affiliate ads. Alongside with it I track every single user through Google Analytics to know how many of them uses Adblock and how many of them are not. If you have adblocker installed in your browser while reading this article, the affiliate ads you see are not permanent. If you refresh the page, the affiliate ads will change, which eventually give a much nicer user experience (I think) rather than showing the same affiliate banner again and again on every single post.

But, there are many popular sites showing this

Yes I know that there are many popular blogs showing this kind of alternative content which I’ve mentioned dangerous for your Adsense account and even DISABLE your adsense account permanently. But, there is a catch which many people, including adsense publishers are not aware of, that is called “Premium Publisher”. This is an undisclosed feature of Google Adsense which gives certain benefits and reduced the strictness towards following the policy to those adsense publishers whose sites generate millions of hits and revenues in adsense. If you are running a website which generate millions of hits monthly and also generate huge adsense revenue, you will receive email from Google Adsense Team saying that you have been promoted to the Premium Publisher level of Adsense.

So, if any of those site show this kind textual or image content as adblock alternative, Google won’t take that seriously as this sites are high level adsense owner site and also popular site, but if you do the same thing, Google won’t hesitate to DISABLE your acount. So, don’t compare your site with the big runners.

So, how can I show affiliate ad as alternative of AdBlock?

I’ve written an exclusive article about how you can show affiliate ad as adblocking software alternative content. I will suggest you to read this article if you are looking for a way to implement it properly. Tough it will work perfectly for all kind of advertisement media code, not just only for AdSense.


So, as a conclusion I will suggest you to do the right thing for your website and adsence account as you are already know that how hard it is to re-enable a adsense disabled account or opening a new one. Do not try to do something which the big players are doing. Always remember, big players does have big benefits.


What do you think about adsense alternative content? Is it worth it or just make the web more annoying. If you are a webmaster have you ever tried to put an adsense alternative content on your site? Does your adsense account get blocked due to improper adblock alternative content? Let me know in the comment section below.

Also from now on I’m going to release at least one article each week especially for bloggers and webmasters with news how tos, tips, reviews and more. So, if you have any special request for any topic, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. This is a very insightful post,Got clarification that Only premium publishers have some flexibility.

    Also I wonder the out come of using plain old text affiliate links ? Amazon,Flipkart etc ? instead of banner ads. Any views on this ?

    Bloggers are to be blamed actually for people developing a hatred towards ads,I have see sites filled with more ads than content.

    • Hi Kalyan,
      You can always use affiliate links in your posts & sites. But suppose you have a 300px x 250px size of ad showing in your site, I hope you do not want to show just a link as an alternative of when Adblocker is installed, beside I personally feel that it is better to show affiliate banners which are of the same site. But implementation is completely up to you. You can show affiliate links too if you want & feel they are perfect for your site.
      Yes, it is some bloggers and site owners who taunted the invention of Adblocker because of their bad content with awful flash, popup and music ads. I personally feels that these kind of ad publisher needs to be blocked and also I wonder how much they own from this awful ads. I doubted anyone clicks on this awful ads. To me, Adsense is the best ad publisher out there as their ads are not awful.

  2. Nice article SAUMYA, but would you please share your advanced version of adblock alternative content? Or explain how you made it? Like a tutorial or so.



    • Well as I said earlier on the post that I use a very sophisticated WordPress plugin, written by me which shows ads on the specific counties I want it to be seen and also if Adblock install shows random affiliate ads from my ad bank. But the problem is as this plugin is very sophisticated and copyrighted to me, I’m not planing to share it for free instead I’m planning to sell it as there is no other plugin out there like this. But the problem is the UI of this plugin is not so user friendly. Most of it’s configurations needs to be done inside the code. Being busy I didn’t get a chance to make a good UI for it, but if you want to purchase the version I’m using, feel free to contact me.
      The way I do it is very simple, I find out my user’s actual location and then do what I wanna do as per it.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. hello sir one thing i wanna know that can i use floating sidebars in my blog to put adsense ads like you? you have put 336×280 unit in right sidebar of your blog which is a floating sideba. Is this allowed????

      • No it’s against Google Ad-sense TOC. If someone report you……..

        • Hi Tithi, you have misunderstood the comment by Sudhir. I know floating ads is against Google’s policy but he said that the kind I’m using on my sidebar. On my sider I don’t use floating ad. It is just a normal ad unit. That is why I said it is ok to do, because I understood that Sudhir didn’t actually meant floating ads. But ofcouse floating is is not allowed by Google.

  4. Hello, is displaying the alternate image for years and it is still working well.
    I think AdSense thinks it is OK to display much alternate image.

    • Hi Ravinder, I think you didn’t read the post properly. If you did, please recheck the “But, there are many popular sites showing this” section of the above post. is a Premium Publisher, so the rules applicable to him, is not applicable to you. Also you better check the screenshot image with caption “Some proof from Adsense Top Contributors”.
      Hope this helps.

      • Sorry. Now I read it fully and understood. Its a great awareness article for guys like me . Thanks.

        I have one more doubt. Sometimes Horizontal ad links remains empty when the visitor comes from any back link. At such times is it possible to display a horizontal banner ad unit.??

        • I’ve never seen any kind of issue like that what you are saying, but if you can trigger any event for that particular situation in code, then it is always possible. Beside you can always subscribe for my news letter to always stay update with more awesome posts like this. It is completely free 🙂

  5. Thank you sir, your content help me because for several minutes later, I will show to disable adblock. Of course I do not want my adsense blocked by Google forever

  6. yeah, I didn’t use ad blockers early but I was pushed with porn ads and annoying pop ups and music players and video ads and big ads. google ads seem fine so I unblocked them.

    • Trust me I do understand your feelings and I do hate these kind of ad publishers too. These guys will literally do anything for money. But Google Ads are not like that and thats why I use Adsense and ask everyone to disable adblocker for Google Ads.

  7. hello sir,
    one thing i wanna know that can i use floating sidebars in my blog to put adsense ads like you? you have put 336×280 unit in right sidebar of your blog which is a floating sidebar. Is this allowed???

  8. Your website has a great design. I want to know how much visitor using adblocker

  9. Superb Plugin, Great help to non Coders.
    One small suggestion, If you can put an option in plugin that “blocking particular given IP”
    Eg – I want to block a particular IP known to me.

  10. Superb Plugin, Great help to non coders.
    One small suggestion for plugin to be 99% useful ” Blocking particular known IP ”
    Try to put this option, Will be very halpfull.


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