Link building or backlink creation is something most webmasters or website owner rely on for good SEO and to be in the top 10 search results. So, most webmasters end up paying a good amount of money to some SEO companies and/or individuals for getting a backlink to their site in hope that it will make their website url more appealing to Google search bots. In early 1990s when Google has been developed the PageRank algorithm was their secret ingredient into the search engine market. Due to this PageRank algorithm Google search has overtaken all other major search engines from that time and remain at the top spot forever.

The key factor behind this PageRank algorithm was the number of links is pointing to that single url, the more pointing link it has the more reputation it will get from Google search and going to show up in the top spot of the search result. But the time has changed, we are not in 19th century anymore, we are now far more advanced than we are in 1990s. This is why most SEO Experts (just by the name, not by the knowledge) and few blogs/websites tell people to build as many backlink as possible for your site from a high pageranked website, so that it can flow a part of their PageRank or Google juice into your site and give your better SEO. But today I’m going to share 5 reasons about why you should AVOID this SEO strategy for your website as it will not help you to get better SEO beside will help you get penalized by Google search and will throw your site out of the search result.

#1. PageRank is dead

Yes it’s true. Those of you always stay updated with the latest SEO news, might already knew it, but those who are not, please note that Google has officially declared PageRank as dead for general public and a more advanced version of PageRank algorithm is going to be used for search rankings, but it won’t be the same as old PageRank algorithm. It is actually a more evolved and matured version of PageRank and it is only going to be used as a Google internal metrics and will never going to release to public as PageRank did. Though if you have a toolbar in your browser to show up PageRank of a website, it is actually showing the last updated PageRank (06-SEP-2013) for that particular page which is irrelevant now.

Google took this harsh step due to various reasons and mostly to fight blackhat or inorganic SEO techniques and to provide a better search experience to all of its users. Earlier, PageRank used to consider the number of dofollow backlinks into your site for calculation purpose, but not the new one. It is far more advanced and strict about inorganic backlinks and/or backlinks that are not generated with the proper linking intention.

#2. Google algorithm is getting more advanced everyday

Wish the new and improved domain authority algorithm used by Google internally as a replacement of Google PageRank, backlink quality a relevance are given the highest priority instead of number of backlinks. To make that into perspective let’s say you are a food blogger or runs a restaurant website, now as you are very new, one of your major concern would be to improve your SEO so that people can find you easily on search results. Now, most SEO experts or related tutorial blog will tell you to generate more and more backlinks, by posting guest article or comments or even smartly spamming forums who do not add rel=”nofollow” into their backlinks so that you can get the Google juice from them.

Many of you will even spend good amount of money to other webmasters who have high PageRank website so that they give a dofollow backlink to you. Happy right? Well not really, the old PageRank algorithm of Google could be helpful for this kind of trick, but not the new authority algorithm.

The new PageRank or domain authority algorithm that Google uses internally check all the backlinks pointing to a specific page or post or a website homepage and then check the quality relevancy and organic behavior or it. Now as I said that if you are a food blogger and you have 560 backlinks pointing to your website homepage, the new crawlbot algorithm will first check the niche of these website who are pointing to you. As your website is related to food, naturally other food blogger or restaurants might link to you, but definitely not some car seller or insurance salesman or some site related to tech news, coding or stock market. But if you just start creating enormous backlink to your site, you don’t get the chance to choose the proper niche website.

After checking the relevancy Google also check how the links has been added, like whether it’s just a link added into the footer or a link into the sidebar under the Sites I like or backlinks been created from a post. If the backlinks are created from a blog post, Google deliberately check the quality of the blog post to ensure whether the post has been written to stuff keywords and links or the links has been added organically and makes complete sense. If Google or other search engines ever figure out that the backlinks has been created to trick the search result, they will ensure that your stuffs never be seen of their site again.

#3. Site quality matters the most

In the new updated Google algorithm to make a spam free internet the most important thing is organic natural flow, quality or content and the authority of back linker. Now with the new improved algorithm, Google doesn’t give much weightage to those page and posts which are organically backlinked by similar low authority website, beside they give more preference to the authority of the backlinker.

To make that into perspective let’s assume that you are a tech blogger who writes article about latest android phones. Now if you have 600 backlinks generated by other similar authorative blogs on similar niche and your friend also has a tech blog who writes about apple products has only 25 backlinks, but from those 25 backlinks – one backlink has come from life hacker, one from mashable and rest are from the same quality backlink you have.

But when googlebot will calculate the domain quality/authority or yours and your friend’s domain, you friend’s website will score way higher just because of those two backlinks as they are from very popular and reputed website. So as I said earlier, in this new SEO game, only quality matters not the quantity.

#4. Concentrate on quality content

Google made all these changes just top ensure that the web always be full of great content and not just junk stuffs which are showing just because they have tricked Google algorithm. With the release of new algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Pirate, Google is making sure of the good stuff only. Beside if you write good content, you don’t have to knock each door to create a backlink to your site, people will do it normally as a nature reflex. This is exactly what Google wants to achieve, to make sure that backlinks generated organically not by some influence. So, beside spending ton of money with bad SEO agencies who claim themselves the best of the best, try creative some awesome and unique content which people will like and backlink to you normally.

#5. Don’t be evil

One of the easiest way to get a lot of backlink is to post comment or guest post or articles on various websites.— Most SEO BlogDon’t be the guy whom everyone hates. Now-a-days a lot of database keep track of flagged comment or posts or guest articles. So every time you try to add your website link into some comment or post where it’s completely irrelevant, many webmaster flag those comments as spam and the list of all these flagged links also been crawled by Google, so they know that which domains are spamming the web and they get rid of them.

Even guest post is now used for link building and SEO purpose, which is not anywhere near of the reason why guest posting exists. Mat Cutts from Google has confirmed that they will take necessary action against the website who allows guest articles that are actually being used for SEO and link building purpose, instead the guest post feature must be used for the actual reason of it’s creation, so that many authors can post into a single website, like newspaper.


If you are a webmaster who is fighting hard to get good SEO for your website, concentrate more on your quality of content, post title, description etc. and don’t try to create backlinks forcefully just to gain more SEO score. Let the backlinks be generated automatically by the readers when they like your content. For my own website I’ve followed each of this tips to gain more exposure in terms or SEO quality and it helped me a lot, I’m pretty sure it will help you too. If you have any question or if you feel that I’ve missed some points or if you wanna share your own experience about the SEO war, freel free to share them into the comment section below. I’ll be happy to hear them 🙂

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