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  • How to track AdBlock users in WordPress with Google Analytics

    Since the day AdBlocking service has been released it has become the nightmare of all content creators, which is obvious as content creator spend hours on researching things and building up great content. But the problem is not all content creators are good, some of them has no aptitude for […]

  • No More Secondary Domain for Google Apps legacy account

    Google is a company which is mostly renowned for its moto “Don’t be evil” but in past few years Google has become very serious about generating money and blocking out all loopholes which tech nerds used to use for getting stuffs for free. If you have an old Google Apps […]

  • Why purchasing facebook likes is a waste of money

    If you are a startup business or blog or something else who is trying make a mark on internet besides having good website, contents, products you also need good social presence. Whether it is twitter or facebook or YouTube or Google+, what matters is how many people are actually interested […]

  • Top 5 PayPal alternative payment gateway for startups

    If you are thinking about starting an international eCommerce site or eShop to sell either digital or physical goods one of the major challenge is to select the proper payment gateway. This single selection can either bring a lot of sales to your store or can make a lot of […]

  • Welcome to v5.0 of

    Hello my fellow readers hope you have noticed the complete redesign of my site and enjoying it too. I’ve spend my last 6 days developing this brand new design for I’ve spend more than 70 hours on coding this v5 which is even more than the time I’ve contributed […]

  • Where to get Cheap Domain Registration

    Domain names are the base of anything you do online or planning to do. If you are thinking about creating a personal blog or an ecommerce website or may be any kind of portfolio website, domain name is first thing you must need to have for your any online need. […]

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Saumya has always been available as had promised and he has helped us in different ways. Thank you Saumya.




I am very thankful to Saumya, the way he helped me and handled out everything with a lot patience is really appreciable. Saumya is a great mastermind, he can solve any of your problems. Now my website is loading super fast. High quality is always delivered from him. Thanks :)



ADMIN / AllGeekNews

Saumya did a script customization job for me. He was quick, courteous and it worked great! I highly recommend his work




Saumya is really talented and the best part is he will never give up before reaching his aim! If you need high-quality service backed-up with awesome support he is your guy!




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