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  • iPhone vs Android – Which one is best for you?

    Now we live in an era where using light for internet (LiFi) is not a science fiction anymore. In this fast life of ours, one thing that has become a very critical part of our life is smart phone. Just a few years back, to the general public smart phone […]

  • 5 Ways to Make Default WordPress Comments Better

    A few weeks back I wrote an article about 7 reasons to avoid Disqus & similar 3rd party commenting system, pointing out all the flaws and problem that you might have to face if you stick with these commenting system and sometime there is even no way of coming back […]

  • 7 Reasons to Avoid Disqus Commenting System

    At the time of creating any blog or news based websites most webmasters gives the least amount of importance to the commenting system of their website, without even understanding the importance of it. Eventually comment section of a website is the only place where people interact with the author when […]

  • The Untold Truth about Unlimited Hosting

    If you are a startup or may have some new idea popping into your head, you might be thinking about opening a website for it. Though there are many companies now a days who provide easy to use website builder without worrying about any technical things, but if you want […]

  • Boost your SEO by 400% with Microdata

    When it comes to the SEO of the website most webmaster focuses on having targeted keywords in the title, description and the content of the page, which is a must need thing to do. Also some spend a lot of time and money on building backlink for their website, which […]

  • 10 Tips to Protect WordPress site from Hackers

    Back in 2003 when WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg it was meant to be an easy to use platform for bloggers to share their thoughts over internet. But the easy to use interface and extreme scalability of the program got attention of a lot of webmasters around the world […]

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Saumya did a script customization job for me. He was quick, courteous and it worked great! I highly recommend his work




Saumya has always been available as had promised and he has helped us in different ways. Thank you Saumya.




Saumya is a gem of sorts… His blog is very intuitive and he is very patient in replying to the comments. Keep it up dude!!! maintain the same momentum. Hopefully we would see a new ROM from you soon.




Being a fellow Bengali from Kolkata too and a guy who has been in touch with computers since 1989 and everything IT hence, I share the same passion as you. I really liked the minimalist approach to your website design, similar in lines with the Apple website and their products.




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