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  • How to create Responsive Tables inside WordPress

    HTML tables are a great thing to showcase data in a simple tabular form. Over the years with incorporation of divs and css, tables has become mostly obsolete in terms of designing websites. But it is still a very useful thing when you need to showcase a bunch of data […]

  • Should you use a CDN with your WordPress site?

    Within the webmaster community there are a always lots of myth floating around the internet. So when a non-technical person is thinking about starting his new business-website or blog, he reads these myths and hopes that it will makes his site lightning fast. But the reality is way different than what […]

  • How to Secure WordPress Sites against Brute Force Attacks

    As a webmaster myself, I use WordPress on daily basis for my personal as well as for my client’s site. I have been using WordPress for more than 5 years now and in my opinion it is the best content management system for making any kind of website with whatever […]

  • Gmail vs Google Apps – Which one is better for personal email

    Last few days I have spent almost my entire days migrating my personal email from Google Apps to Gmail. Now when I posted this news to my twitter, facebook and other social medias, I have been receiving tremendous amount of emails asking me why did I do that. Why I […]

  • AMP vs Instant Articles – Which One Should You Use?

    A few months back Google has launched a new article standard called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with a goal of consuming textual content on mobile web significantly faster. Just after its launch, Google has started pushing this new standard of article markup very hard. In fact, they have added a […]

  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid for your Newsletter or Email Marketing

    Email is a very powerful tool for any business growth. Whether you are running a blog or a service related or a café shop website, asking users to subscribe for the email newsletter is a very common thing in almost every website you see out there. There are also some […]

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Good communication and fast turnaround. Saumya made very clear what he could achieve and he optimized very well our website in the scope of what he could do. Serious and attentive – recommended for a professional use.




Saumya was excellent and worked fast to help me with my website. The load time is now less than 2 seconds as compared before. His communication was excellent and wrked with me until I was satisfied. I highly recommend him.




I’m really happy that Saumya helped me with my problems in optimizing speed for my website. He is a very dedicated and helpful person with a lot of knowledge. By explaining me a lot of solutions for my problems in detail, he made it really understandable to me. My Site is now super fast and I’m very happy with the result. Thanks a lot for your work.




I am very thankful to Saumya, the way he helped me and handled out everything with a lot patience is really appreciable. Saumya is a great mastermind, he can solve any of your problems. Now my website is loading super fast. High quality is always delivered from him. Thanks 🙂



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